Steroid Receptor Desensitization | Do We Need to Cycle off?

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Dr tony huge of enhanced athlete dot com here with bodybuilder kane bishop. What a physique. Competitors cash poor desi and pittsburgh, pennsylvania where the serious bodybuilders air here to compete. Oh, yeah, and we were talking about receptor desensitization from running gear. So there's a lot of talk on youtube about having to cycle steroids not just for health purposes, but also to re sensitize the receptors in the muscle so that they work again better because if you don't, then supposedly you're going plateau and stop making gains. Bishop here been on supplements for last three years, and this was surprising to accost because akash was thinking he's got a certain amount of time before the next bodybuilding competition and cautious thinking he needs to take a break from the gear from the supplements in order to allow himself to re sensitize before resources next cycle for the next competition ship was disagreeing with that approach. Okay, so first off, let me just start by saying that i'm like thirty seven years old, so i'm not like a young guy who was, like, twenty, ninety years old whose testosterone levels are through the fucking roof and i wantto hump everything that moves with but you know what i mean ? So you personally taken to suss room at my age where, you know, i've already did my humping everything with the but the days i mean, actually helps so me doing test has never been like an issue as flores like coming off coming on. In fact, i think it's it's giving me a really healthy marriage, you've resolved to be on testosterone, the rest your life, seriously, okay, so then the question is, what ? Dosage ? Because you could blast and cruise. You could stay on two hundred fifty milligrams of test every week and then up the dose, too seven hundred and add a bunch other compounds in and like, when you're going to tr t does it you're staying on a baseline, never coming off, but you're desensitizing the receptors, but you don't even believe in that. You think you could you could run high gear amounts so literally, you know, i keep it in between five to nine hundred milligrams of test every year and always run that with some comfort. Her weak here for week. Oh, yeah ? What did i say ? Years so and i i run that, but like five to nine hundred a week and then like i run it with the compounds of, like, let's say, kiki and i keep that around six hundred, and if i'm running the queue, of course i have to run that with something like either deca or trend and honest, i always go back in between the never that never both at the same time, and at the same time, they have the same type of like properties and whatnot, so i do one three months and honestly, i don't know anybody likes jacket everything i love, the way i feel on trip, i know some people get attitudes, but i'm like, really cool, as do i don't get out too, i just get hello like jacked on it, so i like how aggressive about it going back to him, they're running the test, so my wife knows exactly what i'm talking about, but i try to keep like that. And honestly, what i've noticed not coming off is that every year i've been gaining ten pounds of quality, most anybody who's, actually follow me through my lily, my bodybuilding career from two thousand ten when i was like one hundred seventy one pounds all way up to now, when i step on the stage at two ten, i'm still lead and it looks like the same bishop, just a bigger version and i thought it's been you know, i've just been every year putting on ten pounds quality muscle, i think if you run it and actually get your blood work and take care of your your liver, just take everybody honestly and generally and don't blow the meals out of proportion just kind of know what works for you when it comes to well, everybody's different so what if some people may desensitize but this is just a case study. This is just bro science. Here's, an individual that has had zero plateaus has maintained ah high level of gear for three years. He hasn't had to step up. The dosage is tio increase not very much at least. And he's making consistent games. So there is no a ce faras. His body is concerned. There is no desensitization. There is no plateau in sight. He will add certain things. Like he added the iraq atomic acid. We started messing with insulin and growth. Hormone a little bit things like that that definitely took it the next level that just accelerated it. He was still trending up. There was still no decentralization. You may have seen the video we did with bishop where he's actually going to start pct. Now you're wondering why is he doing pct ? If he's been on for three years and he hasn't desensitized and he's still making progress ? Well, here is the reason we decided why bishop lacks the extreme conditioning, the paper thin skin with the veins popping out. His muscles are always full and probably the most beautiful muscle structure i've ever seen on stage with beautiful round muscle bellies and tight tie ends around the joints, but he's, he could definitely improving on the conditioning. And so we're thinking that if he comes off the gear and then comes back on a specific cycle that i'm working with him on to really focus on hardening him up and really getting rid of the water, then we think he's going to be more sensitive to the hardening compounds. So we have seen that he is not desensitized, so faras bulking as concerned, but he may be descents. It ties as faras getting that extreme freaky bodybuilder conditioning, so we'll find out because we're gonna follow his progress, and i could have a lot of that also to the training to you've got to make sure you got a pretty crafty with your training and make sure you change up, too, because sometimes it's not your gear that's like actually not as effective, but it's you your training ? Yes, because you made more progress in the last year than you did in the previous two years. That's true, despite having been on gear for three years, so you weren't desensitized. So you found, actually, that there was other things lacking, like your diet and your training that were causing you to not grow as fast as you think. Here wasn't the issue. Yeah, yeah. So it cost for your competition. Crap. What questions do you have for bishop ? Since you're thinking about coming on thinking about going staying on ? Yeah. So, yeah, basically, did you do a blast and cruz kind of a thing where he would like, stay on test only in between doing like, a heavier compound stack and, like, maybe coming off this in this running some tests and order staying on multiple compounds you around just blast all the way. The whole time was your approach. Yeah, pretty much that's. Kind like i did. I stayed on. I've always taken least three company sounds all at one time, so i feel like the body it needs you little anabolic right in the test. Me personally, i like those. Those are supplementals. Just call matt, but ones that help you actually get stronger. And i like the ones that help you put on size. And then i like your chest as it always keep the balance. And in between all that, of course, make sure you guys were on the anti estrogen, so, yeah, i never i never know everything kind of stays where it is, and i'll try to make sure that the balance because, i mean, if you're gonna run gear to do it the right way, i mean, i know everybody has a budget, but if you're going to run it by me and you want the best results and run what's supposed to go with it, there's like a science to, like running, you know, yeah, we'll get him to that. On another video, a caution, questions more about definitely so from a fertility standpoint, i know you already got your kids and everything, all that, you know, like good stuff. So, you know, you're cool, but no for mei i'm little bit younger still have kids one day and all that good stuff. Do you feel like that of picks your fertility at all ? Okay, no. And i do not agree with abortion. So honestly, i know it's never affected and, well, you don't know what your fertility is. You know what ? Your sex drive is ? Grab and and that's fine, but fertility. I mean, like, do you think you could get her your wife pregnant, right ? I'm one hundred percent sure i can. I want a lot for abortion. God. Okay, so, he's, still fertile days being our three years ? Well, and actually, i've got a lot of feedback from fans on this whole fertility. Anything because i did some videos and some snaps about fertility and i've got a lot of followers that message me saying they've been on gear for years and still got the wife. So i think the fertility is just another side effect just like anything else. Some people are predisposed to their fertility just getting hit. That's whether what you're supposed to hair loss and you know, everybody has given way to put it. So i'm gonna just jump in and finish my disclaimers here. Is that bishop's been on for three years ? He experiences virtually no side effects, actually, no, no, he does have no side. Effects so long as he's running the proper comp about no back with it, so far as we know, he gets his bloodwork done, everything looks fine. Six months got two serpents were perfectly healthy. But just because bishop experiences no side effects from running high doses a year for three years doesn't mean that you will not always use hormones with the supervision of a doctor. With the prescription of the doctor, everybody reacts differently till the problem with the misconception about steroids is people think good or bad people think they cause all these side effects or they don't. And the truth, the truth is it is different for every person, and so i mean, like akash just really quit any major side effects you're experiencing from here. Some guy no, but very minimal something like no, but we're here loss no hair loss, that's just me. I don't know. I think they mean, i don't know any current anger issues, you know, i think that's definitely based on your persona, if you get angry, do it, you won't be angry. We'll do more going to do more videos on that car, but that was the point of getting. Don't do anything without medical supervision. Be swelling swole, my friends of freedom, my pioneers of human evolution.

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