Steroids and the Prostate

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Tony Huge enhance athlete dot com. And today we're talking about bodybuilding steroids and the prostate gotten hurt becomes welcomes healthy. Now I know a little bit about the prostate bodybuilding because I've had a lot of blood test on myself on my PSA. I also coach a lot of I should say I also assist and for the purposes of research, a lot of other body milling coaches and bodybuilders. Um, and many of them use steroids. Some of them don't. And I've had a grand father that had prostate cancer, and I've done a lot of research myself on the prostate and bodybuilding and steroids. And so which way? So, first of all, my grandfather had prostate cancer, and he never did steroids. I've done a lot of steroids, and I have never had an elevated PSA. That's prostate specific antigen level. Never. Um, although, uh, one time I was on heavy doses of steroids and definitely brought my prostate did swell up without increasing my p s a level because it was harder to pee, right? The flow was restricted. Uh, but recently I did an analysis video of someone's blood work who'd been on steroids for a really long time, and their P S A level was very high. And so he asked me some questions about how to bring his PS A level down and prostate health. And that's why this is coming up now. First of all, it used to be thought that D h d d hydroxide testosterone, which is a basically a type of male steroid in the body and and also a type of steroid that you might take for bodybuilding purposes. Uh, it was thought that that's what caused prostate cancer or prostate overgrowth. But then they did further studies and found out that, you know, after after using DHT blocking, uh, like finasteride and other DHD blockers, prescription strength that it didn't really decrease the incidents. The prostate cancer very much so. There was some other element causing the prostate cancer and blocking. DHT has a lot of side effects. Diaz. He's responsible for sex drive and a whole bunch of other health benefits. You do want some DHT and your body, so we rule out the fact that DHT is the sole cause of prostate issues. Then they looked at estrogen. They blocked estrogen, and that actually helped reduce prostate issues just as much as blocking DHT. In the end, if you read all the studies, you will find that it is completely inconclusive the direct cause of prostate growth and prostate cancer. The best that they can come up with is that it's a combination of DHT, estrogen, potentially calcium and either of us even other influences like taking Benadryl. So to say steroids cause cross state problems is way overbroad and even even if it's ten percent accurate, it's misleading people into thinking that steroids were the problem with prostate. I mean, look at my grandfather. He had, uh, prostate cancer. Never touch steroids in his life. Look at me. I've done a ton of steroids, and I have no prostate issues whatsoever. The safe approach for protecting the prostate produced ght, but also reduce estrogen. Don't take calcium supplements and don't use Benadryl. Also, tell your girlfriend that she needs to give you a prostate massage, that it's for your health and it's necessary. And finally, instead of taking steroids, consider taking SAR mes because there are medical studies saying that the CE arms effect that the prostate less than steroids, and that's because SAR mes, even by their name, are selective androgen receptor modulators, meaning that they are selective mohr towards muscle tissue less towards other tissues in the body, so they're less likely to stimulate the prostate. Have fun with that prostate massage and be swell and swole my friends.

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