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Chris are pino has his own youtube channel here, that's growing very quickly called broken back fitness. So you have a good idea of the steroid and supplement culture here, and i'm noticing, especially through dnp that word travels much faster in england. America is definitely the pioneer things start in america, but once it gets to england, word spreads very quickly why're people in england learning so much faster is that why you're things catching on so much quicker and things so much more socially acceptable here in england than even the united states ? Steroids in particular, i think part of fact is because they're legal to buy over here so there's not that stigma or like you're doing something that dodgy and illegal, you know that you're going to get arrested for if you talk about that's, the first thing, you can talk about it openly and ok, you may get the people who don't know that frown upon it and stuff, but the end of the day it's legal. So you're if you want to do it, go ahead and do it so there's that aspect of it on dh i don't know why, but the whole like, you know, these fake matty's and stuff that does that culture doesn't really exist over here. A fake nati is someone who takes steroids, but says that their natural that they don't take steroids, which is extremely common in the us and is true of about ninety nine percent of people in the fitness industry. That's not a time you you hear you don't go to the gym in the uk and here, you know, later, guys in the gym so now he's a fake natty and this and that, you know, everyone just says it how it is, you know ? And you see a jack guy in the gym in the u k and you go up to them, obviously slims your civil about it and you say, oh, you know, do doo take here what you take what she does, how does it work for you that would turn around ? Say, oh, yeah, this is what i take this is how we do it. This is how long i'm on this is how long them off, you know, it's, just a very open culture from what i've seen over here mean, perhaps it may be slightly different. When you get to the high end competitors over here, they may be a bit more secretive, but your average sort of guy you just goes to the gym to look good if he's on something they will tell you, you know, and that's how the word spreads and it's the same with me we've like like you say, talking about the dnp and the t r, t and stuff say i'll tell anyone whose who's prepared to listen about t r t because i know how hard it is for to get on prescription, but i also know how life changing it khun bay and not just for muscle growth, but, you know, quality of life, especially for someone like me who may have suffered a potentially life changing injury. So i, you know, i will literally tell anyone who will listen say, look, if you if you feel depressed, if you've got no sex, drive this that go to the doctor's, and if they won't prescribe it just going by online, yeah, because she thought he quit for a month's worth of tests or strange, yeah, spend more on that one beer on the night out, you know ? Just get going by it. Do itself, you know and what you explain it to them in those terms, and people start realizing it's, not this dirty little drug in this secretive underground thing, ninety nine percent of people do it now and it's, not just bodybuilders or cover models. It's. Just people who want to look good to go down the beach say the u k i think is the steroid scene has just exploded over the last ten, fifteen years, really, and anyone who's got half decent physique. Now you can pretty much guarantee maybe not steroids, but psalms or pro home. It there's there's something everyone has tried something pretty much andi were just far more open to talk about it, then say, perhaps people in the states. But again, i think perhaps that's, because it's illegal over there so people don't want to incriminate themselves in the uk. It's just, we're just more open. Just people just tell the truth. Sean. I'm almost out of insulin needles, reformer, insulin, and i'm almost a big project. Steroids. Can i get to use over the counter ? Get him. In some places they're very common in the elections from, or people who use actual daughter are the rights to build together. If you don't tell your body using the harrises until you heroin needles instead of a body, many just you just purchased online from a needle exchange, our little surprise. Male, yeah, god. Jay here does steroids, but he doesn't buy a stair was here in england because illegal to sell sarees in england. So it's also a little bit harder to buy them here. But a lot of people in england they travel overseas, get the steroids and bring them back, which is totally fine. So tell us what countries you fly, tio, what the prices are and why you choose to specific countries you will fly to and then bring him back without doubt the easiest countries to get them from in europe if you're living in europe is poland number one because it is so regulated and it's so easy to get on from uk. Teo, poland it's like a one hour flight. It's incredibly sure. But, you know it's a great trade off you get flights for very cheap. Very affordable on the gear is, you know, over the council bye. Regulated. You mean that they can sell pharmaceutical gear over the counter. It's not regulated as in the laws of the country for a menu from buying a require prescription ? No. Yeah. Is all it is regulated. Pharmaceutical grade on dh because of that reason, you're more likely. To get good quality stuff rather than go underground. Here with joe geoffrey who's, a bodybuilding coach and online coach at body power england, you have a lot of knowledge of where to get steroids in england and what the steroid culture is here. Where do most people get their gear here ? What is the culture of steroids in england ? Do you think it's changed a lot of recent years and what i've seen ? Uh, maybe four, five years ago, it was purely a foreign based thing. Uh, even when people use an encrypted e mail still everyone getting it from even america. I'm recently israel changed has been a big boom and you jealous in the uk, most people just get all of their gear off facebook now, to be honest, it was all on facebook, all in groups, and is very much not underground is very much something. People sell gear off their personal profiles with pictures of their families, their display picture person. It got ten but was a trend. You know, anybody want it is one of them sort of things and there's tons of steroid groups. Now i mean one that i mean has got over twelve thousand people in have you experienced any ? Fake steroids ? Hear me personally ? No, but i have seen more reports because there's been a brand new hey hboc testing facility in the uk. This extremely affordable. Uh, my friends at kem clarity. You could send off one mil of any compound to them for thirty quid, and they'll do a hey hboc test and send you the results by all anonymous. So it's, so easy to test, you know, and they're coming out with pro forma intestine in the next two months, i believe because they just moved to a big facility. So it's, so much easier. I think we're seeing less and less face because the labs of ray wary i mean, it was a very big lab. I'm not gonna name names. There was a very big lab. They got showing to be under doses sixty percent almost of their oils. And since then our business so is one of them things that's going on. We do now the sort of lower rank labs and winds or i mean most lives now. Really good quality. And what i have found a swell pricing in the uk very much different to that in the us. So much. Cheaper over here, i mean, from everything from growth to get. I mean, what you said about the culture, it's, very different here, tio. In america, everyone talks about it like it is. It just is what it is. It's, not something that's. Underground legality may be a part of that. The british culture, maybe a part that i'm not sure, but in terms of fakes, not so much anymore, not like they used to be, to be honest. Chris, are pino from broken back fitness, a youtube channel not to be confused with brokeback mountain got a testosterone prescription here in england. But he reports that it's pretty difficult to get. How long did it take you to get it ? And what did you have to do to get a prescription for testosterone here in england ? Well, i first went to the doctor's in two thousand eight after i broke my back on dh, i was feeling all the symptoms of low testosterone, you know, low sex drive, low energy just generally feeling depressed and low. The doctors gave you the usual try and lower your stress and all this sort of stuff and basically just sent me away again. I actually read an article in a in a newspaper about testosterone levels on dh. I literally had every single symptom that they were describing. So i went back to the doctor's with the article and said, let you know, have you considered this ? And he looked at it and he said, to be honest, i've never diagnosed anyone. Ever we have low testosterone. Say said, i think the best thing we can do is get a blood test done. So he booked me in for a blood test, went and did that i didn't cheat or anything. I did it first thing in the morning and empty stomach, you know, all the usual things that they require. Andi in the uk normal is classed from nine to twenty eight, which in itself is crazy that it can vary that much free testosterone level. Yeah, yeah, free tasca my level came back too. So doctor called me and said, well, yeah, that's real low he said that could be a one off so then he made me contact for another one. That one came back at three. Say by that and he said, yeah, obviously something's not right. And he actually laughed at me jokingly and said, i've got no idea what today. So i said, well, you know, t something like that and he said, and again he just said, well, i've never diagnosed that there's that awkward silence when he just stared at me waiting for me to suggest something them and i said, well, do you not need to refer me to a hospital or specialist or something ? And then he said, okay, well, transfer you to an endocrinologist at the hospital. That referral took six months because basically they referring you just have to wait for a letter to arrive in the post. Six months later, i got a referral. Teo, endocrinologist again, i had to do to blood tests, which took another month today they came back again it to onto this time on dh. So basically they said, yeah, i qualify for it at two months after that, i got a letter back saying to come in and they would go over everything with me. First of all, they gave me the job to put on, and i said, look, i don't really want the jokes that at the time, out of one year old daughter and i said, you know how long ? What if she gets that honor so reluctantly they said, well, we usually give the jokes we don't like giving out, giving people the injections, even the pre loaded ones. So basically, they said, in that case, you've got come to your doctor once every ten days for them to inject you because they wouldn't give me the injections to take home. Say, as you can imagine, that's right ? Pain, you know, haven't go, doctor, especially since all these other countries, they used twenty one gauge, one and a half inch needles, which are about four times the size and four times the amount of damage during the injection is the needles that i use on the underground. Yeah, well, yeah, exactly. And so, anyway, i did that on i did that for eight weeks. And then, at the end of eight weeks, endocrinologist called me back more blood black and everything on dh. My level was then it twenty six and she said, well, that's absolutely where it should be a way is slightly high for someone of my age. Even so, she's then backed off the days slightly said, come back in another eight weeks and say, and at the lower dais bi level went from twenty six down twenty two and she said all that's still fine. And then she said, i think the best thing you can do now is come off it completely and come back in eight weeks and see what your levels are. And of course, it just completely crushed play. This time i've been doing my own research and i said, do not need a pct or anything like that, and she said it that low of a dais, your body should just find its own level and stay roughly where it needs to bay, which of course it didn't. So after those eight weeks were up, i went back and i got put back on it and it was basically like that for a year have been put on it, then being taken off of that crushing feeling, amazing feeling like crap and just never bean stable. And in the end, i just made an appointment at the doctor's and said, look, i just want to be taken off of it now because i said the ups and downs it's just too much and it's a pain for me to have to take the day off of work to go and get an injection when i could just be doing it myself. And because it's so easy just to buy it online in the uk eggs is not legal to buy it. So i just gave up with adopters and i just died buying it myself instead of injecting it once every ten days, i would do one injection every third day oven on fate and my levels had just completely stable. Absolutely perfect. I was having no a ray matiz ation symptoms guy know anything like that at all ? I would then do you know, like i get the hate cg from you and i would basically blast hate cg for five days once every month a thousand die you every day and that basically just keeps me going then and then if i want to come off, obviously i can come off in p c t or i can just stay on it. As for the doctors in the uk, i don't know it's like for other people but i have about a few people comment on my youtube channel of people in the uk and i have not found anyone yet who's actually got on t rt in the uk, they just doctors overhead, they just don't know about it or if they do have benefits too expensive to put you on it or i don't know what why, but they just right, but i'm not interested, so basically it requires a prescription in the uk, you're not going to get a prescription, so you're forced to buy it on the underground. But it's, okay to buy it on. The underground is not illegal to buy it on the underground. So it really comes down to you got to be an educated person and make your own decisions, because the doctor is not going to solve this problem for you. Alright, thanks, chris. Sean, we know that most people here fire a lot of steroids. They fly other neighboring countries and given for cheaper by old pharmaceutical grade, then bring them back. It's still legal or people who just want a small amount they buy local from someone who did bring it back. But it's illegal to sell steroids here. But what about the chancellor's ? I know they're prescription on ly i went to the pharmacy and tried by the camera. Is that for them ? How do you get things like yesterday ? Walkers have a goal p c t all the other things besides the steroids, boyle is based on you, cornstalk out on the ground, you know, always to be trusted. I'm looking for that made themselves so you can get pharmacy created, but there are a lot more expensive. Thanks for most of you, the guarantee to call italy what guarantees we'll definitely let you see it by your answers from a god. It was perfect sales. Bed section with best process in my water, and i'm flexing it for else. Fragile ration rice. I love i won't. Bot here, fronting with cash, is getting moody over here, hon. It's on my bed section with him, i watered and complex.

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