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Tony huge enhance athlete dot com here with the legendary alan thrall of untamed strength was gonna teach me how to squab properly. I did. Where the proper shoes today, right ? You proved good, quick he's gonna point out the things i'm doing wrong with my squad or how it could improve. And two were just gonna talk really quick about how deep to go on the squad. So he's looking intended wythe the body goes purposes with so say that everyone should squat the same dropping fast graphs rebound at the bottom you're tryingto build wants i think keeping tension and not bury your squat in public weightlifter wants to drop best really propelled bottom was not worried about you could actually lift mohr way if you drop it lower for some people, if you're able to balance, you're able to do that. Yeah, you're rebounding, it's. Just saying consequence bouncing off your chest first positive chest. Where these muscles ? Right here. They make contact with my hips, right ? Almost let's. Be kind of bounce up. Is that a normal thing ? Yeah. Bigger. Your legs are easier to squat because you have your hands free. Set your cap at the bottom of your stomach, that's howard's with big bellies, stomach it's, the thighs so it's, all that pressure spraying, yeah, for strength for power, like the power. But it could also be hindering you if you want to get deeper because your stomach stomach such guys. So you're stopping right there. So if you just wind your feet out, you're able to get the benefit of going deep. What different muscles were hitting and are re causing too much stress on the knees, or is ok ? No, i dont think so, probably includes more deeper. You, madam, are lower on my back, which is kind of hard because, you know, part of my body. Yeah, yeah. You, uh uh, lower your position. Your back. Our position, your back is going to determine how little spots. So if you have little high bar position, pretty vertical reason long wants it's a signature down the river like someone wants get marr lower that's gonna cause you this intricate, fat, more expression of the hamstring. So it's a long war helmet or news you're coming, you can kind of switched our position. Different styles wanted as a power lifter. You guys, uh, all these different variations going from different angles, you kind of focused on one angle that most most people would do squat twice a week at least. Uh, some people that's what i weigh one of those days in the competition. What are you listening in again ? Style that i want the other day. It would be more for people like you. More high, far more tempo. So kind of a muscle building on that street. You do a lot of stretches and on your channel, on tim strength, you teach people how to do all these dresses, caroline, but does stretching the bustle take away any of the tension and therefore strength ? There are some people are remote. They're squatting down, so they're powerlifters don't like to more about too much, because they are losing time. Someone who's plus really tryingto split on past very deep bottom. You need to be warm, but not all of our powers. Which which exercises that. You you have you on this gym. And you are you fool. Post the power lifting events station actual power of events. What exercises ? Have you seen most injuries ? What people have to be careful of other than, uh, probably dead, but because the devil is pretty straight forward. Not a whole lot instructions. Wait up for me, there's. A lot of, uh, dead lift one of these movements that you could really hold. So people always wanting more more, more slot is pretty straightforward. You can't do that. Dad left. People can always add a little but it's far this romance stuff. A lot of the tyres, tire plates or stone because i've seen guys, probably by since. So you're not using your body to move the tire. Your bank's not going correctly. Your advice and tell me the same in our position. Have you guys bird guys too ? Papa bicep curl up. So that's. Probably why i keep saying power lifting or actually a strong man with strong power lifting is a large part. Right ? Strong. Yeah. All right. Oh, alan, for all of untamed strength on youtube and everywhere else in facebook and think absolutely ford to work out for you.

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