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steroids causing infertility as a side effect. I know I've done previous videos on this where I've got my own fertility back. Or at least I've got my own natural testosterone production. My follicle stimulating hormone. My lute night home alone back by using HCG, Clomid, Blue Ox test booster and, uh, basically pct. But Trevor, here's got an interesting story about a very specific incident of infertility most likely caused by steroids from personal experience. Trevor, tell us more. You brought it up yesterday. Yesterday Brought it up. I think, actually, was all of us about the ceviche. Well, I said, how are you not getting all these girls girls, You're coming inside pregnant all these Asian hookers and Latino hookers. And he said, Well, they're all any boys, so they can't get pregnant. Can't get aboutthe. Yeah. So that was that? Um, No. So it was a joke about worrying about getting somebody pregnant on I thought I don't have to worry about that anymore. It's been a long trial, and I have to worry about that kind of thing. Reminding me, old insecure. So, Yeah. So twenty six. I don't have to worry, and I haven't had to worry since I was eighteen are eighteen, nineteen, nineteen, I believe, and basically from years everybody is different. Some people's natural production come back. But when I was doing what I did, I only time I ever really came off. Came up my first cycles a couple times for a short time. The rest I ran cycles indefinitely. And what happened? When you go get your fertility checked, you can still produce firm, which is true. And Lo Hai doesn't matter. It's the effectiveness of um so you could be producing them and they're basically dead. And in my case, that's what it is. I can produce small mouths being on like T R T on DSS arms. They're still producing very small mouth, but they're just dead sole shoes. I'm not really doing anything, and it has been over six years and it still hasn't changed. And like, yeah, I can still try and do the severe. In this case, it would be in each mg I would have to do for a longer time. But I also have the old coach who had the same issue, was doing a CZ over two years, almost three years of doing different styles of pct with H M Jean hCG, and he's in the exact same boat he ran probably ten less than I ever did in my life. And for a short time he's in his late thirties, So everybody's different, you know it can happen to anybody. And you've also heard of pros like Flex Wheeler. He was on his entire career, was on steroids, never came off, and he has what, six six, seven kids. So he was getting kids during his competition phase. And I know friends that have been on lots of gear from the doctor and underground labs and gotten their girlfriend's pregnant multiple times. So you'LL never know until you get checked. And it's not just how much sperm you have, it's the effectiveness. There's a There's a test how effective the actual sperm are. And so steroids actually produced your critics less firm, and then the other side effect is when your hormones to come back, how much sperm is produced. But what are they actually doing? By the way, that's the Panama Canal were eating lunch on the Panama Canal right now. So do you think I'm just gonna say just guessing. Do you think you could get your fertility back knowing all of the science? You know, if you really wanted to? Yes, but then there could be problems, almost like a female. You if I did, and I really wanted to go through with it, there's options I could do. And there's options for people to do that. For some reason, most people don't talk about, but then the chances of having, like, double or triple it wins things like that. It's the same. It's like fertility clinics, and they put you on accommodate C. J. You have potential risks of birth defects or different birth problems like triplets. Or maybe what would you call a artistic and things like that That way? I'm pretty sure we know that we don't need any more of those. All right, So what are you saying? That fertility and steroids is a predisposition thing, just like hair loss and steroids? I've done a lot of stories that should have made me lose all my hair. I still have all my hair. I mean, I do have a helper hair growth protocol I follow, but still some people, no matter what they take steroids and lose all their hair. So it's very unique to the individual. It's Father's becomes permanent. It's very unique when it comes to permanent shutdown and but at the same time the duration, the quantity and what you're using if somebody ran, say they can. Angela, because I was on either an angelone or tremble of some type of progesterone. Probably four, five, six, seven years straight. You know when you think about it, except for some time off from surgeries and things six, seven years straight of something like that in your body's ability to produce the hormones again and actually make sperm in the first place. And for that sperm to be working for most people, it will be so low they'LL call it and they'LL tell you, you're in front of another is still something. Is this a reason to cycles? Is one of the reasons why people should cycle steroids. They ever wanna maintain fertility. They probably should come off. Yeah, he's one hundred percent, but it's not the extreme where people say you need to run twelve weeks on and then the same amount of time off. If you're taking a break once or twice a year. It's buddy on. Explained how certain steroids cause infertility more than others. Things with the greater shutdown stronger set down like I'm going on. Angela, those are workman. Those would be the worst anything when the extreme set down that's gonna take that much lining, you know, natural production. Because it's not just getting your own testosterone. You're L h. All those things have to come up In order to produce sperm, you have to go House Farm actually made. And so the more harsher the shutdown is the hush of the shutdown, the harder it is for your body to come back and actually produce those too. This question's for Josh. Josh just started his first trend cycle Is three weeks in trend being very highly suppressive trend, carrying with it the risk of permanent infertility? Not likely, but possible. Uh, what you're concerned about that Josh plan on having any more kids? I'm glad that it could be potential, but I dreaded eighteen. I might have had I known that at eighteen, if I don't know that there's a possibility of shutting down my sperm production forever at eighteen, I might have started with Triton may team just just just to save the possibility of just supporting you like fanatics. Yeah, I think it's a good idea. That's actually why I run Meant sometimes is for the birth control. But now I changed my mind. I want to have more children now So I'm taking it back on the men personally and we'LL see we'LL see if I can get a girl pregnant If that despite running all that men remember I was doing one hundred milligrams a day We'LL see if my fertility coming back so keep following us You can follow these experiments And if Coach Trevor does decide to have kids someday we will document his entire fertility protocol just like we're made do ah, hair growth protocol on him and grow out his hair is another experiment So lots more experiments to come live from the Panama Canal He swelled small by friends of freedom Pioneers of human evolution

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