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Sodium and water manipulation for looking your best at a specific point in time, which is especially applicable to a bodybuilding competition. We're here at mussel mania in singapore competitors e knock here is competing in the physique division. Over here in the audience here we have a bunch of competitors between physique, bodybuilding and they don't have classic and what do they do have classic ? They have classic as well. So these principles that coach trevor's going to talk about as faras manipulating sodium and water applied all of these because the main goal here is we're trying to get the muscles as full of glycogen as possible. So they look really full and make the skin tight and push the skin push the muscles up against the surface of the skin which shows all the definition and pull the water out. So we want as many carbs in the muscle is possible, and we want as little water between the muscle and the skin as possible, which is what gives that definition. Now the human body does not want this to happen. The human body is going to fight us on this. It is not natural to look. Like a body builder. So you have to trick your body. Trevor, how do we trick our body and to maintain into getting that very specific point in time of having really full muscles with no water and extreme definition for a contest or a photo shoot ? So let's, just talk in a general sense and let's throw drugs out of the equation. Let's, just talk manipulation in general, the whole trick is the same with dieting. It's. The same trick with drugs. Same with anything you think about your body's. Always enough or in the state that's trying to get equilibrium. That's. Why ? We didn't take exogenous, you know hormones and other hormones going to come up trying to equal this out. It's called equilibrium. When you take out water what's your body. Do it's going to hold onto water. Dextrose, he's, diabetic hormones change in your body trying to get equilibrium. So everything between drugs, fat loss, water. Your body is going to fight it because there's a certain balance in your body that it needs to survive. So to trick it, there's number of ways when you look out dass strong when you look it let's talk. About the hormone that is in charge in your body for water, how much water you're going to retain and hold and how it relates with diet you know, you take one nutrient away from your diet your body's gonna fight because it really needs this so it's going to hold on let's say, fats gonna hold on to your fat so even though you're eating less, you're holding on the more fat same thing you cut water out your body's gonna hold onto more water because you're not getting it. So how do you trick it ? It's ? Easy, simple trick. You drink more water than your body needs an incredible amount more than your body needs over a certain period of time. And this hormone in your body drops are changes will go up or down. You're taking in too much water. Your body is going to sense this. You're gonna be all this extra water and it takes a day for it to pick up on this. So you drink all this extra water and then you when you cut it out, you're body's still things that's getting enough. But now you're not taking any over, then you see that ? So then you're peeing your own water out of your body before that hormone has a chance with that for that signal sends your brain before your organs shut down and so on. Okay, now, if this is just water, we're gonna talk about sodium or in a minute, but if you don't time this correctly, it actually has the opposite effect. So timing is absolutely critical. How do we make sure that we time this correctly for a bodybuilding competition ? Because let's use this tomorrow is an example tomorrow morning at what time do you think he'd go on stage ? Actually, the show doesn't start until six p. M it's a nice show. We're talking okay. Tomorrow morning. All right, so so are we even depleting anyone where we are we water loading today ? Still ? Yeah, we're still water loading for him. We ? And because he had. So he started carving up yesterday we had a car. But yesterday, right ? And then a little yesterday and the day before i did about two hundred eighty graham already on wednesday, so we're not flooding him. We're just giving in little bits here and there because if he spills over he's going to look bad. And he had so many days to fill out now because one of the problems you had last time was you weren't full enough. And now we have plenty of time. Where, if you still not full enough, we can just add it in maybe sodium, some fake fullness, you know, whatever it is. And so he has still tomorrow night is the need to cut water till early morning. Okay. So all night he's going to drink ? What ? Today's gonna drink ? What ? Two gallons ? At least two gallons of water. A principle that a lot of people do where they go. Two gallons, one and a half, one gallon, half a gallon. A few sips here. You know, there's, certain there's different methods is a method to it. And usually it comes because of drugs and diuretics. So this is a whole other spectrum. But when you do it that way, it's just it's, there's, there's different ways. So you know, when you do this and you abruptly stop after you're full, your peanut, the exact the excess water that's new and he's competing on just's arms right now so that that affects the strategy a little bit what's. He going to do with okay. So with water just to summarize with water. He's drinking a ton of water today. Tomorrow morning, he's going to stop drinking water. What ? Completely or sipping on water or what ? Between the morning ? Yeah, just to get food down. And then it depends on how drivers, how awful he is, and he might need to do the espresso trick, you know, in the morning to get the food down. He might still need to fill out so he might need to sip on some water. We're gonna have to see how he looks and then adjust it from there. Okay. All right. So how about sodium ? Is he is he eating sodium today, the day before the show. So tonight was usually when you would want to cut that because, see, sodium now, when you get into electrolyte sodium a form electrolyte yeah, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, sodium, potassium. A lot of people mixed these up and think, oh, we're losing electrolytes anymore. Potassium. But what gives you the fullness is sodium that's the first thing ? A lot of guys sweat you're walking around, you're losing sodium that's. Going to your fullness. So when you cut the sodium out yeah, you can get that excess water and that's what you need, that's what ? That is, i die aside and stuff is used for to get the excess sodium out your body. But too much is gone, then your flat. So you have to watch this. You get rid of this water, and if you start going flat and you start carving up, you're never going to fill out. Even with water. You've got to get the sodium back in your dad. So you go hour by hour by hour. You start coming up to show that's why my clients have to be right there and watch and watch and watch every hour. You're changing so you might need to add sodium. Sometimes you'd have to add it at night, and a lot of people are getting rid of sodium at night. So he's gonna look so you know, look at his body. And if he looks too flat, you're gonna add a little sodium to help him fill them out. And if he looks big enough but he also looks watery. Then you're not gonna have any more. So you know, yeah, then you that's when he would do stuff like die aside or just get the water out, stop the water completely espresso things like that mild, mild diarrhoea ticks and because his show is tomorrow night, there was you awful hole of time set, so now we're looking at, i believe, like a twelve ten hour difference is what we would normally do. Okay, so if he's going to need to add a little bit sodium in is what he's using table salt and if so, is like a couple pinches is a teaspoon. What, like a burger always, uh, sauce ? No soy sauce is good, especially we do with rice because there's water in the white rice and then that's. Why i brought coconut water that's what i use on my athletes a lot it's coconut water has all of it in there, but the sodium is your most important, and this is more so when they're on diuretics soy sauce with the white rice. Those were always my favorite, because when you start throwing in burgers and such, you don't know how much sodium you're getting, but a lot of times if you're really flat and you notice after your show, you fill out and what did you do ? You went to barriers and brew. You went toe buffet there's a crap all day. But it was mostly sodium, sodium zits and restaurant food. It's not the carbohydrates and that's. Gonna store without sodium, which stores water, which stores carbohydrates. We're probably going to err on the side of having too little sodium, because at any moment we can add it in if we need to. But once you've got it it's hard to get rid of the sodium, right ? Yeah. That's. Why a lot of trainers. And a lot of times at olympia. If you were at the olympia too the first day, see how many guys were more sucked out or more flat ? Very good condition, but just a lot on the flat side finals they came and fuller because it's better to come in flatter and in condition than it is to come spilt over and not looking your best so you can always change it. If you come in flat and sucked up, you can always change that. So it takes time. But you still have a chance of changing. Get big rommie guy. They got changed. Twenty pounds almost looked like in the waves. Physique was so come in flat is more important, you know, in your conditioning in their water because you can always get that back in theirs. There's a million ways you can do it. All right, so two really simplify it tonight. Today, it's, eat, eat, sodium, eat. Drink a lot of water tomorrow morning. It's no more sodium unless needed to fill out and no more water unless need to keep food down on or to flat, you can also use water from i wouldn't be doing too much sodium right now, and i would start cutting it at the end of the night. But then again, he's going to be doing some pump things in the gym later. So he's going to need sodium before and after because that's going to pump it into the muscle too. But then after that he's going to need to cut it, and then we're gonna look early in the morning as the day goes on, we'll know what we have to load you up. That's. Why they call it soda loading there's the whole thing. So normally, when when we're using a lot of contest drugs, we're gonna need a lot more potassium when we're using diuretics where you need a lot more potassium. But since we're goingto go in, you know, quasi natty here with this arm's, probably not going to need is much potassium, as we normally give athletes are no don't his his biggest thing is going to be sodium because of the how hot it is here and walking around that we do so much walking sodium is what's yours when you sweat, you lose sodium that's, your main one that you're losing that's going to give your must, your muscle energy, that's your a year fullness that's what story ? A lot of that water. So sodium is gonna be his biggest saying he's, i call him natty, even othersarms or not. But he's not holding on the water from the drugs on the likes arms would do some advantage to using ce arms is that you don't get the water retention you do from getting drugs. There's something i would really actually kind of like to look into for my athletes, you know, everyone's scared, you know that who don't know. Me and i tell him all i take a lot of the drugs out before a show, i'm not going to be full, i'm not going, they don't i mean, certain ones like to sasha there's certain things that do cause more glycogen stores and there's a time to do it. But you're taking all these drugs and you've got to take all this stuff to take the water off when you're fighting this balance and i'm going to come in flatter, spilt over you're never going to know, and you're always with what constitutes fullness as water carbohydrates, soda, that's it you know, the hormones won't give you this little bit extra, but you're also going to have it subcutaneous lee, you're going to be fighting that that's. Why all the top guys when you see him on stage, they come in their first day looking a lot more flat than they do finals, because it's better to come in like that, and that is to come in full and spilt over. So any questions ? You know, i actually know ow you asked him also that that's all i have on my mind right now, it's just the car. Of sodium water manipulation, that's all i need i need to look the fullest. I can look on stage no. Very simple. Especially since drugs are in love. One of my favorite athletes it was, is a natty guy and it's a lot harder, but it's when it comes to showtime, it's like it's butter, who's giving burgers i consider fluff up is what ? All right, guys, we got a lot of cool coverage coming up from muscle mania. Here. We're gonna be following a knock. This whole process of preparing for this competition to see what it's like to cover a competition in singapore or a muscle mania internationally. Guys, if you like this video and you have followed questions subscribe and then comment below. What else ? You guys want to see ? What else you want to know ? Especially while we're here in the midst of the action and be swell in school. My friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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