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Dr Tony you German hands athlete dot com here with Coach Trevor talking about the impact of steroids on the prostate, and I did a previous video about this. I told you guys that I have done many prostate test yourself, not the stake of Finger Up, but the actual blood tests. The tests for the PSA prostate specific Auntie Gin, which is the first sign of prostate overgrowth, potentially prostate cancer. My problem. PSA tests have always come back Lo almost zero, despite no matter what steroids, steroids I was on and three, three and a half years of steroid usage never elevated by PSA one thin zero impact on my prostate whatsoever. And I thought I needed to explain to you guys think it, hopefully the previous one that stares back everybody differently. Everybody has different side effects, so just because it doesn't impact by crossed a hell doesn't mean that someone else won't take steroids and get prostate cancer. Well, that's very differently. Torment. Some people get acting. Some people care, lost some people mega dose steroids and never have a single sign defendant. Okay, so it's it's The problem is that there's a big misunderstanding because one person has major side effects and it becomes news, news, word in public. And then everybody thinks the steroids or bath. What about know that had zero side effects. So I'm not promoting steroids, not saying they're good or bad. I'm not passing judgment whatsoever. I personally like steroids. I personally, I'm trying to find alternatives, like using its arms. But I have nothing against other people taking steroids. My impact on me is mycological. That is the side effect that I get from steroids that's not being anything has no meaning affect me. But long term use that you could leave the heart disease. Which is what? The reason why I look for alternatives in its arms. So, Coach Trevor, you just had a PSA test. What was your result? Point three point three is like nothing. What is the rate? Normal range ratio. The rain just two point five to six point five, and so it was flagged low point three. But the lower the better, and how it works is even if your number is higher, it's not so much that number now is keeping a consistent log and getting her lab work done. Yeah, usually six months to a year. You know, for regular people in watching that number. If it's going up, there's something going on the prostate. It could be a tumor, whatever it's going to be, but you have to watch it. And if that number's rising, something's happening. If it's low or high, doesn't change for years and years. That's your number. Russia. So someone could have a two point five PS a task and think, Oh my gosh, I'm right in the range of potential prostate problem. But if it stays two point five never raised increases. That's totally fine. It's all about whether it's trending, whether it's getting worse. So yours is so low that it can't possibly be trending up because he couldn't he couldn't go any lower. Yes, same mind it couldn't go any lower. Zero prostate issues. Now you've ran a lot of different comrades, a lot of different steroids. So if I you know, I think we've probably all run just about everything there is to run, and some are much harder on the prostate and others and still no effect on our prostate. But here, here's the thing that people also misunderstand. People think and the medical community, the doctors, from the special advices, visceral experience in my interpretation of revenge studies people misunderstand, thinks that D h t drop to testosterone is the cause of prostate problems. That is, a something that testosterone converts into your body, makes steps foster on. Some of it converts it th t some of it converts to estrogen. And they thought that teached iwas the cause of prostate cancer because it does possibly. But then they put people on what financed arrived on the stride and pro scar Well, that those different names and they go out and do that right away and make a quick dollar and then turns out that's not, you know, the big case of what's causing that. So you make all this money and then you get people you cut ght out, which is, you know, if you have to, Sasha converts partly into DHD. That's your sex drive. You know that's a big part of your sex drive. You take that away, you take Phoenix right to take those drugs, and you have no sex. Drive your tire. Those are the main side effects, just like low testosterone. So they made a quick dollar and essentially is hurting you. Yeah, it appears that the prostate actually grows when there's imbalance of form and often times adding finessed right or something that blocks DHT or the conversion of testosterone to ght doesn't help the situation. It can actually hurt the situation. I think from what I've read, that a lot of people's prostate problems is caused by too high estrogen, not from two hive DHD. But what happens is the estrogen is too high and the DHT is to hide. Something to consider and ask your doctor about is all right here. I have enhanced athlete liquid Aromasin. It was expansion and enhanced athlete on Astro ball, which is same as a ribbon X from dance athlete dot com These air You could get this stuff anywhere your doctor can prescribe for you these air research chemicals, not for human consumption. This is what I used to break my estrogen levels down. I feel for myself that when I bring my estrogen levels down, to keep my estrogen for getting out of control is one of the reasons why I'm able to protect my prostate. When I run all these combat, I think that if my estrogen skyrocketed and my DHT was high, I might start risking. It's everything. Everything in moderation. You can estrogen completely off. You have side effects. Too much estrogen, right? In the undocumented studies, especially yesterday. Deal the one the most potent form that say Diana Ball releases a lot of is directly related prostatic proliferation. And what's that as increasing those in your prostate? So it's directly correlated to that. So too high. Astra. Jen, You right there in the textbook prostate problems. Two little *** surgeon during your problems. Everything is that happy medium. So keeping in control. Speaking of Happy way got two choices. We can either go to the gym right now we get a happy ending or we'LL talk about. That would be swell in school. My friends Lige

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