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Milk! It has been shown to help with Recovery, Protein Synthesis, and Fat Loss. Carey Nosler talks about the synergy between milk and bodybuilding included the many benefits you get from it.

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Hello, carrie nozzle er health and longevity researcher for enhanced athlete. And today, going to take a look at an old food made new that's milk. This is in response to a question from a viewer in alberta, canada wanted to know about milk in bodybuilding. Well, there's, some really interesting information. New information, actually about milk and its ability to help in recovery. Muscle protein synthesis and fat loss which we will go over. You might have noticed in the last olympics there were several olympians who were using milk at the end of their race as a recovery drink, and that has spurred part of the interest in just why they would do that. Dairy foods have been traditionally associated with their calcium content that's what they've been promoted for and the associated bone health benefits. But it goes way, way beyond that, and the calcium itself might not be the the major consideration. It could be the calcium within the milk, and especially a certain type of milk. Obviously, milk is a source of food for young mammals that's the only food that that we are designed to eat at birth. The problem for most people, for a lot of people is that after weaning, the body is unable than to produce an enzyme lack taste, which helps to teo to digest lactose, lactose and glucose. The sugars that you find with the the advent of the agricultural age, when we started raising herds of animals for meat and for milk interesting thing happened in tow, evolutionarily we didn't certain people didn't lose the ability than to keep generating lack taste. So you find people in the world, especially european or their european and even even parts of africa, where they had traditionally had herds india, a cz well, where the people can handle milk quite well, and even in areas of the world where there may be a lactose intolerance, they've learned how to prepare the milk in this case, fermenting it like it is in yogurt or kiefer or hard cheeses, so that most of the lack of the lactose has changed. The milk sugar has changed in the process of fermentation and or it's gone away when they make the hard cheese on dh and and and most of it leaves in the way or in the melty part, eighty percent of the protein in milk is cason and that's important that forms of gel in the stomach ? It provides a slow release of amino acids, which is what you want over several hours. The remaining twenty percent is way which we all know about that's. The liquid portion of milk that's been left over during the cheesemaking process, and obviously one of the most important bodybuilding supplements there happens to be back in the old days. Bodybuilding they didn't have way. They didn't have even good protein drink. So milk was the preferred source and it was interesting going over the literature. It was touted as being a food that would help them not only with their strength, but also to gain weight. And i noticed that president day post from so called hard gainers they were found that also melt was able to help them add some weight, some muscle master their body during exercise. Intense exercise fluid and electrolytes are lost and sweat. They have to be replaced to prevent dehydration. If you have dea ifyou're dehydrated, not enough fluid, your performance goes way, way down. You just can't perform a swell as you would like to fluid uptake in the small intestine now is enhanced by the presence of glucose and sodium guess what, both of which are found in milk in ideal ideal quantities prepared two thousand eight study from the school of sport and exercise science at low burl university in england. They looked at a commercial sports drink on exercise performance, and you're using either glucose our milk, i should say, or milk with glucose, the milk with glucose and the milk itself. Both performed just a cz well ast the sports drink and obviously cost less and provided a lot more nutrition, it will prolong the time to exhaustion as effectively as the sports beverage. That particular information gained a lot of traction there for a period of time, without any changes to metabolic or what they call thermal regulatory process is the ability of the body to generate heat to burn fat, for example, or to produce energy. Further studies also found the addition of milk protein to a carbohydrate solution age rehydration mohr effectively than carbohydrate only drinks after exercise nutrition carbohydrates again, we mentioned before are required to restock glycogen stores, especially after intense exercise. You need to replace your glycogen protein at the same time supports muscle repair and can actually accelerate glycogen re synthesis that boost performance in subsequent training sessions and to benefit a mix of both is required. So, yes, what combines both of those two quantities milk, a blend of protein and carbohydrate, as i said, becomes an inexpensive and effective recovery food, and this was interesting. Research shows three to one ratio of carbohydrate to protein is most effective for recovery, which can easily be found in the form of milk and especially, believe it or not. Chocolate milk. Good quality chocolate milk is a terrific performance enhancing or and glycogen enhancing beverage at the end of a workout. As i mentioned before, though, in terms of protein it's, not just the quantity that makes milk ineffective recovery. As i said, it's, a blend of twenty percent weigh eighty percent case scene, as you know, casing slow digesting, which results in a longer rise in amino acids. You need those immuno acids for protein muscle protein synthesis, no muscle protein synthesis, no added muscle in and added strength and size. The milk again, as i said, also had the twenty percent way, which is a fast acting. Food, which will help with that immediate recovery from some type of exercise, and you can get supplements. Incidentally, that will combine casing with wei or you could just have a good glass of milk. That's. Interesting, too. Calcium plays a role in body fat regulation, and this is kind of interesting. The laboratory models show that low calcium intake stimulate fatty acid deposition and suppressed fat oxidation. What happens ? You gain weight low calcium diets associated with higher rates of obesity while high dairy diets associated with greater reduction in body fat and weight loss. Now it's kind of interesting, too, because not just the calcium. You take calcium supplements, that doesn't happen, but calcium in the milk is an effective weight loss and here's what's even more interesting. All the hoopla about fat being the great villain that it was that led to people drinking skim milk or non fat milk. Well, it turns out the skim milk and the non fat do not have the same effect on body fat regulation like the full fat milk. Nor does the full fat milk lead to greater increase in heart disease risk. In fact, there are certain bio active. Compounds that you find in the fat that make milk an ideal whole food if you take it away, you've got a process food, so to speak, fat soluble vitamins, for example, just don't die, justus well without fat, which is what you get in the in the full fat milk two thousand twelve meta analysis of controlled clinical trials looked into dairy consumption and body weight in adults. They found that consumption of hai fat dairy led to significantly greater weight loss, but it had to be the full fat. I want to go over this a bit, too. I did notice when i looked at the research that in this particular case, it does pay to find a quality milk product. Ah, full fat product, ideally organic, and from cows that eat grass. Cows that eat grain and soybeans, which they never were meant to eat, have much higher levels of omega six fats, and we have a problem with that. The military is actually doing research into adding more omega three fats because it improves the eye, the battlefield performance in the mental cognitive abilities of the soldiers as well and it turns out milk organic milk. From grass fed cows is is a significant contributor to omega three fats, which is very, very important muchmore than than the cows that are fed grain. There is also a special fat in full fat milk see ella conjugated little eric acid that could be one of the bio actives that is especially important for fat loss. You can take supplements actually by itself, but in milk itself, they probably interact with other nutrients to make it a very good food. So i've got to say, in all honesty, that after i did the research, it was so compelling i have added some milk into my program. We're fortunate here in california, we can find a raw, certified, raw milk, dairy that's passion where the cows or pasture fed and organic and all those other kind of good things, so get the best quality of you can. And maybe the old adage about milk is a perfect food. Well, maybe there is some truth to that i'm carrying ostler health and longevity researcher for enhanced athletes. Yes, on in some of that section with best approaches in my water, and i'm flexing it for else fragile ration rice i love, i won't. Bot here, fronting with cash, is getting moody over here, hon. It's on my bed section with him, i watered and complexion.

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