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Dr Tiny Huge of enhanced athlete dot com. We're talking about smelling salts for power lifting and weightlifting. I've always wanted to try ammonia smelling salts for power lifting. I just never knew where to find it. Diego here had it in the gym bag. He just took it before you hit a set of one in, like, four hundred forty, four hundred forty pounds. Uh, what does it do for you? Why do you use it before a heavyset? You gotta be aggressive. Lift. You've got to be ready to do it. Something you can't go in the lift. Just half awake. Sleeping. So you just got to get slapped in the face, so you gotta be ready to go. All right. So I tried. It definitely feels like a slap in the face. Uh, Okay, here we go. Oh, God. Jesus Christ. That was crazy. It woke me up. It made me more alert. It's almost, like, gives you an adrenaline rush. Is that kind of how it works? Basically, a lot of guys like to slap back slap in the face, so it's actually pretty similar to if someone actually just slapped you in the face. Absolutely. eyes there such thing as taking. Have you ever taken too much? If you put your nose in it too far, taking too big of a whiff. Absolutely. Well, what happens if the models brand new? It's so strong that you might just start tearing up and you can't concentrate. One time I was bench pressed the crystal with my nose before bench press that lift, but you kind of tearing up all over the place, but yeah, the general was there. You see that? Okay, I love this stuff. I need to look into the side effects to make sure it's not unhealthy to do this. But I love the way I feel. I got me so pumped up. It woke me up. Maybe feel alert. Khun, totally see the benefit of using this before heavy lift. I did notice your eyes are tearing up. Is that because you maybe took a little bit too much? Is that means just the right around? I mean, I mean, I'd like to just find hitting a big lift. I mean, well, we've wasted So it's part of the just the pressure of four hundred forty pounds on your on your body and your blood pressure going up during the lift. You also tear up big weights. I mean, it's not easy. It feels easier with you. So I'm definitely going to sell this on the site because everything I sell on enhance athlete is stuff that my athletes personally used. And I'm starting to get more power lifting athletes starting it. More female athletes. I got physique, competitors, bodybuilders, M m A fighters. And I know that the power lifters are all gonna want this. So I'm going to carry it for them and for me as well. And you got a power lifting meet coming up February twenty six. I'm gonna cover that probably. And do you use this during powerlifting meat as well? Yeah, I use is definitely during competition. It's your Max is so you gotta definitely wake up. That's the day where you shine like there's just like a bodybuilding competition. That's your problem. Does it last before your lift? Like how soon do you have to do it? Right before you left. Most of theirs do right before they get on the platform. Right? So you want to lift that way? It's in full effect. They're wide awake. You're not gonna do it. Can you take it an hour before the lift? Are we talking like, thirty seconds before the last time talking? Thirty seconds. Wake up, gold. You lift. Wow. Okay, so you gotta really time it right. You gotta, like, have it in your pocket right before they left. We're here with Dougie, who is a very heavy lifter for the squad and the dead lift. He's about to dead lift. How much weight? Five five, five hundred eighty five pounds. We're going to use some smelling salts. How big of a way for you to take biggest of my life right now. That's our crying. Have you used it before? Once before. You think it helps all? It makes a huge difference. How does it help? Wakes me up. My going on adrenal. It sounds like it's all about the waking up in a similar to someone. If someone slaps you in the face. Yes. On the back. Were just wanted. Diego slaps. Uh, All right, let's see it. Natural way. Wait, That adrenaline. Five eighty five. You load it. Go. Yeah. Wait a lot like that. Just don't even believe goingto lift calm cost us a lift. Somebody's gonna be swelling swole my power Lifters of freedom on my pioneers of human evolution

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