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Preparing for a bodybuilding competition, sodium, potassium and electrolytes. I'm Dr Tone. You just Aaron Reed. I want to know what he does with sodium task of another electrolytes for the day of the bodybuilding show we're leading up to the day of bodybuilding shows. The main thing for me is to keep my sodium super high and my water super high. I haven't really paid attention to my potassium is something I have. I don't typically monitor this point, but I keep my sodium super high that way. When I do my junk load Thursday, which works for me, you know, all junk food has lots of high sodium, So if I'm already doing high sodium, I'm eliminated. Eliminating that Aldo Ostro in response. And so, you know, by doing a junk load, I just get the car effect. And I already have high sodium, and I keep my water up. And so come the day of the show, I don't do anything different, actually, like you sodium right before I got on stage. She do supplement with any magnesium, calcium chloride any other, the other electrolytes. I take magnesium, quite a bit to sleep, which tells me that I'm probably a little bit deficient. I think most people are. One of things I know about magnesium is Ah, a lot of women get deficient magnesium and will crave chocolate because I think in the cocoa plan there's magnesium. So that's another reason they crave chocolate so much. Oh, my God, I always craved chocolate. Thank you for reminding me that that's what it could mean. I'm gonna experiment. Increasing magnesium, sees my chocolate cream, decides he swollen, swollen my friends of Freedom fighters.

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