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I have with me. Guru Amine, who has coached me and some competition gives me advice on be quick as well. Although I never give him really enough time to work with me because I do a five day contest prep. But I also have here Derek Older, who just won the Wisconsin bodybuilding competition under the direction of mean you just went through a peak week. So I want to know what he did for his peak weeks. I'm going to show you some pictures on the screen and show you that he definitely did it right. In fact, I'm glad he was competing. I thought for a moment, Derek, you were competing my show in Los Angeles. But I want to first place in the overall. I won the sword. I am the two thousand seventeen Gramp e PRI champion because you didn't show up to compete with me. So thank you for being out there in Wisconsin way. Alright, So peak week. What do you guys do? One week out from a bodybuilding show? Assuming you're on track at that point guard Got the body? Yeah. So, basically, I want you on a very serious completion, so we got all my carbs and all my fans, except from fast and runny. And to make up for that core changing increased protein dramatically. Some protein was over five hundred grams for about four days, so that your body weight at this point, my body way was about to twenty. It was twenty five twenty six somewhere on there. And so the goal weight did. This was to keep Sonia high enough that we barely saw a weight loss group depletion, even though I was obviously getting extremely clear doing the police work outs of one hundred upsets. And, you know, three, three and a half hours training and obviously no comfort flats are going to get critically doing that, plus a personal trainer. And I'm pretty much on my fee sixteen hours a day. Okay, I was great. This up in a few different sections here. Everybody usually wants to know about drugs first. I just mean in general, on peak week. Are we talking about running really high doses of drugs that we start cutting back the drugs because of water retention? What's the general strategy? Yeah, actually, in general, if I don't have to make up for anything I usually do. Minimal. Last week we were cutting a pretty much everything out. There was no trend. Wait. Cut the master on pretty much the only thing we were taking last week was holiday test in. We get deplete with Navarre and we get some moral Winstrol. And what? What? I mean, what are the dosages that you would use of those type of things of the week before a show for someone who's a heavyweight body rolled around two twenty five? I mean, those just really don't change that much in the week before the show. But with Malatesta, you can increase in forty eight hours before the show and get some good results. So what we pretty much today was we kept it about forty milligrams through the whole depletion fifty one. And in the last couple days, exactly so we never We never really did a lot of any specific day, and that's pretty much like you is able to get Dr when they don't have drugs to factory. And what makes the drugs retain water? Then it's just a matter of minerals, sodium and potassium, And so when we get rid of those stackers that make you retaining water that make you retain sodium. Then it's harder. The sodium loader, so depleted get really drive because we didn't have a lot of stuff that made in cold water. I was able to fill them up with soap. You keep way stable while he depleted. And then basically, when we dropped. So the amount of several days before the show it had a diuretic effect, and he was already basically processing. What was it about seven teaspoons of salt Today it was half of T soon, with every single being on additional. Each meal be very heavily so old and so is over thirty times so bad day and you know what was happening. So we were zero carbs on Saturday. We did zero carbs on Sunday, and that's when we depleted legs. So he would be about two twenty eight, two, two, thirty years, one day when he was two thirty in the morning, and then by this evening, he would still go down to twenty five to twenty four on. We have to come and say that much salt the following day that evening to get him back upto saying around to twenty five to twenty six, which is where we are. Yeah, and in a real court cutting out injectables before the competition. But are we using on the day of the show, like I did a testosterone suspension the night before on the morning of the show, re injecting something closer to the show? That's fast acting. We waited. Growth after Wei is way didn't do growth during depletion. And we didn't do growth during Car Bob because what? I'm going to be very dry. So just add before I use of growth in that night made a big difference and an increase in the helo testing. But no, I know that it helps, like load doing doing it testosterone suspension and things like that. But in Paris case, I thought that his muscle fighters were very pronounced and they were showing. So I thought that it would be better to have an appearance, which you don't really see that much East Asian competition, someone who's very dry and full. You know, you see people that air full on, they don't seem to be really rip. They just seem to be swollen and full, but they're not like super striding like mother are back in the day when you saw guys. Lots of striations. We've Derrick because I didn't put any water back in the cell as faras like with suspension or glycogen Stuff like that goes today. The night before the show, we were able to have stepped onstage, being really, really dried hard, all right. Common advices to cut out growth hormone ten days from a bodybuilding competition because it holds water. But you have Derek taking growth hormones right after way. It's very close to the competition, and we probably need to do a whole ten minute video just on that theory. But just really quick. Why didn't that make him retain water? Look, Wei had He was two thirty on Friday morning and in a way, a correct me if I'm wrong. But it was too twenty three point six. Is that correct? Yes, that's right. Two. Twenty three point six. So he lost over five pounds of water during the day. And then and then after he weighed in, he was only sipping on water because he was only sipping on water. Pretty funny. To be honest with you, he aged quite a bit of real food that night. It wasn't just the fact that he growth yet. What Cheeseburger? Susie. I had two cheeseburgers, two fries, meals, a little bit of cheesecake, then some clean cars with math nut oil. And that's a fact. But true details, magnet oil. And then the more party of I had two pancakes, bacon made meals. So how much of this strategy is planned? Ahead of time versus I mean, how much do you need to adjust something like this on the fly by reviewing his pictures? And what's happening is you're Tommy Day. Let him know it's all just comes, man. I was kind of asking him like a little bit of a game plan. It wasn't one. It was just what's happening. It was moment by moment decisions based on how his body was reacting. Whether way found what I want to really get around, You know, two twenty three two twenty four was where I was really full on dry. So my metabolism is gonna see it was beating up from all this junk food. Basically. So crash on a T twenty two way again. Get back that like two, twenty three and a half to twenty four look really full on Dr Chris again. And we pretty much just cheated on that. They're not following offseason. What was your weight before you started the contest? Wait, so we didn't really fast grab basically crap. With seven weeks on, guy started about fifty, and then I was up to twenty for onstage. Okay? All right, let's go to the training. I mean, you're you were teaching me about these hundred rep death sets for, Ah, Peek week. So what are these hundred reps sets all about? And how painful is it? How does one know that they're doing it right? What are they feeling? You should be funny. I mean, it took a long time. So far, we got thirty cario, and then we won two hundred upsets. Pretty much two percent of enhancing across, made back and forth, about three hours, one hundred upsets. And I mean halfway. And I understand they can't feel anything. It's move. Just move. A sort of trying to pick up some groceries and stuff at Walmart for the show. And I literally my legs gave out on me in the one marked down about twenty minutes. Last workout before the show. Of Wednesday, last day, Your legs with Sunday? Yeah, okay, because because one hundred sets like that where you can't even walk the next day you're water. Some timeto recover, right? He was basically able to flex on Friday. And then so time Just perfect so that his legs will be right fully in. And we wouldn't have to worry about any spilling. Our reality is when you actually deplete and people say they please But they added fifty grams of carbs That but when you really complete with Euro zero cards and do those high repetitions is not the way it's about the number of reps to burn any clash between out of blood and that of the mussel. OK, if you do this and you're loading happens the most on the first day way loaded the most after his workout on Wednesday morning. That first day from Wednesday to Thursday. That's when we ate the most cards. Then Thursday we're very clean bars and fried order A on evening after he made when he was a lead, anything he wanted because there was no water to make him retain one. Okay, now let's move. I'm going. I'm going I'm going through these quickly because, you know, I want to get people overview of these type of approaches, and we'LL probably have to do more detailed video in each one. But diary ticks were using diary ticks. Number one did we have to use them to make weight at all. And number two did we have to use them too, to peel off some of the water under the skin to show muscle definition? Yeah. So Thursday, we sure are taking our backto. And when we did that, we also cut all sodium diet and we hear implementing and potassium passing Colorado boat. No middle way. Didn't have pretty much all the way till senator. Morning. We're using this. Or tablets. Wait a few hours. I was about three hours before winds are. Guess what? Before our before wins, I had to get guys out of our problems, make weight. I was pretty close, though. Just one. And then, uh, after that's when we went down sipping water after wins. And that's when we had, you know, the burgers fries everything like that huge influx of sodium suddenly back out. I plan on I'll tell you after two days i cz. But the thing is, is that when you saw him low the week before the competition, you get your body used to all that salt so literally when you pull it out, you don't need as much diary says. You would think, you know, like like, for instance, for your show you were trying to make weight. You needed a little bit more die race because he didn't have the week prior to that, setting your body up for that sake. We used the aisle dactyl specifically because it blocks are looked the body's ability, you know, for sodium and it also makes your body increased. But this is not a drug that most bodybuilders use. But I do have specific leads from hands the Soviet loading, potassium voting effect. Okay, and we're going to definitely have to do or to tell videos from that specifically too. So we were kind of Lets go. Yeah, let's go to insulin next. Personally, I used insulin for my prep, but it was a mistake because the growth I was using was fake, which happens sometimes because I'm constant experimenting with growth hormones, which you should not D'Oh a peak. We have a fine building politician. But when I used when I use insulin with steak growth, then I just put on fat. Right, So that's dangerous. Too weak. So what? What is assuming you had a really? Well, first of all, do you always run insulin with growth? That means for a peek, weak or use insulin independently, way before the show and a matter video in Miami. I told you I liked carved upon England just insulin with no growth. So I tried that with Eric. And then what happened was he lost weight. It ended up, ended up creating, like a black hole type of effect that didn't make any batteries and seeking the metabolism of so much that he couldn't actually car. But we get it one time. And from that one time, I realized it wasn't gonna work and we could do it again. It was two years ago. We tried it with insulin, just normal. Noble if it did. And it was like he said, my weight just trash, like three pounds and a couple hours. Okay. And then and then before the show, did you use an insulin or an idea for anything to help fill out even more. Well, I didn't, but I mean, you would. But you do use that sometimes. I mean, I mean, does use that depending on the body. Right. It's not a general rule that was just for Derek. There's there's a general rule. I mean, Tony, that there's no general what I've done with you, what I did with him, what I did with Ty earlier last night. There's no journal rules. You have to basically understand when the body makes a change and you have to figure out what what to do to keep the body changing in the way you want, Teo. Okay, Uh, let's see. Nutrition the week of the show, You said you up to five hundred grams of protein. Can you give me examples of the types of things you were eating and frequency of what you're eating and how you dealt with carb cravings? Yeah. So basically, my first meal, I did say ten ounces of, say, for instance, a waves on that. I didn't say it, but he's five to seven houses said didn't want to get too bloated from it. But at that point I would just burn everything so fast, pretty much shaking. A lot of specials like that was gonna be at that point. I have a chicken, an official post work, be forget and the chicken and beef meal before chicken officially for the bad, all had formed in a way that was well Ah. Yeah, we'll have something e se literally half a teaspoon of salt. I just I just say I shot it with every single meal. And then it's a farce. Created is lovely. That is so much protein it can totally him under. I mean, I don't want to eat cards everything, but it's far Hunger House. Far Hungary here the week before. Actually, I was just really exhausted from the depletion workouts and just not having a heart finds My God minus write me. I mean, wait, you remember when you didn't have cars in crazy cars? But once you get the cards and create carbs, remember, exactly, say, that's why I since the day before the actual workout, please studios on Sunday, we spend the day doing zero car's trying to work out to get the body regulated so that they don't create anything during the whole depletion. Yeah, well, actually worked really well. I was very surprised how well I function mentally owes its physically very tired. Okay, we're gonna do another separate video about the five hundred grand approach. You have a lot of questions about specifically and the hundred reps sets will be It's own own video in more detail scientifically. So let's talk about the day of the competition. Are you drinking water? The day of competition. Just sensitive distilled water. The only time I really got water was right after prejudging very left. Twenty some water. Wait about an hour and I want to got some possible twenty ounces. This is sick is thirty two ounces. So after prejudging drink like this Much water. Yeah, about on Lee Won Soo. So basically, to replenish the body, the body, quickly. And then after that, you know, the body would move that water throughout time, urination and breathing. And so then it wouldn't wouldn't make a body retain water and escape. Also, you have to understand that we're still significant amount of blood potassium levels in him. So it was a small amount of water that would be sub Q from drinking water. It was docked just to pull inside yourself because that attacked me. Yeah, And with that pass, you selling medicines? I haven't experienced any kind of cramping. And honestly, I didn't experience it first that they show. I mean, I wanted wire, obviously, but it wasn't like I was absolutely dying for like which is very common to most competitors. I honestly felt amazing and show that was The whole point is instead of to dehydrate the cell, which is what most people do to make way. I used to potassium to fully hydrated cell the cell itself, if fully hydrated. And the reason I do that is because I shift the polarity from sodium which pulls water outside the cell, and potassium puts water inside the cell. I and I shifted by taking all the sub q water pull you inside yourself. They have. This is this is not something that people know about. You know, this is what you consider maybe taboo in bodybuilding or whatever. So easily use a supplement like a pump like and, you know, explode a plump drink or something like that to try and pull water in the south of Viagra before going on stage. Was there any settlements and help? This is also the day of the show. Anything? No, the minerals air sold back in. Believe it or not, they should proceed. All those things, you know what's funny is also I was I was telling Trevor Oh, my gosh, I can't find my Viagra on the day of the show. You know the show I did win the show. But I was freaking out because the competition was stiff. And I'm like, Oh my God, I need that I had her going to show He's like, You know what? The minerals. They're so much more important than the Viagra and a little bit of icing. But really All right, guys, that's all we have Time for this video. Hold on the line. We're going to do more videos. A couple more in detail, but we're going to take a break. Be swollen. Stole my friend's freedom. Pioneers of human evolution.

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