Stop Walking on Eggshells! | Dr. Tony Huge

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you can't sprint towards success when your tippy toeing on eggshells. I'm in Bangkok, Thailand, right now. In order to be successful, you have to be bold. You have to take risks. And what I noticed about the Asian culture is they have amazing family values. Parents are a little bit more controlling a little bit more involved, which is a great thing for keeping them out of trouble and keeping them crime free. There's very little crime throughout Asia, and general family values are amazing. But for business success, it presents a little bit of a challenge because when the pupil is walking on eggshells, when they're nervous about what other people think when they're trying to fit within the rules of tradition imposed upon them by the community, by society, by their parents by their friends it's really hard to take those risks and innovate and be different and outside the box and be successful because to be successful, you want to be the type of successful. It's thinking outside the box that's innovating, that's developing new things that's making connections. It's getting out of your comfort zone, developing your own personal improvement along the way in order To do that, you have to drop some of your preconceived notions. You have to drop some of your tradition. You can't be a scared and walking on eggshells. And an example is with Baby Mama baby mama am. I was always walking a little bit on eggshells with her because I know she would get upset if I did a lot of things that further my success that are very bold, that are very courageous things. She is much more of a cautious person. And so when I'm around her, I'm more conservative. I'm more cautious. I take less risks. I have less success. Most of the success that I obtained I obtained before I met Baby Mama. Well, Dr Tony, you just back now. I'm not walking on eggshells any longer. I am not going to let someone impose upon me their values, their restrictions on my activities, my thoughts and the things that I really want to do. Because when I'm following my heart and right, passionate about something and nothing gets in my way, that's when I build the most success. So if you want to be successful, stop walking on egg shells, starts sprinting, dropped those traditional notions of beliefs and limiting beliefs that are causing you to still stay inside of a little box. Escape the box, my friends. Hey, hey, hey.

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