Steroids in Thailand with Dr. Tony Huge and Coach Trevor

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Dan. This is the steroid shot, but i don't see any steroids. Saw protein powder, what's up where's the steroids. And this is what you do, and you have unlimited money and you're traveling in a foreign country and you're like steroids, you buy the whole shop supplements in here are exorbitantly priced high reason is because they don't really want you to buy the supplements was not with the stories for this is just a camp. I mean, if someone actually bought one of these buckets protein, they would have to put another one on the shelf and replace it just to kind of keep the appearance of stock shells. Thailand steroid shop, dr tony huge of enhance athlete dot com with coach trevor and our buddies who moved to thailand, young entrepreneurs very stimulating to deal with them, and we're all taking steroids, so we're looking at our supply here. We're going to start me off with some prima bowl and probable and anything is one hundred milligrams per milliliter. Ten mil leaders for sixty something dollars roughly or you can buy the little vials, which the one militar vials, which are a little bit more expensive to buy one mil leader and seven. Ten million at a time. But they got pretty much everything here they got and of our computer rl d bowl standards long, which is wind strong halo testing. Oh, give me some halo testing. I don't know that i've ever had really halo testing and in case you're in thailand were going to let you know how to get ahold of him. You can come here and get some of these good deals. I'd say that prices are just a little bit lower, a little bit lower than street prices in the united states. Fires fire super drawl and we don't have trend suspension, right ? That's rare. See, trevor, trevor thinks tread suspensions for more fairly more common, but i still haven't really seen it so and you know what ? You could get some protein powder while you're at it here. This is what the outside looks like in case got arabic writing in case you wantto come by here and bison bison here. But they have the brands. What brand is this way ? Got growth hormone ? How much is right ? How much was this growth hormone ? Don't open it. Hundred of you for how much ? Some living thousand five hundred one thousand five hundred is for four hundred three hundred fifty dollars. Okay, buy one. Yeah, what brand is this ? Alfa pharma, alfa pharma brand. And then what is this black dragon ? Okay, i know dragon, i don't know. Black driver. The labels are pretty cool. Look, a color full pamphlet and everything like that, like candy, like collect all ten. Okay, so we did buy a steroid test kit. So before i go shooting a gram of prima bowl in this week, i'm going to do a test on it because, god forbid if i injected a gram of testosterone if it was faked, it was testosterone instead of primo and put on a whole bunch of weight right before the bodybuilding competition. On four weeks from now, i've got the bodybuilding competition. What other interesting things have you noticed here ? They have a roman suspension. Yeah. Halo cheston. How much is the halo testing bottle ? Just informed two thousand dollars. Sixty dollars. Sixty dollars. Okay, with that, when i'm writing on this right now. Okay, we're gonna write a list out of this one. They have controlled release d ball last twelve hours instead of four hours. Hey, ellen, this isn't a normal pharmacy. This is like a supplement shop sells gear. So what could we expect in the normal pharmacy here in thailand ? Well, a lot of pharmacies here, they have testosterone provider and wind straw ball. Like normal things that you could like. You know, your standard seventies was there. And if you're looking for designer stuff are like trend. More advanced. I wanted like some back shop like this or that. You know, you get the meeting. South is cool like a video game gives the stats on what each thing does so let's. Take bolden on equipoise muscle gain, strong strength, fat burning and side effects. When i heard this is a cool brochure, i would love a man from a stadium. Copy this list for sure. Landrover rapid, fast deca, which is in the envelope in front. Maybe he'll protect muscle and strange men's. Good. No, they're saying right low side. Some like this one. I love this. How they do the little chart to show you the statistics on each of the gear. Look, this entire pamphlet, they have everything that's in this pam foot long at our ex pharmacy and the nana district, bangkok, thailand. And this has more of the legitimate above ground, not underground labs. Uh, gear. So what ? What kinds of things could you expect there as opposed to our underground lab ? We just came from well, where we're at right now. Like if you go to a pharmacy it's mostly gonna be like human pharmaceutical. You like german ? Made testifying or time made human pharmaceutical companies like uh, basically, like t people run more pharma, just the classic type friends. So they're not gonna have things like halo testing no or in a draw. Uh, they do have a benadryl. Actually, they have, uh, british dispensary and a draw that's human pharmaceutical company they make, like the classic time animals you know, like hexagonal by animals. They also make my enthralling and that's made just down the street. Wow there's, a production company, it's, licensed by the government. How is their prices over here for like a hundred of the thai and draw licks the image all you're talking about that's like two thousand baht, which is like sixty us dollars or and it's about the same for a thousand of the five milligram pink ties, the chemo but that's, usually the prices. You know, we bought a ton of steroids today, and we're gonna run a steroid test. Kids, you have a whole bunch of test kits on steroids. See, with

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