Steroids Cause Heart Damage – Short Term Versus Long Term Effects

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Dr tony into finance at dot com here with coach marco, you remember him from our videos. You know him for using very high steroid dosages. Very high insulin growth hormone does just and we also did a video about the effects of bodybuilding drugs on the heart. Because that's a concern. A lot of us have thie left, right, the left, ventricular hypertrophy and some other conditions potentially caused by high anabolic usage and growth hormone usage. And in the last updated lab work. That's, we're gonna talk about this video. But in the last video to bring you up to speed, we talked about how his heart condition was very, very bad. At a certain point in his life he was just too big for his heart. His body mass was too big. And we theorized that it doesn't matter whether it's muscle or whether it's fat, just the sheer body size and the heart having work that much harder, was causing damage to the heart. We also theorized that it might not have been the drugs themselves that was causing the damage to the heart. It was just the side effects are actually the effect of enlarging. The body itself that was causing damage to the heart. Well, now we have an update for you. He's had extensive hard examinations since then, and he's got all of this paperwork showing his lab work right here that i'll let him explain, but i'm going to summarize it by saying his heart has gone completely back to normal. There have been no long term, according this is dr summer. There has been no long term damage to his heart by the use of heavy i mean, heavy use of steroids and heavy use of high growth hormone insulin for very long periods of time. How old mark forty six looking forward to be forty seven on may twenty seventeen and remind us behind a high dose just that you were taking how much growth hormone therapy i wouldn't usually do. Can you say so ? That's an entire files entire vial away th on including including insulated how much is in insulin ? When our eyes i'll say two hundred, two hundred minutes per day thiss our kind of number is that people do not you probably don't understand. I i recommend not to even try it, so yeah, i mean you guys are even you experienced guys. We're hearing those dutch is going. Those were crazy. We're not saying that that was a smart thing to do. Marco was being an extremist at the time he was experimenting on himself and and that's not necessarily what it takes to get to be a huge body. Other things can be done with much lower dosages, and we're proving that through anabolic matrix theory, marco has learned a lot for experiment, so i'm just giving you an idea of someone who's taken the highest we're talking, but in a way higher than even boston lloyd dosages still no long term damage to a restaurant. Nothing to do with this guy, but i know the way i was running my business. Yeah, i'm a serious guy, and i never care about anything basically a trim a healthy person and because now, you know, you finally have their stuff than i am, so i thought, like so i don't really know going to go into my cycle's about doing about seven thousand milligrams of testosterone all combined my sterile cycle in addition to my insulin, my th was i wanted to most powerful guys. Jim absolutely. I wass beside wants what most enhance i wass and i went about my day training three, four hours a day competing. I was doing well, all my life, i thought i was doing great. I never had any help conditions. Have you ever but when idea in the japanese in the hospital, i thought now that i was that knows what congestive heart failure. And it was serious. So it was so serious that they think they were going to open up. My heart opened on my chest and my heart on doing much surgery. But then they tried to see they could fix it somehow by medication. So if demand would work, they will take the time and dubai well, medications first. So for the last three, eight, three years, i did that. So my level went from twenty, five hundred twenty five percent over a long period of time. They were after thirty percent thirty five. Forty. Twenty five percent is how effective your heart is. How much ? My much mind. My valve where my heart lies. Objection. Your only running twenty five percent. Yeah, from basically he went all the way down to twenty. Five for the last three years while your heart's been recovering, you went on a torto such a test ops, right ? So you can say maybe my hard working on the capacity of a nine year old right ? That's it you put it in perspective, you can understand it. So for that reason these way, they were doing medical research, medical exams every three months, every three months, every three months, until they realized my heart he started to improve my heart, improve my health, improved my cholesterol levels were normal up into up into the point. Up to now, i have any normal heart just like any other human being out there. Besides that my blood pressure today wass one one over sixty three that is absolutely normal, perfect doctor said, living along the patches, a doctor said, my heart is absolutely normal and i asked him could be better. He says just good, but it doesn't have to. He goes because you heart how is working for the capacity that is normal ? He goes, you don't really you don't have to worry about anything. So my next appointment with him is not until is not until may next. Year because he doesn't have to see me anymore. So in addition to that how i feel right now, i feel great. I feel amazing, you know, now back, unnecessarily, monasteries they used and i want to tell you and show you people you know, the stairs i used in the medical field for a reason, because their research proofs and shows they're good for people and they save people's lives, perhaps to save mine. Okay, so we're not trying to encourage the use of steroids. Don't use them without a doctor's supervision, but what we are leaving you is a truthful testimonial from someone who has extensive steroid usage. Background on what the long term effects as to his particular heart condition work. Now, that doesn't mean that everybody would experience the same thing. Some people may have a heart attack. Some people may not experience any side effects in the first place. We all react a little bit differently to the steroids. We all have different predispositions to different side effects. Some of us lose all of our cares the most. Acne. Some of us, like bishop, runs high amounts of gear for three years in a single. Side effect and blood work crews see even his collectibles no sight. And some of us will have lots of side effect. So it's important to keep that in mind. That's the truth about steroids. Some people have no side effects whatsoever, and some people do get side effects. So don't base your opinion on steroids on either one of those situations. They are tools, their tools not to be taken lightly. They're tools that we don't fully understand yet, because, unfortunately, there's not enough studies done on them. In my opinion, can you just tell us really quickly ? I mean, we gave us the doctor summary, and i see a bunch of numbers. Can you just read off which numbers are relatives ? So they didn't program which she was. They look in time, my heart and i it was they was medication that i had a chronic systolic heart failure. And they give me the numbers here. It's a ton of different numbers. Religious a summary. The lv systolic function is normal. The left ventricular diastolic function is normal. The mildly and large right ventricle. Oh, so is that that's still a side effect of it ? Yeah, you so this is a slightly larger than normal. So with the the is normalized, mildly violated right atrium ? Uh, and then it says. It's a whole. Like the weight of your heart aside. See, i don't think any of this data means anything without the doctor's interpretation. Unfortunately. So i think, really, you have to go by the doctor corporation, it's. Just a bunch of numbers. But what happens is they compare your numbers, it's, all your previous tests. So what the doctor's saying is there's compared it. And they say that your heart has restored back to normal. Yes. Sometimes says in here this started function is normal. The estimated ovid ejection fraction is fifty five percent. So it used to be twenty five percent fifty five so that the normal ranch no ejection fraction on the heart is between fifty five and seventy. So i asked my daughter, my doctor, if we needed to be a sixty or seventy. But you're a former smoker too. Well, that's just us. Many years ago. Okay, i smoke for, like, six, seven years, but probably that has nothing to do with it. But no. Besides that my heart, my heart is normal. And what truly matters is that my gofer said today i might be surgeon the one that actually checks my heart every year he called me that is a fifty five. Fifty five is normal sixties normal sixty five, seventy is normal under under fifty hundred fifty five is not normal, so i asked him finding it to be a sixty or seventy he set up ? Really ? Not because you're absolutely right. I don't need the attention. My heart is used fifty five stay consistent, fifty five throughout twenty four hours. It is normal. So that's, exactly what the case ? All right, of all of the athletes that i've worked out with, i've worked out a lot of athletes. I have yet to meet someone that matches your combined strength and stamina and intense i mean, i've worked out with a lot of people and the strongest, most intense and person with the most endurance is coach marco, i mean, he could train for he trains other people, so he's training with them all day, basically, and he could basically do back to back workouts all day long with heavy weight and basically never gets tired, so i don't think i think, if anything, the long term we talked about this last that long term use of steroids build permanent, physical, superhuman. Performance in you that even in that you're off the steroids now the fact that you have the mental intensity and physical ability you built with using steroids while you were training hard has given you some permanent benefits, and yet all of the side effects of the steroids are completely gone, which is what i hoped to accomplish with steroids myself. I hope to not have to be on steroids. I hope to build permanent muscles like coach trevor has that i get to keep my whole life's like to travel the world and be low maintenance work us, and we've got twice a week i like trevor workout twice a week and eat whatever i want, so i'm on that path being low maintenance, but this is a great day ceremonial and i just go to show you and prove you guys, then all these things can be reversible. The fact the fact is that i went for many years on a high dosage is on steroids and i have used it right. However, my my health went back to normal and i was him to regain everything in it is especially my heart. I don't know if that same with kidneys, but or deliver a ce faras. I know my heart. I regain what i thought i once lost on. I'm really excited and happy about that to share with us. So any questions ? Marco fernandez, to my eyes in mind, and hence athlete right here. So be swell in seoul by friends of freedom.

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