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Steroids, side effects, kidney versus heart. These air to major steroid side effects that are long term that i don't see people talking about as much as it is actually prevalent. A lot of things are happening to these. Bodybuilders is old school bodybuilders, and you guys don't know about it. But they're having some serious kidney and some serious heart disease problem and the responsible use of steroids and mean no side effects and tremendous increase in the quality of life. Irresponsible use of steroids and mean major side effects for the heart and the kidneys and other organs. This video's for vegetate mint purposes only. This is not medical legal, nor any other type of rice. Don't do what we do. We're crazy. B trevor, if we wanted to prioritize sparing our kidneys for sparing our heart which steroids would be used which steroids are most harmful, or most or least harmful for each of those organs, just clarify real quick. A lot of kidney issues are due to the excessive diabetic use. If you looked at some of the shows like europa's shows they were doing is every two, three days apart taking lasix non stop it. Meat, injectable lasix. So let's, just take that out of the equation because a lot of them had kidney problems due to this only. But now getting into the steroid parts of it. It's really easy to categorize these basically just say, angiogenic and anabolic. So testosterone. We'll just go with testosterone. Anything in this category is gonna have more detrimental effects to the heart and things relating to heart disease, cholesterol and things like this. Now, going over into anabolic, you're going to go into kidney problems. And the whole reason for this is nitrogen retention. Blood pressures another thing, but nitrogen retention and how your body filters and recycles nitrogen and protein and whatnot in your body. This puts massive stress on your kidney and then the top it off blood pressure, weight gain, excessive consumption approaching that we don't need that bodybuilders do that skin that basically stimulated and exacerbate the side effects when you're on the anabolic, just keep those two categories of mind it's pretty simple categorize it that way, there's a little more to it, but just think of it in those two way let's give an example of ah, prima bowl and decca or in a bar. These are anabolic ce, they're less angiogenic and that's. Why people choose them because they have less side effects, but you're saying these ones that have less side effects overall could have more side effects on the kidney because you were telling me, like on the deck a cycle i'm doing deca only, and that was a anabolic and it's less angiogenic, and so it has less side effects but the dosage that i did over the last three weeks, which wass twenty, five hundred milligrams for weeks for an experiment you said that's going to cause a lot of kidney damage because of the dosage. Another thing to deck has a tremendous amount of side effects. Just no one talks about it or they say just water issues. But you have to take into consideration too. You have water attention from now, angela. But where else is water ? Attention go not just subcutaneous and you have water that sits around your heart and then the night shift our attention from nandrolone too that's what's putting the pressure on the kidney. And then you're putting water around your heart, which is increasing your blood pressure, which makes your heart pump harder and harder. So when it works harder now your blood pressure goes up, which strains your kidneys even more. And then on top of it, what you don't see is nandrolone and connection with that sclerosis, you look a hardening of the arteries and whatnot. You also get that from people talk about angela because it's for humans and how safe it is in a well, if you don't take care of those side effects, you're not seeing actually have now, primo ball. And even though i talked a lot of good about primo bond does the same thing with the kidneys it's so good at recycling nitrogen and keeping protein synthesis and the way it's going you are stressing your kidneys tremendously over testosterone and when people take more and more and more to stop drone, only thing you're doing is causing side effects. You've done enough it's, testosterone, there's a threshold and then the rest is water. Attention, you're getting it again in your heart around the body so deviously there's only so much sous ostrom khun doing your body anabolic lee, when you start increasing these that's, when you start causing all this pressure on your heart when you talk about androgens, are angiogenic compounds there also causing the heart to grow more so than something anna by the angiogenic. Steroids have more outside effects when it comes to these type of things in the antibody. Things like an embargo, although yeah, it would be harsh on the liver. It would have to be at such a high dose. Because the anabolic activity of navarre solo, that threshold has to go up even higher. So anna bar isn't too toxic when it comes to the kidney at the doses being news and then, once you start getting up beyond a certain amount, that's when it starts becoming more toxic to the kidney because of the anabolic anus of it. But again it's pretty much safer that they've done these for decades at least two decades or three decades with anna bar having very low problems whatsoever with anything with a kidney and that's because the low anabolic activity, even though it is an antibody, it's, dose dependent and a buck to a certain point and you have to take enough of it, you have to have them what's. Pretty cool is you could design a custom steroid cycle based on what health issues or health concerns that i had. So if i said i have a concern about my heart, sounds like you could design a steroid cycle around prioritizing, not contributing any damage to my heart. We're not contributing damage to mine unless unless it's plaque buildup things like that yet plaque buildup, that's a side effect of diet, steroids and genetics. Once you have plaque, it's really hard to get rid of it. So coming off steroids completely and taking care of it before, but anything other than black ? Yes. Basically maneuver around things question, how do you get rid of the plaque ? Just for somebody like me ? You don't understand that how to get rid of plaque on the arteries, there's procedures you do in the medical field and it's basically trying to scrape up flat from an artery in terms of dieting. It's exercise needing clean. You know, you hear that term clean but it's things basically to lower it and actually having a higher fat diet with good fats and increasing your good cholesterol to take away some of the bad cholesterol there's a bunch of things like that having a high carbohydrate diet and a lower fat diet will make that a lot worse, so you kind of want to go the opposite and do more of healthy fats coming from whole foods and a lot of good exercise. Cardio cardio is amazing. And so you would do the cardio with the diet and the weight training. Just come off the steroids. Who knows how long that'll take ? You have to do multiple visits to your scans every six months, three to six months or so to see how effective it is. And then you would know if they're gonna operate and try and scrape those out or not, be swelled swole, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution. If you're not already subscribed and you don't want to miss out, cutting edge content on the daily, get this subscribe.

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