Steroid Allergies and Benzyl Benzoate

Injectable steroids and allergies to them. I talked with Guerrilla Chemist (@theguerillachemist) because he is allergic to Benzyl Benzoate! So let’s talk about steroids and allergies:)

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Let's chat about injectable steroids and allergies to them. Why ? Because i'm in phuket, thailand, which, from my experience and traveling the world, is one of the best places to buy steroid the live the bodybuilding lifestyle dream i'm dr tony huge, and i'm a connoisseur of all things that turn humans into superhumans and steroids is one of them. Unfortunately, some people have allergies to steroids, and one such person was the gorilla chemist. It was one week ago today i was sitting with the gorilla chemist watching cain bishop compete in a pro i f bby bodybuilding competition in dallas, texas, where the gorilla chemist told me that he has a hard time with a lot of injectable steroids because he is allergic toe benzel, benzoate, benzel, benzoate or short, you'll see b b if you look on the forums when people who are in the know are referring to it is a solvent, a solvent used to dissolve the steroid powder into the oil. Now there's many different components of u g l or pharmaceutical grade injectable steroid, including the type of oil that's used which someone could be allergic to the specific type of oil that's. Being used in the stairway there's the alcohol, the b a and then there's the benzel benzoate, the solvent, the bb, and then also could be contaminants in the steroid by not having proper filtration. If it's a u g l which contaminants could include bacteria, it could include particles from the ambient environment that didn't get caught by the filter because it wasn't filtered correctly. And so there you have a number of different allergens. I'll even take it to the extreme to say that if the steroid is upside down in the vial and it has a rubber top to it and there's so much ben's lock on menzel benzoate in there, anything else that acts as a solvent, it could dissolve that rubber overtime like an allergen there's a number of different things that could cause an allergic reaction to the steroid. So don't assume that it's anyone thing especially, don't assume it's, the actual steroid or the steroid esther could be into those components now i injected myself with a testosterone and in fate ah, long time ago, when i was new to the steroid world and i got a really bad allergic reaction and i automatically assumed i'm allergic to the end. Anthee esther in steroids and so i avoided the nt esther, which was a mistake. It wasn't that it must have been one of their components. Maybe i was allergic to the oil. Maybe there was particles in it which i was allergic to let's focus on the benzel ben's awake because this is the one that i was really surprised to find could act as an allergen, and a lot more people are allergic to it, then realize it. And so they may have a bad reaction to many of the steroids out there, and think thatjust steri learnt for them when really what they need to do is use steroids that don't have the benzel ben's awake in it. And there are certain steroids, especially the end anthee esther, that don't require benzel benzoate. But and this is one of my biggest beefs with a lot of u g l labs, they'll use the same formula the same amount of benzel ben's, a waiter solvent in every single oil preparation of a steroid injectable, even though it doesn't require some don't require that much you see some of the steroid esther's. And steroids require muchmore, benzel ben's a wait for it to dissolve and some require much less. And then the higher the concentration of the steroid. So let's say you wanted to have tests six hundred. You want to have six hundred milligrams of testosterone per ml ? Well, you never seen that before, but it can be done, but it requires a whole lot more solvent. And the more solvent you use. Then the more side effects from the solvent. You're going tohave because the solvent really isn't that healthy, and it will cause a lot of irritation even if you're not allergic to it. But some people are allergic. Teo, any amount of these solvents so they'll have to use an esther, a type of steroid that doesn't require any of these solvents, and they're out there. One of my personal favorite injectable steroids is testosterone and fate. U g l with no benzel benz away at all in it. No solvent. Now the more solvent is going to be required. The lower the temperature that thief finished steroid vial is going to be subjected to. So if you live in a very cold climate and your steroids, why ? Is getting very cold, then you're probably gonna need steroids with mohr solvent in them. And when steroids or manufactured for pharmaceutical purposes, you'll notice that they used mohr benzel benz away, and they also have a lower concentration that way, it's so much less likely to crash and by crash, i mean, the steroid powder is going to fall out of the solution or crystallized. So you know, when you have ah, steroid, vile, and you see the little crystals at the bottom or gets foggy and it kind of the powder is basically coming out of the solution, the oil and the steroid are separating. Then when you inject yourself, you just inject stuff with oil and none of the actual active ingredient well, that's, because there wasn't enough solvent in it. See if i was going home brew my own steroids, i would put the minimum benzel ben's a weight in my steroids necessary to keep a suspended at the temperature that i know that it's going to be stored at. Whereas if you're a pharmaceutical company, you don't know where these steroids oozing all over the world, they're going to go in very cold climates, so you have to use a lot more. Benzel ben's. Okay, so i prefer u g l that uses the minimum benzel ben's awake for the specific concentration, and then i know not to subject my stairs. The cold climate. This is one of the benefits of having the u g l steroids, and then you'll notice some of the stereo manufacturers in the u g l have extremely high concentration of the steroids and you might think, oh, you can't possibly fit six hundred milligrams of nandrolone per ml you can't possibly fit three hundred milligrams of trannies per ml. Well, guess what, it's ? Just a matter of how much solvent you use. You can fit a cz much. How high a concentration is the stare it is you want so don't think you could only have a testosterone to fifty or npp one hundred milligrams for ml or a master on one hundred milligrams for ml you could have a much higher concentration is going to require either a lot more solvent or to be kept in a much higher ambient temperature to dissolve it, and that benzel benzoate is something that you could actually become allergic to, so be careful injecting yourself with tons of benzel benzoate and then the potential of developing an allergy because your body's having adverse reactions to having so much of a toxic solvent and then your body associates that with the solvent and your body attacks it as a foreign antigens because you can develop allergies and you could also lose allergies. So the point of this video are. You could be allergic to a number of different components from steroids, but don't assume that it's any one of them, you might have to experiment to isolate it. You can also do a skin patch test so you can rub into these compounds on your skin and see if you develop a skin allergy to it before you go injecting yourself with it, and then also prefer steroids that air made intelligently, using the minimum amount of solvent required, because that benzel ben's awaits going pretty much, act like an allergen and give you the test, flew and make you really sick and too high concentrations when it's not needed as much be swell on swole, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human.

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