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I'm here with Travis, who just competed at the two thousand seventeen Superleague, same day as Olympia came over and watched. He's got a very impressive chest and back development for having trained Mohr for conditioning in and performance than actual body building. And when I asked him what his tip was about how to develop such a full chest, he said, It's all about combining back and chest on the same day. So push pull on the same day, he explained why that's been so effective for you. Reason been effective for me is that for every contraction you want to stretch, the muscles work both ways, so you want to lengthen the muscle lot of the same kind of contract every every press. I do also pull back and what that does that stretched from. So then you get a good fool in your chest, so the more you let them out of mustard longer is one of you got along. Get the most insane thing bicep. Try stuff. Everything should be a push. Pull in the back. You can have individual days working on a song, but lifting it out at the same time is it tract, So always do push pull. So if I start off with flat bench of foreign immediately and have been overloads, it could be single on roles that pulled out with Incline Bench. I'm going to go into another Cedar Road, going to another bin over always combined to work out together. So it's always going to be a push and pull you find out that that contraction stretches gonna do you gonna do? I've been doing that for, like, the last, at least the last eight years if it's too taxing for you guys to work chest and back on the same day. A trick the coach Marco uses is he'LL train chest on the same day, but he always finished with a couple sets of fact to stretch out the chest. Back day. You always do a couple sets chest stretch out back. So same theory. Zach, get that stretches back and the pump of the same workout are both must be swelled. Stole my friend's freedom fight here, too,

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