T3 or T4 for Female Athletes- Recommended or Risky?

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Key three. Or tea for for female athletes. I'm dr. Tony. You just coach norm. Coach norm is very well known in the industry for training a lot of very successful female clients for bikini physique and body building, and he has some very extreme views on things like t three anti for now, i used t three anti for to keep my metabolism going fast and burn a lot of fat, whether i'm on dnp and maybe slowing my metabolism or when i was on traning a trend works really well with t three, three, four or when extreme dieting, because when you die it hard, your thyroid output slows down and then your metabolism slows down. You start burning less calories and you have to work harder and it's a vicious cycle, so i've personally used t three anti for myself. A lot of the male athletes i know do, but coach storm has a different view he doesn't use t three or two for and why is that ? I just don't like the product. I think it gets abused not i think people will abuse it a little because they don't want to do the diet as hard as they have to. They don't want to be their cardio. It does have. Some very life changing side effects and it's not something i want to venture down that road. I would rather have my planes were carter diet harder, train harder, do their cardio harder than take that risk. So i looked at the medical state i've seen studies where people have taken t three for a long period of time and they come off and their natural thyroid output rebounds just fine goes back to normal. And for me and all the other male athletes that i've worked with, their natural thyroid hormone bounces right back after a teeth recycle there's very little long lasting suppression, if any, uh, but you are concerned because you've specifically seen female ass it's abused t three and trash their thyroid levels. And then what happens when their natural thyroid crashes ? They get the weight gain and it's not coming off, you know their bodies shut down, their metabolism shuts down and it's not coming back. So your general approaches. If the diet is good, you don't need never need to three or four thirty three t for the way to kind of catch up on burning a lot of fat in an extreme measuring. It is i mean, i know people that use it, and they like it. I personally i just don't i would rather play with the diet more, spike the metabolism here and there keep it going versus trying to go that method. So when your female athletes are dieting really hard, are you worried that their metabolism is slowing down and without the extra p three, you don't have a way to bring their metabolism back up ? I'm always worried about their metabolism slowing down because once it crashes it's very hard to kick. Start it again. So for us, for me personally, it's uh, it's a game it's like playing chess. I'm constantly. Are you hungry this morning ? Are you not hungry today ? Did you finish all your food ? You know, we cheat a lot. I'll have him sometimes she twice a week. Because that extra cow respect help from set metabolism again trick that body into thinking. Hey, i'm going to get those carbs that i haven't been getting sometimes we'll do it two days in a row. All right, i'm going to get you guys another different opposing opinion on the use of t three empty for for females as well. Because what enhanced athlete ? We report all the information. Good, bad, pro con. Because this is about educating use, you can make an informed decision that is an important component of freedom. Is you having the right information to make your own independent decision not being controlled by other people, forcing upon you false information. He's swollen school, my friends of freedom, pioneer human levels.

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