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Dr Tony. Huge enhanced athlete dot com here with Akash, Part Desi, who just won fourth place that Yusa Nationals, men's. See what they were talking about sponsorships? Because the way that a caution I communicated. I realize he is a very business minded and he understands the fitness industry Really well, a lot of my fans very interested in getting sponsored. Your teacher? Definitely. Guys, you gotta understand. What can you bring to the table? What you have to offer to the company that wants to sponsor you? Because chances are this company has been around already. Has athletes is already doing their thing. We need to find your niche in the market. What you could bring that to you unique and specific to your skill set that this company benefit off an internee morris who came back to you in value, whatever that may be. Free sub tells, you know, depending on the level of athlete you are, the paper, your travel, you know, and you know, if your advanced believing maybe cut you a check every month, the bottom line is, what can you do for them? They're already doing their thing, you know, they don't necessarily need you. I'm just going to be right frank about it. If you don't have anything to offer to the table, then you need to do some digging and searching yourself first and figure out. You know, like your niece is in the market. What you could bring, that's unique. Something for me that I used my needs personally is there's no Indian people doing this. I don't know if you ever see that a few Middle Eastern guys, if you few Indian cats, but the four for might raise and demographic. I tend to be the only one that quote unquote mainstream that you know it's personable. You could talk to easy going, you know, reach out to me knowledgeable, and I compete and do the same things that everyone else is doing. So for me, that's what I'd like to use. That's what I really like. Tio. Explain if you will. Philip Chiro competitive bodybuilder. Just competing Yusa Nationals. One of the best in the nation here. And you're sponsored by a local supplement store. Now, what advice do you have for people who are in fitness? We're looking to get sponsored. Some couple quick tips. Um, I would say, Get out there and get after and go look for him. That's what me and my wife Hazel did. It's not like they just find you. You gotta get when you're trying to come up in the bodybuilding interest, you gotta go out there and look okay. And that's what we do that you gotta have the body first. Yes, I was. Do you have to actually, like, win a competition first? Yeah, I waited toe. Look for sponsorship after I won the show. Okay? How? I want it overall in the two thousand fifteen muscle Evolution show. After I did that, I went printed up my pictures and then we started shopping around Just goingto supplement stores showing my figures. And okay. And I don't give the details about your specific contract. That's private, but give you know, because you've talked to a lot of sponsors here in the industry. What? Khun, Someone expect to get out of a sponsorship on the lowest level while in lowest level, they can get free stuff, right? Yeah, and And when it when it starts getting where they actually make money, like, how much money do they get from like a local supplement shop on a spot. Oh, I mean, you really won't make money until you're pro. And that's if the sponsor someone the store is gonna pay you. I mean, so the size that yeah, they they will give you supplements you need and, you know, clothing. Anything as available in store and pay for your day's pay for entry fees in your NPC card. OK, which is, like, three dollars for kind of dollars for the national show and one hundred twenty five for the, um, N P C guard and about three hundred dollars worth of supplements a month. Okay, cool. Three dollars were the supplements. Uh, and every time you compete, they're paying about four hundred dollars of your expenses. Competition. Forty five this year. Cool. Thanks for. And before you even consider getting sponsored, you built the box. Oh, yeah. I have to credit. Bill. Yeah, yeah. Gotta gotta have a seat. Um, you gotta have the personality. You know, you gotta have your individual specific known. Each is that makes you unique, you know, for you, Amy, let's talk about levels of sponsorship. So it's at the lowest in sponsorship. Is you might get free soft, right? Right. You might get something. Men, give me a discount code that you can use that you're following cannot go ahead and, you know, used to purchase supplements and though give you a little cut out of the check on that. You know, there's different steps of the game that you can negotiate with the company, depending on what you bring forward to the table of what their look. You have a benefit off, right? Yeah. And then as it goes up from there, you can actually get much monthly stipend you get Yeah, or you could get a monthly credit towards one of the young men's. Even I've seen people get monthly checks just just like they're working a job, you know, from so many companies, along with their all travel paid for, you know, their food paid for supplements, you name it, but something to be careful of. If it's a, it's a bigger supplement company. They're probably going to have you sign a contract that contract very restrictive. I'm a lawyer, and I've seen some of these contracts, and thie athlete might be very excited. Teo, to be sponsored, signed this contract, but then a year or two down the road they might have. Really. Handi capped themselves and their career, and I have a friend that's in this situation right now. He sponsored. But he's totally handicapped. No one else can post any of his pictures. No one else could do anything with them on the company that you got sponsored by his very small potatoes. So they control his entire image. And now he's He's disconnected himself from all the potential opportunities on. He has the potential for greatness. Totally, man, that's a bad place to be. If you're an athlete, you got to know what your words and be ableto look into the future and be able to see more of my going to be six months year, two years down the road, especially. That's a binding contract. You really wantto watch out. If it's Nike, you're probably going to be okay. But otherwise, you know, you might really want to go do some research and see where am I going to be in this company six months a year, two years down the road? Is this really a good moving? Hey, it really might be. It might be, but you see this happening all the time outside the finished industries celebrities, movie stars, you know, people getting endorsed, but, like, you know, rent full a monster you hear about all the time X game guys getting locked down the contracts, You gotta think it through, guys. Big, big opportunities could be lost, but I think it's a different levels of sponsorship. So we have the free supplements. Mean discount code. We have, like, getting monthly salary, and then in between is usually they'LL supplement company will pay all of the expenses relating to doing competitions. So that might be flight Hotel. Who? Rabble. So any final tips for anybody else? That man. Try to look at what other athletes are doing that are sponsored and successful and not necessarily copy, but try to, you know, use little like Okay, I see this guy right here. He's got this, this this school inform how does that relate to anything? You know, he's got this guy. He's a little different than that guy. He's doing this this and this. Can I relate? Anything kind of pool from all your various You know, if tools if you will, other people see what they're doing to use that to create a good foundational platform of value in yourself that really try to make that you need to put your own spin on it. You have to put your own spin on it. If you just copying one guy, taking you know, this blueprint and trying to make it, your honor, it's not going to come across, right. You're gonna come across this fake and phony, and you really want to be really being really is the most important thing, you know, and that's what company is going to see, and that's what they're gonna latch onto. And that's how you can really come up in the industry, the swelling swole, my friends of freedom, my pioneers of human evolution.

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