Synthetek Synthelator Vasodialator I What I used before going on stage

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About to inject sinful later right here by a synth attack. Didn't you say it right? Sinful later. Yeah, sinfully with vast violator. Ten ml in a previous video on this. But I did it before a workout, and I also did it before last competition, both of which I didn't have much. Boy, my blood first competition ended on its arms and then before the gym wasn't lead. Well, I'm still not as Lena's. I should because I only did a six day prep kind of using chemistry and science instead of hard work to prepare for this competition experience. But we've gotta compete in two weeks, and I need to do a trial run to get the vast violator before going on stage. Probably gonna go onstage in less than an hour. Forty, forty minutes. So we're gonna shoot ten ml of this right now. The disclaimer is a very flat right and also flat. The reason why I did a protocol by the original group have devastation on staff person below your mind, some cutting edge science bodybuilding, and one of the things I tried was potassium loading up till now. No sodium. So my body is starving for something right before you on stage, I'm going to have so and then I should look awesome. So that's why I'm here already. If I go backstage. Just wait. Like onstage. All right, so I'm gonna take the fine else, Rich. Say it's five. I'm gonna put a twenty gauge. Could be eighteen to twenty. Whatever. This is what he isn't. So take half this bottle of simulators one time, use its toll of ten ml liquid. I'm gonna put I'm gonna put five on one like that. It was only one time use. Yep. So find me all that the ten in one. All right, take another needle. Together. Finding out this obviously is a ten place. It's so I'm going to the competition backstage to Should. I should've just reloaded the needle before guys to spend this time backstage. Okay? There's others that, like this call the people that actually, it's quite a vacuum. So it's hard to get. I should I should put air moves. Not so hard to get five. That's why I'm doing this longer video. You can see every part about more because you might. You might if you try this. Oh, this medical advice. The socials is not illegal anyway. But don't do anything without a doctor's supervision. Okay, so now easy. Look at that, right? Yeah, a little bit of rock. Okay, Go away, Cabinet. And now it falls all our meals, tips, phenomena for twenty five age when it's chips. Thank you, Bishop. Also prompted you just came up to twenty. But you always right? Twenty five. And again, this is supposed to do what for? The body were whole. All of the oxygen in the blood make a super rich volume. Eyes is going to gasp for air. Okay, short. I'm doing classic physique. So my shorts are gonna cover any kind of deal. Marc, I'm not about that. I'm going to clean the area. I was Mark it with my finger. You like going? Yep. Yeah. You know, I really do. It's easier. Seems like a hit list. So all kinds of air bubbles in here. You're not super worried about it. But if you try and get some because this is water based and again because it's where base there's no stinging doesn't permit anything like that, I can't even feel the oil or the liquid. Here you go. Can't chicken out of my camera. Here we go. He's about to be incredible. Hope. Seriously, Vascular. How long does it take for it to kick in? Five minutes, five minutes. Yeah. Okay. Wait. Doing the other chief. Just so as you can see, Tony, here's to not believe in turning the other cheek people. No. Bubbles. They're just stars are basically balls to be around. Two. You know it's crazy. The difference. This was five oil. I'd be hurting, but you can't even feel it. So we're just doing it. Easiest. Yeah, Nothing. It's really, really nothing. Absolutely painless. Absolutely great. Possible. Five. Now, here we go.

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