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Trevor here in Josh, just like we promised on the video Siri's. We would be going around the world in talking with doctors with stem cells in the endless possibilities of stem cells. But we're going to just give you overall general view of what stem cells Khun do from what people using for right now and in the future, endless possibilities of what we can do with them. I have experience working with the stem cells, Miss Thank you. Molest themselves from the iliac bone. I have more than ten years of experience doing this more to repair joins, general knees and hips, which are the most affected. My patients are people who is not a candidate for for any treatment and in the States or Canada because, well, different problems in each country. But in general, these people who came here without possibilities are because these people that they don't want to get a replacement. Yet sometimes it's possible to save a joint sometimes is not its help, too. How about the joint is, but basically this time, sales has the potential to repair any kind of tissue. I am an Arctic pated surgeon, so I am working basically with joints to repair Carl ish. But in the other, a special it is. There's a lot of possibility is if the repair lungs hearts can. The best part of your body is your same body, so I prefer one hundred times more tried to repair your around joined or you're around bone or Gironde legal, and then to change it for something artificial. Because finally, well, you're young patient and young patients off course. If I use a prestigious or something, they're made in ten years. I need to change it for something different. And in twenty, I need to remove the first one and then after a thirty, I know what I'm going to do. So always the first goal when we have an injury for me at least, is tried to repair the injury as much as possible. In this case. Well, you have two injuries. Singers, shoulders, very important for there. Mobility. I don't What kind of injured exactly What is it? It sounds like it was more ligaments. It was a chromium clavicle separation where where all of my ligaments were tore apart. So they're not connected anymore. And you get any surgery there? Then it repaired itself. Teo Teo, Right? Usually we have this kind of these locations that are different degrees off injuries. In this case, if you got all your your ligaments broken is hard to repair on ly with stem cells or shots. We need to make a mechanical repair. And in addition, we can use this time sales to make it heal faster or even use P. R. P. Well, this kind of injury is one of those injuries that is absolutely necessary to repair it, not replaced with any prestige or something, but is necessary to repair it because even out the well, basically you can lose is trending your shoulder or feel pain sometimes. But the finally stem cells always works, even if you even if we don't do anything, they're improves the local tissue, right? And p R P in off oh, are chronic injuries. Kim can help. Two. What's the difference? So people can know between the adult stem cells and embryonic stem cells and what most clinics use and the differences between them big difference between them. Actually, I never used him Raonic stem cells because for for my specialty, I did sales for cartilage or sales for tenants. And both of them come directly for Dima sank email line. The best place to get this type of stem cells is the bone marrow. I always get my stem cells from the bone marrow from the patient. There are not for anyone else that are from the patient. Well, is it basically like a bone biopsy the same procedure we use a big needle? No, Always all the procedures air under honesty's. Yeah, of course. I was just gonna say I remember when my friends had a bone marrow transplant kids, and they said it was the most painful things. You want to tell you that this is not painful at all? I mean, we do it because, well, when you are awake, even if we put up Neil in your bat, that hurts. Of course, there's a big needle into your bomb is not really painful because after patients usually doesn't feel anything there. But there's much more comfortable for me and for the patients to do it on their anesthesia, and everybody is happy. So basically, I take a bone marrow without syringe and a needle, depending the problem. Is there number off milliliters I get from the patient, and then I send it to the laboratory, usually in combination. I always performing art to Skopje surgery just to confirm where is injury, and previously there were a lot of studies to know. How about the patient is how about the joint is what are the possibilities to get recover. So is a not a long process, because we can do everything in one week to scandal when this procedures. But we have a practical. The first thing is to know if the patient is or not candidate for its themselves, because the stem cells are not for all the cases. Sometimes they just doesn't work. The reason that they were for stem cells? Well, it's up to. How about the joint is when we have a really bad for a stem cells. The stem cells basically copy the original tissue around it. If we want the skill well, unity With stem cells there can be a moronic or for fat in skin to become the skin. If you want to stem cells to becoming hard, you hard, too became hard. If you need carol age, you need to put this stem cells between Carlos, so it's very, very important to have this issue in the joint because we have different degrees of arthritis when the patient is in the stage. Three or four, basically is something similar to this. If you have your own something like this way, don't have any Carla's. They're so and usually we have a very bad alignment problem. Virus are valueless, Anthony. So the alignment is not good. If I uses themselves in this patient's, maybe I'm going to get a worse problem. So in this type of patients, the only ways and your replacement this is the only way. But Farley, more than eighty percent of the patients who come here are in their early stages. They're not this bad when wasted. Have Carla I can use with stem cells, and they have a very good result. They are not. They can create. These new tissue is not exactly of the original Is Marlys ninety percent similar itself? I broke Carl ish, but it works very good to number one. Protect the naked area in which we only have bone, and number two improved the symptoms and relieve pain, which is what I want. With the treatment of the stem cells. We can number one or fix the problem, or to at least delay a possible replacement. Talking about Stansell's so basically it is not can't even wear no candidate. It's number one quality of the joints, and number two, if there are another problem, like cancer, leukemias and that kind of things, from your information like and subscribe below

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