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This is stretching by a coach to a bodybuilder or athlete. This is coach marco, i'm dr tony huge, and i'm going to show you how he stretches me out before a bodybuilding competition and loosens up all my muscles will call this anabolic stretching. This is also a huge benefit for any coach to learn how to do for their athletes because this is a and added on service that you could do not to you charge more, but you could at the end of each weight training session do this for your athletes and this, i think, would set you apart from other coaches because it feels really good you could feel the difference. You feel much better, it improves your athletic performance. The disclaimer is my most are extreme titan have done so a long time. I've got a bodybuilding competition coming up on saturday and continue nationals in miami in two and a half weeks, so it's time to loosen up, otherwise i'm gonna cramp up on stage, so we're just gonna take this video is gonna take a while because we're going to do it in real time just to show you different stretches he does, and you can explain what you're doing, if you want. What, okay, they may be here on a stretcher. What i'm trying to do is make sure that when he i mean it's, the shoulder coming outside of the chance, so you get it. Full range stretches. Yes, the knee is right outside, chest, right. Fight by doing if you try to do it by yourself, kid, because you have a watch. Fourth, if they have some event now. Ladies, you know, out. So coach margo tradespeople for fat loss, muscle building, general health. But he also prepares athletes to compete in bodybuilding, physique, classic physique. He figure competitions, and so he takes a very holistic approach. He helps him figure out their supplementation, their diet there's, their body composition. And this stretching is part of the program. What he considers a necessary component, because you can flex your muscle optimally onstage. You can't get those amazing striations unless you have that flexibility ability to fully contract muscle. This is all a reference in some loot right there, that's where he feels living alone for a little bit. So the nice thing about on planes back in real time. So you could actually follow along, which is video not going fast forward. That way, you could even match the amount of time that he spends on each stretching movement. I'll say that it is extremely painful, but we're doing it after the workout, so the muscles are warmed up, so i'm not likely to tearing it. They even know puddings, tremendous magistrate muscles, attendance. By the time we're done with this space, you are really big advice. Yes, he's going to resign. They were. You see a field, come back that. We're philippines okay. Open. Come, who stretches pelvis opening, yeah, hips open it's, almost like doing splits and send for a stretcher. Hold friday. This is actually one of the stretch that i have not been able to replicate myself. I can't figure out a position that stretches this part because they can't do it unless my muscles relax. And i can't relax the muscles. There's, no position i could get into that relaxes also, without just late clarkson, someone stretch. That was insane. War. They're opening instead of massage parlors. Chiropractic new thing. It's opening is stretching facilities go in landry. Besides that, they stretch it's, a new service, that's. Next. Yeah, i mean thai style. Thailand, south side having element of stretch i have an entire stretching session pretty interesting. You. I wouldn't call it fast. We're going to do another video another day where you hang upside down from the alarm. Instructor that's. Amazing reason why we're starting with this is because you don't need any equipment for this stretch. The other one, you need equipment, paying your ankles from bar. You feel sick, society feel dick. It isn't coming back, probably on the way through campus. You know what ? All the way. And if i want a time, pressure and just a little bit twisted. That's, a little bit more painful. Director. All the way to hit it from here. And it feels tight, super tight, because i'm bringing the elasticity just that. What ? That is stretching muscles just very hard, because, like i said, if you trying to stretch yourself, you can't help but have tension in the muscle that prevents stretching there's a lot of muscle fibers stretch. Usually, you're limited by muscle that's, the tightest, which is often hustles. That's kind of flexing. Hold you in position or stretch. First place, huge advantage to someone all stretch or using stretching machine at home. I have the taekwondo split stretching that a fact. Wait. A lot of this woman's are coming from the hit. I was pressuring feels. From a place. A lot of pressure. Hey, that's, very comfortable. But by means. And then a lot of wisconsin border right now. See gets deep in distraction. He moves and over a little bit. So he gets kind of every angle. Hey! Thank you. It's gonna cover ? Yeah, you feel it. Men here, that's them. Feel that. That's going to decompress the lower back, giving those coming from here, but started rolling with them. Here. You know the way to this final for the lower back. Yeah, i feel the lower back, lower abs in the hip flexor, where the quad meets hip. Yeah. Very bad. Okay. Yeah, fire. Wait, that's, what i feel. What stretching ? It's more stretching it mohr and through more forage, emotional stretch, always very top meets the hip. Always there. Is there with many anthony stone when i have lighted fish right on my place around the plane, any more pressure on my knee live with our with a big pressure down it's in time, who's. Three moments in one woman. My arm and make my way. Night. More enormous amount of decompression to thee to follow the quiet must off laser hits. You should know the way back that's. Exactly how it works. A tissue massage or anything like that is really strange. Three days before the contest is now. Five days for the show about the show is not recommended. Bringing norris fluid retention. No, you don't want to keep it inside. What ? Someone says it. For all our work in half, it was for formal, because by already, lord and the acid in part. You nothing. We must go back. No! In other words, is not recommended. You sure ? Graphic stuff. Yeah, what ? Would you ? I want to move, name, name with the cops, so i can't, actually, justin. Is that ? Yeah, yeah, i heard this time, by the way, heard the pop and he's adjusted. So i know because i feel bye. But he's not listen. Wait. Help! So all. Basket. Thank you. What ? Thanks. What else, exactly ? Thanks. Oh! Okay. Ah, that's. A basic. Okay, guys, i know it's a long video, but it was worth it to show you the whole thing, beginning dance, so you can follow along if you want to. We're gonna be doing a lot more videos with coach marco. Now that i'm back in town, we got some great ideas for some cutting in, strapped. So doing be swelling, swollen by friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution to you, my body, baby coachman.

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