Steroids in Sweden | Jail Time and Big Traps?

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Steroids in sweden. But we're not recording this in sweden. All right, part of the reason i do videos like this is to educate you about around the world. Some countries air more free than others. You may find that your values might not be totally in sync into with country that you're born into or you live into. You might travel the world and find another country where you resonate more with the values. And the lifestyle there so be open minded find the place where you belong live out your dreams for me, it's in thailand so we can't actually go to sweden and do a video like this because you can't even frickin talk about steroids in sweden don't even fucking breeding rights and and how did this all start ? We watched that episode, dave colombo, where they're talking about people are being like blood and urine tested for steroids and profiled. If someone's walking down the street, they have too much muscle. Then they're going to get apprehended, forced to take urine and blood tests and then arrested and sentenced if they're taking steroids dangerous when you're big, extremely dangerous, that sarcastic that's sarcasm, let's, sweetest sarcasm. But i want to know how did this all start ? Why did steroids become illegal in sweden ? And then we're going to talk more about the current state of the law versus when this became kind of sensationalist. Lee boat blown up in the media. So how did it all come about ? I mean, it was something some individual interests they started up. We have too much power in the police force and could have too much on the hands on, and i think that's how it all so let's jump to the chase people, one of the guys in power, his wife cheated on him with a body builder. You know what ? My local i'm i'm going to say, and i'm zach, i'm exaggerating this, but i'm gonna say in my experience in government often times it's something emotional like this or behind the scenes that causes it. It's very rarely like a very logical reason that a law gets past and enforced it's usually an emotional reason, and then it's dressed up to be logical after the fact. Okay, current status let's talk about the current status of steroids in sweden and then let's also work backwards of the history about how bad it was. The worst point about who was getting arrested, where they're getting arrested pretty pretty. Marshal, it was that bad. If you are so big, they could stop on the street. They stop people, even the car for regular control for driving license. Oh, you look big chemical urine tests. They do a urine test and not even have anything if they still get a warrant and go. To his home, they still find nothing and they don't get anything back. You could do anything changing a little bit now because they understand that we have a bigger problem sweeter than steroids. And how about social media ? What happens if a bodybuilder posts anything about training hard or anything remotely about supplements or steroids on facebook or instagram and sweden ? Listen friday, you gonna attack us, that's what they do in sweden ? Everything you need to do. Normal moderate training three times a week. It's okay. Tacos friday, maybe live with hangover sunday because you drink on saturday. Too much wine, everyone. We need to stay on the box. That sweden and the gyms. I mean, are there actually bodybuilders left in sweden ? Or have all the bodybuilders been arrested there also, mass some some guys left, but i cannot managing them now because they're coming for them. Good. Now now an american bodybuilder, toney freeman. He went to sweden and did a book signing. Just he was just there for a short period of time. What happened to tony ? Freedom ? Typical thing. Everyone knows you're gonna come. What time you're gonna calm ? So you're gonna be two ? Hours in in a local some from a store, right ? They get taken before they get to him after no problem but his shoes to go. When everyone is there to make a scene of it, they thought it would make a scene of its destroy for everyone. So the police harassed him and god and basically pushed him out of the country a pure harassment, pure harassment. All right now for the body voters that are left in sweden and the few the few of us last men standing, how did they get steroids ? They didn't get a mailed into the country and go to other countries and bring him in. Manning it's a big thing in nowadays ? Are you ever going to go back to sweden to this ? No, he can't he's getting too big to go back to sweden, he'll end up in prison for sure. You said something to you earlier about the guy who was hiding in the big shirt in the cafe when the police came in and sweden have, like a tabloid basket about russia in our gym and they're just pinpointing you're big, you're big, big, you're coming with me and the axle, tell the guys to take off the church, you're tryingto female police officers, that's harassment, and they want to show if you're big traps, traps are, you know, being many receptors. So the force guys take off the shirt in front of female police to teach them how you looked. When you take steroids and that's a true, we're going to go ahead and take sweet and off the itinerary for enhanced athlete. I don't feel like going to jail. I feel like my lifestyle is not conducive. Teo prison. It sounds like a whiter morocco. Yeah, it does. Actually, i was in jail in country like a very yeah be swelled, swole, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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