Steve Johnson on Power Lifting Mindset & Testosterone

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I just want steve eight hundred squat like it was nothing. He's, an op atomic power lifter he's told you, but he's blown it away science going through the roof so my fans probably want to know you squat heavy weight to get maximum out of strength is like a once a week heavy or do you have more frequent ? It starts out so the programming is structured in a way that starts out with value. First i'm doing, i like to get to a week to days, weeks plotted by one every day, one light day for like speed, repetitions and then a cz. The program goes on over weeks and weeks now onto the peking phase, about seven weeks off for my meat. So now i'm sort of peek in my strength program in robbery squad once a week, once clearly every seven days, because i mean, you hit like eight hundred pounds once a week. No, actually, so he's doing like what i'm doing is like triples and then working down, working up the way down on the raps, i'm going doubles, then as let's go buy, those are going to single rob so actually, pounds is off my program today. A really good guy. Now my coaches go off that number instead. Now body next to my go time twenty thirty all the way up until the meat. And then we're back ofthe rest. About two weeks out of the load is what it is, what it is. Basically, like active recovery. I'm going on a percentage of that max week. I dined at the meetings where you just basically balls to the wall. You know, that's why i'm gonna let loose i'm gonna try to be on something there. We kind of gauge that off the progress over the weeks of training. Is there anything that you take, like, three workouts ? Anything that, like, help you get that mind muscle connection or that a trend, man, just nothing like good old music way. Listen, tonto at max max, man way be that's the song that's just like it. Just the shit that i've gone through in my life. It just it just speaks to me and i mean just listening to it and that i mean out, scoop a free workout in there too, you know, before i start my shift and basically on amino acids all day long. Well, on the high rep days, how many reps you do it ? I robbed a beginning of valium phase. You're maybe going a time you're talking like straight program, not like i'm not doing like hyper training, so my interest is not gaining more muscle mass games, much strength as possible. So there's a there's a new theory of, like, squatting every day. I mean, that could be really hard on the joints, but if you keep the volume really low, do you think that has any merit, like one heavy set every day ? No, i got a friend that does that. And from what ? I understand how that works response every single day. So one day i'll have, you know, one day i'll be a lighter, more valium day or mix it up with a variation on the squad back swatting a fly swatter. I don't really understand what everyday thing. I tried it and i felt built up shit on a knee tendinitis, you know, i could squat really more like i want everybody it's different, you know ? I mean, like for me, i need a longer restoration, especially when you're pushing weight like that. I just need time for the central nervous system really slow down kind of rest itself kind of hell itself back up so i could get back. Come back next week. Stronger is what i'm trying about your joints in your tendons and ligaments. You have to take anything to help those heels to take take a joint supplement it's by my sponsors get nutrition, diesel joint that's all it takes and then really what i do i got time tonight. Like not in my knees, nothing else. It's more in the elbows and shoulders and that's wrong. You want to squat, squat, low bar position so the bar's really far back that just gets await more centered over my mid for when i'm squatting more balance and i have any problems with that. I'll get flare ups tendonitis here there, but basically i do recovery with a r t dr doing stuff like that. You have you take a deep breath and then go down, then sail when you're basically it's about raising your course, i can remain in the upright position because i don't want to take a big breath my chest rises i wanna take a break press on my stomach goes out into the back. That's gonna brace my abdomen is gonna brace my lower back. Nice, stable, spying. I'm staying straight off as much as possible is a minute with that much weight backwards, the way it's gonna keep going. You know, we're gonna mess yourself up trying to muscle it back out, so you want to stay in like technique. What is your high born and low bar sport ? Different weight wise like what's my weight from there to hi. Hi. Switch the low bar like it's. So much easier. Right ? Well, you know what waits just centered over your body differently. So a high bar have to activate more four muscles stay straight up to keep me from going forward, you know ? So the bar just keeps everything just center for me. It's. Just more stable and most power that their squat in a low bar stance. You handle your way easier that way didn't see where you put them out. You put about higher lower. So what i do hi. Belly buns around right here. I write it about an inch above it. Yeah. And when i prayed, when i breathe in race right around sucking my hair that's where my stomach's pushing into my belt it just feels like the best stabilising point what i wear to go i feel like i could like my back is over here do you think that it takes special genetics to get the level of strength you have ? Or do you think that anybody can do it with the right ? Training. I think anybody could do it with the right training. Definitely, i coach my own athletes and staff, you know, genetics always plays a role in everything. No, ronnie coleman, look, ronnie colman, you know, without the genetics, you know, on some of these guys, their strength athletes still like, like blood, or, like god, norwegian, my pentax, forsaken warrior, it's, all about, like the writing team with my logo it's, actually, like you made all that, so i'm trying to stay on it's it's, one of my locals, right here, it's, a battle ax and shit, right, stupid, the viking. Thank you so much, steve. I'm sure the audience is gonna freaking love this it's, always amazing when people share the information instead of holding into themselves to inspire others, i appreciate it, and you're fired.

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