Stem Cell and Muscle Replacement

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J. D. With enhance athlete. I got Slim Diesel and Dr Vanik, we're here to further our education on stem cell research. And I'd like to specify this time a little more towards the bodybuilding culture. PJ was telling me he had done some training with you that you were very interested in bodybuilding and fitness before I'm from the old school way. Usedto you know, Rusty iron in the old days actually worked out. It was just a kid, but honest warts. Nega and Lou Ferrigno down at Gold's gym. Wait. What do you believe? The possibilities of muscle growth and using stem cells to basically produce a superhuman athlete. What do you think that the future of that possibly could be? Or how could it exist? What kind of things could we do? Toe dance that has to be thought of in two separate avenues, And then they come together. So, like changing a human being, making a super human being per se. I mean, there's definitely genetics that's going to go with that. So people are genetically predisposed to be either more muscular, great hard mixture of the boat. Whatever themselves are the building blocks. So let that happen. Then there's all you know, a bunch of environmental things that go along with that, too. So we mentioned that stem cells they use as a repaired of cell also, so we have to take into account like everything that happens to a person or an athlete. You know, there's injuries, sporting injuries, whatever, and when you lose those cells, they don't come back. We have to also remember that muscle cells. Everybody has the same amount of muscle cells, right, But some are bigger, elongated, filled with water or actually, my country and such now people through life lose muscle cells from poor dieting, I would say, is a very large percentage of people because of poor dieting. They starve themselves, and so the body quickly will adapt and consume muscle because it's a good source of protein. Everybody is guilty of, you know that eating properly or skipping a meal. And so there's a little bit of damage. I mean, we have a lot of cells, but when you're looking at top performance, we don't want any losses. Themselves were definitely augment their to be able to replace or rebuild or augment the cells that we currently have. I've given a lot of thought to like local use of the stem cells, so that's a you know, we've had people place enhancers for biceps that are inert, right? They don't do anything, but they do make the skin swell and look bigger. And what they're not, they're not functioning. You're talking something similar to like hyaluronic acid or something that they're not. They're not functioning, but they're they're correct. Understood themselves have the ability to actually grow those cells. So now they're functioning units instead of just using fillers. So then that's where you would get like an athlete, that is, you know, stronger than the one that just uses fillers. It has a lot of exciting potential. I think that we're at the beginning of knowledge. This is not definitely not even in the middle. I think one day that stem cells have the potential to be the key for longevity, with health not only being strong today or tomorrow for a competition, but being strong. For one hundred fifty years, we had a conference in national and we were talking about a lot of the ethics for stem cells. And one of the things are who gets to use that. What happens if people live one hundred fifty, how we're going to socially be able to adapt to that. I mean, these are serious things that were contemplating because way see the result of that. Is there any side effects or like certain procedures that you have to do? Teo do so Yes. The first part is actually getting the stem cells. The stem cells are harvested from fat tissue, so I'm micro liposuction has to be done, and it's usually done in the flanks, right so the love handles could involve some pain during the process. There's no pain, but afterwards, because you can feel the trauma on DH. The introduction. How are you going to get him in? And so it has to be introduced through a needle just like a shot. You than me or shoulder or muscle or introduced intravenously doesn't have to be done in a surgical suite. The actual process of taking the out of post issue and then breaking down the tissue and separating the stem cells from that that's done by machines and enzymes. And then the introduction. Well, that's another needle, right? I can afford it perfect if you're not already subscribed and you don't want to miss out cutting edge content on the daily subscribe.

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