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I am a free workout now i've got here in the world's, tallest body. Oh, fan of it now we've done to strengthen my videos before about creating intracellular pressure for strength. And why some steroids that hope with water retention help with strength because of the water retention we'll solve helps with water attention too. It's also important electrolyte for athletic performance. And aaron likes to take how much sodium free work out. What do you think it does for you ? Like i like tio tin spoon of the seesaw. You know, he's been sodium before i work out and definitely makes me stronger. Devlin makes me stronger because i do so much sodium all the time. I don't retain water. Says that aldo austro effect at first, but like anything, the body gets used to anything that you repeatedly due to it. So then eventually you stop getting that response. And i actually biking by sodium high every time i bring more in peace. So i hold less water, you know, from keeping my sodium high. But i still get the the performance benefits from it. And we have some b roll. I want you to throw on. This fear of our supposing and you can see this fight taking sole rightful workout he was dry. He was fast. Very look fantastic. There was no way water retention masking his muscles could trevor, what do you think about taking ? How much was salt again ? Yeah, she's been leaving methinks he's been assault before the workout ? Trevor for the workout going, he gets a benefit when we talk about creating transport systems what's the best thing for creating transport system anything sodium based. So i've always been a big believer that, you know, i did another video about using baking soda pre workout. Now, the reason my baking soda works is because it acts as an acid buffer for the lactic acid, so normally you'd stop at twelve reps because lactic acid is building up, you can actually get about fifteen raps. I mean it's a substantial performance increaser, but baking soda doesn't act like sodium. It doesn't necessarily give you that pop in that fullness. Strange it acts just a za buffer, but taking sodium acts to give you that fullness in that strength. So i'm gonna try salt before the work after they haven't done that before. Although one time codes trevor did have me a beef jerky during the workout, keep my sodium up because it was cramping and it was on clinton on. Most people take a lot of potassium on clan to prevent cramping. Turned out it was a sodium deficiency, not potassium deficiency. So these minerals are very powerful things. You guys also know i did the video about the twenty four hour transfer transformation where i manipulated my sodium potassium and take and look, i completely transformed in twenty four hours, so these air no jokes. The reason why you don't hear about things like sodium is because some companies don't make money off. So you're only gonna hear from someone like us who has no financial motive to give you this information. So pre workout trying to sodium, but don't, you know, have a heart attack with high blood pressure because he didn't knock first medical advice. You know, my friends of freedom fighting, you know.

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