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Dr Tony Huge of enhanced athlete dot com. You guys asked us to answer how to manage acne, acne, usually from gear, because that's what we do around here. So give us some tips on how to, like, prevent acne and then how to treat it once someone actually has. Actually, uh, it's coming up from the year it's your estrogen progesterone related. Those are what triggers it. That's funny, because both people think it's like the male hormones like testosterone or what you've seen with this estrogen and you'LL see a Susie control your estrogen progesterone. Acting starts going away. I noticed that a lot of people when they come off here, that's when they get the worst acting. Because they're Yeah, they're estrogen rebounds and goes up and their testosterone drops down. It's kind of like the ratio of the accident testosterone thing me, though, was you know, I came off after the show. I got my level checking. My action was normal and I was still breaking out. Yeah, so that would be caused from part for truth or something. You get your progesterone chapped. Your progesterone is fine. No, I don't think I got checked. Yeah, those were the two because some people get it from Angela. Yeah, but I was told just to get my check. If my room was normal, then it would be that. But if it's normal, then it's the other one. Yeah, right, because I know a lot of people that way. Say, don't I can't take that guy Break out on deck. I can't try. Break out. So there's a combination that the combination of the two you're getting that's exacerbating and then always cleaning your sheets, that greasy foods, those simple things that was so your kids hydration is that moderation Big, dehydrated orders. He's in loofahs and things open those pores in here until it exfoliated. Sauna are even using sheets at the soaps to like Neutrogena. Okay, what type of creams can people use? Many of those over the counter ones are usually there, usually effective. It was just some that's caused by from the cycle, and the other would be that Retin a cream that when we talked about that's prescription, you usually get that real easy. Then they treated with anybody who's next step, and then I So Trenton was like absolute last. Okay, so the antibiotics is because once the inflammation happens, the acne already happens. Then bacteria grows because the body has a hard time getting the immune system in that area and so that people take those creams and claims That makes it worse, too. That was my thing. And, uh, when I was going to whatever in high school, you know, ideas, the creams that gets worse and worse marks. So then, by sound had to goto Accutane. I noticed Accutane definitely helps on your acne. I've used Accutane before. I've bought my Accutane from safe meds for all safe meds, the number four and then all dot com and just thinking twenty milligrams. Think take twenty milligrams a day. Don't do anything without Dr Supervision. This is not medical advice. This is our informational educational experiences. In their experimentation on Lee, I have noticed that a lot of bodybuilders that have used Accutane, like in their teenage years, don't get acting now like it permanently prevents the body from getting acting. So I actually don't get acne. I mean, not very much. I mean, when you see any kind of these marks on me like these around here, those are all ingrown hairs. I get ingrown here is really bad, but not actually. I don't actually have pimples. I have blackheads. If I don't wash myself well enough, that's another thing. Is blackheads and Whitehead's or two totally youself blue. That's a hair ***. Um, the mental thing. Yeah, yeah, there's a certain one got used and actually keeping the skin hydrated, I heard, helps to like using a quality natural lotion. Not one with a lot of toxic preservatives, because if the skin gets too dry, then the body tries to super compensate and try and hydrate the skin and become oil yer. So it's about keeping that balance in the skin. Also, the pH balance may may help. The skin is supposed to be. Men kept kept a little bit more acidic. Another good thing. The chanting tanning beds saps it, zaps a completely right and not just write it out. Like everyone says, it's There's a whole thing with the, uh what you're getting from the UV light and your skin, and a lot of people just think it drives you out, kills your acne. It's not even that. So look into that because that if you ever get back Me? You go sit in there every day for small amounts of time. Yeah, I noticed the sauna and the and the caning. Bet a lot of my skin a lot much, but one of things. That sentiment is by no means the's. Six vitamin complex B and vitamin E Thes vitamins are supposed to help you propose glance in your your scheme also helps you with the cleaning up the fat in your skin and keep your claim. Yeah, Coach Marco says that the steroids can increase the amount of oil that gets secreted from the glands and that oil can clog up and cause pimples or acne. Taking a vitamin B gives your body those enzymes to be able to help break down some of that fat in the skin. As you can see, we listened to your comments. We enjoy your feedback. We love what we do. We personally experiment all this stuff ourselves. We hide nothing. We share everything with you guys because we love this so much and we love that. You appreciate it. Stay swell in school, My friends of freedom, by pioneers of human evolution

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