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it's called trouble. We are going to be talking about injury recovery repaired with stem cells. This is something I'm really, really big on because, as you know, I've had tons of injuries in my career, and injuries were the only setbacks. I never kept me from kind of doing anything. I would say. Aside from health, this video is for education on entertainment purposes only. Nothing in this video is medical, legal or any other type of device. We have things that are disposal, such as TV five hundred bpc when five seven growth hormone I g f. We have different growth factors and such and things and dealing angiogenesis and blood vessel proliferation. These kinds of drugs, they all have very, very effective rates, helping with recovery and damaged tissues. Again, these are just more or so of switches turning on switches to tell your body to do things, and then you need to give it sir and nutrients for this to happen and basically give it the foundation or the environment for it to work. Otherwise, it can only work so good, and then the problem is with certain college ends and whatnot your body. It can actually fight certain things, fight your body from repairing certain tissues, which is really hard. And then there's the other factor. With blood flow and water and delivery methods, He's all become issue, which is why some things they have to stick right into the injury itself, which hurts like hell, and doing it at home might be really scary. For some people, the benefits with stem cells is not just giving an environment to hell or telling your body to do something with stem cells. You're giving your body a given sequence of code, and this given sequence of code written on this cell once it's put into your body is then it's on ly purpose, and job is whatever that code wass. If this stem cell was used, we could literally grow a liver in a petri dish. They do it all the time. In China, they makes animals. They do some things that come out science fiction books on a different countries, you know. As bad as it sounds, it just shows you we can build humans. We can actually create humans if we wanted to, minus maybe the brain tissue, and if we can do that We can also do this and transplant them back in the damaged tissue. If you had damaged tendons, ligaments that cannot be cured that had to be surgically replaced. These are things that can be given a job. So when it's given to you, you are able to recover and regrow that tissue. There's nothing that we have at our disposal that can do this. And so that's what this mission is showing you guys the endless possibilities and also leaking this with body building, because who cares how big you can get? You can get to Ronnie Coleman size, but look it running. Coleman, with thirteen back surgeries and next surgeries, will never build to come back. But if even if you grew three to five pounds a year, but you were never injured, what think of the possibilities that in twenty years that's a hundred extra pounds of tissue and you never got injured. You never had to take a break. You could do this indefinitely until you're dead. I just wanted to point that out to you guys. So this is one of the things that were going to be adding in here and finding possibilities to receive some of these treatments and show you the realm goes outside of what you can see right now. Keep watching. We're going to show you a lot more stuff coming up with some doctors. Hey, buddy, I know you're looking at my *** and *** little videos to do us a favour and, like, subscribe.

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