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A Nath ll eat, for example, for muscle tissue. What? What would a procedure we like personally have tried with this kind of patients? What is stem cells for assault? In general, it's very, very good things to manipulate their body. The stem cell is the sea it and the pier P is like the fertilizer when you have a little sprain or when you have a little rupture. In some fibers, therapy works much better. Sometimes he never happens. For a Nath leap, for example, will say injury aside or even injury for muscle tissue. What what would a procedure be like for muscle tissues of possible using just directly stem cells or manipulated stem cells in any way well, in general, for tendons and muscles? I prefer more than stem cells to use P. R P. You know the stem cells can be used, but on ly in big ruptures of muscles when you have a little sprain or when you have a little rupture in some fibers, therapy works much better when I say p R P I'm talking about platelets that are different things because a lot of people things that they are similar. Or maybe they are something. But now stem cells is one thing. And here is another thing. So when I say P R p, I am basically talking about the growth factors from the platelets and way apply that. Remember that when we have a ninja re muscle or a tendon, this is a rupture, and the way that your body has to repair it is making phi browses or scar tissue. Sometimes he never happens, because if the patient continue exercising Or maybe the pain doesn't let the patient to have a good recovery or things that you can get in a chronic injury and a chronic pain and trying this ability. So what pure pee does is basically create eyes cart issue. But this is a functional it like to seal. The injury is like a big cart in your in your system. This process of P. R. P is very used to basically get it from the blood peripheral blood with us arrange centrifuge was separate their red cells from their plasm, and usually these growth factors are in the plasm. So once we have the plasm, we have a activators to make it work, and we need to use it immediately. When we put the activator, we only have fifteen minutes to use it because after that is nothing, and it's a shop if you needed in your muscle. Whether the shop is very simple process is no more than maybe five minutes, maybe twenty between the harvesting or the drone of your blood, and then the application and depending dangerous. When you tray for five or six injections, it's up to everyone, but the result in general It's very, very good. And this Pierre P. Is very, very common in a sports medicine in general. Yeah. Can I just ask you a hypothetical question? Just say, you know, people come up with all these different ways to maybe have a different type of surgery and different things to manipulate their body, right? So sometimes we use lasers to cut or to heal things under the skin. So say hypothetically, we design a way to do muscle tears under the muscle. And then we did injections of platelets to grow our muscles or two do body modification. Do you think that that would be a realistic possibility in the future? My other question is you are saying that when you do use the stem cells, it accelerates the healing. Could you use platelets and stem cells to do this faster and have a better result? Actually, I do that. I used both together stem cells on P R. P. Every particular cases different. I need to make an evaluation of every patient. But this is completely really actually I'm doing this. I am using this combination on their ourselves are much better if you want to build sales the stem cells are the ones for that. If you want more, the stem cells are much better to create more tissue. If you want to heal one teach you. PR is better. Both are for different things. We use them together basically to improve healing. But one stem cells are more. For one thing, PR PR want more for another thing. But in some cases, we can just both together and the results are terrific. So in the stem cells would be. You would say the building blocks in the material and platelets would be like a signal and the growth factors telling it what to do. Is that how you would use those two together? What are growth factors in particular? Well, let's use this example. The stem cell is the sea it and the pier P is like the fertilizer Something Lee that Okay there. If we use single therapies off P R. P that are more to repair an injury attendant, a muscle, even a joint and when we use the stem cells is more to create a new tissue that we don't have any more in this case. Repeat, I am using these more for Carolyn's injuries. That's my experience. I honestly have never uses themselves for muscles. I have used Mohr much more p o. P. For mussels and for tennis, and the results are pretty good. Another thing. Teo For the future. When it comes to mean therapy, we know pretty much what we can do with them in the possibilities. If you could explain with stem cells, I guess the possibilities of whether it's from disease, immune problems, tissue recovery, anything that you can think of in the future of the possibilities from what we can do now. So what's possible later on, I think, is an analyst pill civility with stem cells. In this moment, we are working with beers, but the laboratories and experimental trials, they're doing a lot of things. Actually, they're actually doing organs, bones, full tissue. There's still the problem to how to do it in rial patients because this is in vitro. But in the real life is it's still not possible. For me. One of the best thing that the stem cells can achieve is to repair his spinal injuries, because until this moment when you have a spinal injury, you are done. I mean you can never recover your function, depending the level. It is a problem that we have their disability. If his stem cells can do that and I think they can. The only thing is that we are still working to find out personally, have tried with this kind of patients with stem cells, and they have recovered a little bit of function. Not a a lot, let's say maybe ten percent, at least sensitivity and a little bit of movement, Not enough to walk. But that's something. It's better actually a patients when they when we've finished with therapy. They are happy because they at least some field. That's work. That's a beginning. After that, there's a lot of physical therapy and just see what happened. But I think that in the future will be possible to repair this kind of injuries and, well, if we can do that, maybe aging will be a thing of the past. Paper people is never going to get off. I don't know when, but I think is going to happen. For more information like and subscribe below

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