Steroids and Prostate Health | One Simple Way to Protect Yourself | Cary Nosler

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Happy Everyone carry nozzle here. Health and longevity Researcher for enhanced athlete they were talking about prostate health, whether it's for BPH or whether, unfortunately, things like prostate cancer and we're going to talk about that in relation to the ingestion of tomatoes and tomato products, It turns out that when they look att, different kinds of studies on tomatoes, they look att like opinion, which happens to be, uh, the antioxidant red pigment in tomatoes that is thought to act as an anti cancer ingredient. But when they isolate the like a peen from whatever source, it happens to be a mostly tomatoes. But it could be things like watermelon, and they give it a za supplement. Well, it just didn't have the same benefit as it did from the whole plant source. And in fact, as they increase the like up in concentration, they got rather negative results. Good idea about that as well, was when they looked into the consumption of fruits and vegetables with its high intake of baby carrot team. They had lower rates of certain kinds of cancers, especially lung cancer. However, when they took the beta carotene supplements well, the whole thing went south. There's a positive correlation between the intake of whole fruits and vegetables in preventing certain kinds of cancer is a good case in point would be the cruciferous vegetables, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, collards, those kinds of foods. Thirty two patients with localized prostate cancer were given three force of a cup of canned tomato sauce, not even the fresh every day for three weeks before they were scheduled to have surgery. Well, they're P ECE levels the prostate specific androgen levels, which can be an indication if there's problems developing with prostate. Those levels dropped in that three week period of time with three fourths cup of canned tomato sauce. By seven, eighteen point five percent of the free radical damage of the DNA and their white blood settles dropped by twenty seven percent. So they think that it's lowering prostate cancer risk by limiting cell proliferation. For me, I like to concentrate it with the organic tomato paste, because now I don't need a CZ. Much one table spoon or a couple of day would be fine in terms of getting like a P and all the other crap noise. But here's the secret. Make sure that you combine it with a good fat or oil like a peanut the other crowd noise are that soluble? I'm Carrie Nozzle, health and longevity researcher for enhanced Athlete.

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