Steroid Testing of Primobolan and Halotestin | Dr. Tony Huge and Coach Trevor

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steroid testing of pre mobile and that we bought here in Bangkok, Thailand. Axe Dragon Pharmaceutical Grade. This is Bayer Brand. This is a one ml of one hundred milligrams of prima boland for l. It is a glass vial like such. And we broke the top using Dan's advice of the end of an open syringe. He put over the top of it and then twisted the syringe to pop off the top of the vile, which is a great tip. Thank you for that. And so now we've got the test kit. Uh, you see the little crystals inside this test kit, that's what he's gonna pour the oil. How you doing? Point five ml Half of the vile trickle down the side over the crystals. That's going to be a re agent. Basically right, Trevor, let's not leave him hanging. Tell us what the final results of the testing wass Both the prima bond that we got. The BD brand and the prescription brand. The ampules both tested positive for prima bond being contained in there. It doesn't tell us how much is in there, but they both tested positive. We waited actually twenty four hours to verify that wasn't another compound and how Prima Bolin is tested and checked out the second day. And one of the problems we're having that was confusing was the first one was a lighter color the second when it instantly turns and the second one turned into a lot darker. But they both showed up the same and the end, and what it came down to was one brand uses grapeseed oil, and it's a very dark color. Greenish oil, the other being believe constancy. So you have a clear yellow liquid and then a really dark one. So when that brown happens, one is a darker brown because of its darker oil. And at first it was a little confusing why there were two separate colors and why we had to wait to verify that the colored wouldn't change. If the color was change, it was going to be another compound turned out to be right and inhaler testing tablets. Halo was spot on also, and the good news about Halo because it's an aural and how you have to crush it to get it to test on these crystals. Being only five milligrams in that entire tablet cause It's a thicker tablet. It still turned those crystals fast. So meaning there Really? There was halo in there and out of that entire pill, which is probably sixty, seventy milligrams worth of, you know, material five grams. Turning that color instantly. It was a good sign of the potency of it. Yeah. Yeah. Alright, guys, you're going to watch the rest of this video and notice that we went back and forth on whether we thought it was legit or not. It was very confusing because comparing the colors was very difficult. That's why the next day we were much. It was much easier for us to identify that they were actually the correct colors. Then it was during the task that took so long for some of the colors to change over is a test, eh? So there's a test, a test be. And sometimes you need to run multiple tests on the compound toe, isolate it and sometimes you don't. So the reaction causes a lot of heat. It's a cattle very warm. The region is a catalyst. So speaks of reaction. Okay, The challenge with these test kits is that the difference between each compound is a very slight variance in the color. So it's very hard to see the difference between yellow, orange or golden yellow or gold brown. I mean, these air, these air the colors and in each in the difference between yellow, gold or gold, orange or gold brown is the difference between testosterone or I was gonna say halo testing. But no, the licked the oils are the ones that are similar. So, like a master ona testosterone and a boulder known all might have very similar colors. So, you know, you're the test might be totally accurate, but your ability to read the difference between the color that you're looking at and identifying it to the name of the color might be the limiting factor. And using these test kits now, this is, uh, this is not the Dave Columbo William. Well, in, uh, roid test kit, this is a different kit from the company. Mm. See, But we have used the, uh, the roid test kit as well. And it's the same limitation of having to identify the colors. Certain compounds are easy. Certain compounds, it'LL come out blue, which is off. It was so obvious what it is or green, but most of compounds there's coming out like a brown color, and to distinguish between it could be difficult. All right, so what are you doing now? Trevor put the top back, but the other side has a flat top in a section seal. Right here I go, vacuum sealed. Push it in so it gets stuck. You speed up the reaction by shaking it. How long do we have to wait until we know it's done? Testing. It's done. And what color is it? Brown? Of course. Well, that means it's definitely a steroid, but we're trying to find out if it's Prima Bowl. And the reason why we choose to test Prima bowl on first is because Prima Boland is one of the more expensive steroids to manufacture and thus more likely to be faked by steroid manufacturers, where they may use something like a master, own a cheap master o'nora cheap testosterone and sell it as a prima bowling. One way to test whether a brand of underground steroids is legitimate is to test their prima bowl and in their hand of our which two of the more expensive compounds, Because if those air legit it's highly likely that the rest of their gear is legit as well. So I just added more because you can see in the bottom how it's brown. And then you could see the gold ish yellow color on the top, and there wasn't enough liquid to really see enough of it, so you could mistake it for yellow. We could mistake it for gold, so I just added more. So you there's more volume with liquid, so we had to use the whole ML of pre mobile. And for this test, yeah, that's worth it, just like all the people out there that won't say they can't afford doing that growth hormone tests, But they'LL spend two hundred fifty dollars on something that had no growth hormone, but they can't spend seventy dollars on that test. So how long are they go through their life? Buying something, thinking this growth hormone. And it's just water and manage. All right, so what color is it? So it looks like it's the alarm. The bottom part is that it's really dark. Reddish brown orange is brown. You see that, and then the actual oil is more of the oil color with a light gold to it. Ten yellow gold. So if you could see that camera Yeah, I can see it. What does that mean? Well, on the test, this one for steroid, eh? Wait, We're going to look we'Ll look at the color color chart says we're looking for prima bowl and to be dark orange dash brown. Now we're not looking at the top part of the oil. We're only looking at the bottom part. That's where the reaction has happened. That's what color we're identifying. So if you look at that color to me, it looks like a reddish brown. Trevor says that this does qualify as being the color that call that makes it free mobile and and that this is legit Prima bowl. And so one point for Bayer prima bullet. Now, just because we tested Bayer pre Mobile and doesn't mean that if you buy bear prima cool, it's gonna be real because we have experienced that counterfeiters will actually make a counterfeit prima bolan it with the same exact packaging as a pharmaceutical prim bullet. So you kind of have to test not only the compound, but if you switch your source of where you're buying the compound from might want to retest again before you go shooting up ten ml of prima bullet in your butt for weak the limitation as well as we don't know the concentration. So we know that there is prima bowl and in this compound. But we don't know if it's one hundred milligrams per mil leader, as indicated on the label or whether it's fifty milligrams or one hundred fifty milligrams per mil leader that we cannot test for with a simple home test kit. That's what we're going to do the next one on a different brand of primo we're going to use to test P and just be as a color scheme for the mix. And then you take the UV light UV light. We'LL give it another color double check. So that's now the next primo that we're testing is Black Dragon, ten ml one hundred milligrams per ml. So a larger bottle less expensive than the Bayer. What? Sorry. Uh, okay, there's the bottle. And if this works, if this test is really I'm going to be injecting three c season this tonight, I'm one one one month out from the national bodybuilding competition in Miami, Florida and we went with meant as long as I could. But I kept gaining too much weight on meant, which is awesome if I was trying to bulk up, or even if I was trying to cut and be fine, except for if I have to make weight. I'm two hundred twenty two pounds, one month out. I need the weigh in at one hundred ninety eight pounds for the competition. So what do we got? What's it look like? So far, the test should look similar. Here's the first test, right? Remember that color? That's what the Bayer looked like. So we're looking for the same color from the Black Dragon Prima Boland. It turned right away, which is always a good sign. The quicker turns, the more milligram of the hormone typically is what it means. Laster. It takes a minute for it to start showing up. It's because there's less. So the Black Dragons, maybe more potent than the Bayer Yeah, or maybe another woman who I can't get any more exciting than this. So I'm on the edge of my seat, James. This uses a crystal first free agent, right? This one used liquid. Yes, this is a test day. This is a test. Be two different types of tests and yet they're supposed to use the same they're supposed to use that can't same color scheme. So the reason why you would have two different test is if you couldn't identify fight by the first one. You move on to the second one, but we're confident enough that this one did identify it is primo. So we're just using the test be for Primo again. It does look like it's coming out of reddish brown. When you turn it, you can't see a camera. But when you turn it this way, you could see the actual color light enough as that really dark orange orange round here. Oh, yeah, that's a lot more clear. It looks right on the camera, but it looks brown. Why does it look so red? Is it because it's the light something do with the way the light's going through it? It looks I'm looking at it with my own eyes and it looks brown, and I'm looking at it in the camera. It looks red. Yeah, and if you spin it, you could see from where I'm looking is red up here, it's red and spin it. You see, the oil started coming down. Who from up here with that? Because the lights brighter. Looking up here, it's red reddish brown, which would be a dark warrens. Okay, so what's your opinion? That this? Because this Oh, the UV light Next is what college is this'LL be the third tests, I think was like a yellow golden something. But the hackett six blue even changed. That's the through it. Okay, the camera is not able to pick up that color that we're seeing. That's interesting. So you guys can't For some reason, the way that camera works doesn't pick up the color change. Now, we've turned the lights off for using UV light test, which is the second part of the test, and we are having an admittedly hard time identifying the color. These comparing the colors with the color chart can be difficult. What we're seeing right now, we see both weigh in the other, depend where you're looking at it. Uh, or it could even be a light brown. Which color doesn't need to be to be really yellow. Yellow? It doesn't look yellow. It looks white and brown. And that's the black dragon. Explain how difficult it is to identify the colors on this. I can't tell what color that is. Almost like a purple brown red. So, Trevor, what color is halo? Test is supposed to be red. Can't supposed to be red. I mean, it does have a red tint to it. Um, yeah, it's like But then what? What color is Winstrol? Which is what usually Halo testing is faked with around. You know, what I got? My vote is that it is red. My vote is that it's red on What color do you think it was, Trevor? And what color do you think it was? Dan Brown Pink, which would make it Serena ball. Right? So we each think I think it's Halo. Trevor things. It's Winstrol. Dan thinks it's charitable. So three different way. We're about to play a game here. It's called, uh, here's trannies and we've got four of us around the table. This is called Spin The trend. Oh, that counts. That counts that Tim, He's got it. Yep. It's still him. He's gotta take it

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