T3 Thyroid Hormone for Extreme Fat Loss (Chronic Fatigue Fix)

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Dr Tony Huge of enhanced athlete dot com. And this morning's one of my more important videos. Because what I just discovered absolutely changed my life in about thirty minutes and in his tea three thyroid hormone. Now, I'm no stranger to t three, but what I've learned over the last twenty four hours about T three has made it a complete game changer. Complete life changer for me. I'm here in Mexico had almost no energy for the last few weeks, but I've been taking tea three for this bodybuilding competition coming up, Trevor, Possible causes for my low t three. ***. Um hi. Growth hormone levels. Um, over dieting, over training for too long and always like to sleep. So those air always causes. So if you have any of those, those could be a big factor. Why do you think GMP causes lowering of DNP? Just does if you look on your charge, steam peak and lowers. Hear your output of the thyroid hormone and part of why the MPs so good at retaining muscle is that the thyroid does drop down in production. So you're not burning as much calories from, say, your muscle tissue and So you're holding on the muscle from the MP, but you're still burning that much. That's why people they'LL stack it with two three. You'LL get a lot more burning, too, but muscle also that's affected. My workouts affected my family life. It's affected my friends. I'm just not able to put my energy and you'LL notice a lot of you that message me. I haven't been as fast to respond. It's because with the amount of things that are on my plate, I have to be superhuman. I have to have superhuman energy. I have to work hard eighteen hours a day to keep up with the amount of message does that I get, which I love doing. But, um, I haven't had the energy to work out hard. I haven't had the energy to pay any attention to my daughter, which I'm about to go in. Do finally right now. And, uh, it's been the worst contest prep ever because I'm actually completely miserable. Try to hide that from me guys on the videos because you and my life is really good. Um, it's it's It's just that I felt like absolute crap. I think you can see it in the videos in my face and stuff. And now I feel really good. My teeth three. My thyroid levels across the board were absolutely tanked, and I don't know the exact reason why they were tanked, but the reason I didn't identify it earlier as being a problem was because I was taking tea. Three. So how could my t three levels have tanked when I was taking tea? Three turns out the t three that I had was totally bunk fake or more likely, degenerated. And ah, it isn't, uh, the didn't work anymore. And, uh, I was talking with Coach. Let me tell you how he discovered this yesterday. And then I'll tell you about the doses that it took that just fixed me in twenty minutes. Um, yesterday, Ah, Trevor and I went to the doctor here in Mexico and we got our prescriptions for testosterone growth hormone, pre mobile and Anna drawl and of our you name it. And if you want to know how we did that, you can email h g h at enhanced athlete dot com that stands for human growth hormone enhanced athlete dot com. But I'm at the doctor and one of the requirements to get all these prescriptions is to get all your lab work done. So I got my thyroid tested and came back really low, like Okay, well, I have my lab work done, like, three weeks ago in the States. Also, and my thyroid came back. Lo to must be. I thought at the time must be something's off. I didn't want to tell the doctor that in the States I was on t three. I thought, you know, I'm ah, I'm just going to keep taking my teeth three. And and I just thought that the C three was working and it wasn't part of the reason for my crash energy. Although I know that having to low levels of t three means that your energy is Khun, go very low because t three controls your metabolism and ah, imagine your metabolism slows like a snail and you get the side effects of ah, no energy. Slow recovery, slow protein turnover in your body, a fat gain very hard to lose fat, which is one of the reasons I was ah, having such a hard time losing the last little bit of competition Fat And of course. So this morning I wake up totally shredded because just one night of being on t three and I lost a ton of fat. Uh, this is just water, by the way, that I can see the fast Not there. This is water. I'LL pull that off with some fat burning cream later today. So the doctor here in Mexico said, No, your teeth. Three levels. Your thyroid levels are really low. You really might want to consider taking tea three. And I'm like I told Travis that Trevor, I am on t three. He goes, if your thyroid levels or that low and your Auntie Three your teeth ri's fake. But I told him that I had bought it, like just three months ago, three months ago from one of the most reliable online peptide sources before enhanced athlete dot com started carrying t three, uh, because the enhanced athlete dot com started carrying t three just a couple weeks ago. So I was like, Well, I'm gonna use up my old supply first, and from that same peptides supplier, I found out that the ex investing was fake based on my brother's blood tests, because I had given him. Also, my old supply, Um used that up before using enhanced athlete dot com extra mass stains, and that was fake. But Trevor thinks that the XMS stain was ah, absolutely was fake from this other company, which still blows my mind that other companies air actually faking their peptides and getting away with it. I'Ll do another video about to explain exactly how that works and then also the t three. Uh, not necessarily fake, but the tea three. Sorry, this there's a couple things distracting me here. First, my mom was too loud. Vergis woke her up, and then to this giant spider is coming after me. The T three degrades very quickly. It's not a very stable compound in liquid form. Problem is in the United States, it's we'LL call it illegal to sell it in the capsule form or tablet form, and T three has to be sold in a liquid, a za research chemical. Unless you're a licensed pharmaceutical company selling it's someone with a doctor's prescription from the United States. So that means for most of us were getting it through a liquid form of the research. Chemical problem is it's very unstable and has very low shelf life. So I mean, the solution for enhanced athlete dot com is you know, it's cheaper when you manufacture it, uh, less often in larger supplies, but that means that sits on a shelf more. And so what this other company did is they probably manufacture it twice a year and in huge batches, and then it sits on the shelf and degrades. And this this t three I mean, it's from the other company, totally degraded, completely degraded, because Mikey through is like nothing. So it was having no effect, and I even went up to seventy five micrograms. All right, so now on, I took fifty micrograms last night and fifty micrograms this morning, which is a hundred micrograms of prescription. Like they said, prescribed to me here in Mexico, Lev athoc rock scene or something is what it's called here, which is a high dosage. That's those two just definitely gonna risk to muscle loss. But I gotta catch up because now that I found out that that's my cause of of not being able to peel off the rest, this body fat that that's been a limiting factor again. I got to do so many more videos about this because it completely changes so many things that I can teach you guys about what I've been learning about. My extreme fat loss and psalms and things. Now, this was like the missing part of the equation. Last night I woke up my mind is just going so fast Now, I just I forgot what it felt like. I had this much energy, uh, last night, I could barely sleep all night because I had so much energy, which is, you know, that's not that good. That's not that good of a thing either. But I'd rather not be able to sleep and have so much energy, then just have chronic fatigue all day long. So, um, the benefits, Uh, first of all, I recommend everybody get their teeth. Three levels tested. Number one, number two. If someone has low energy or chronic fatigue, then ask your doctor if t three might help, um, fix the chronic fatigue problem. And if someone's fat losses plateau, T three will quickly kick the fat loss back into gear. Speeds up the metabolism again. Especially when dieting hard. Um t three drops and there's other hormonal factors that influence fat loss. When you die it hard, but taking more teeth three will kind of make up for a lot of them. So, like if I'm going on a ketogenic diet and and so not going to sue long without carbs, my metabolism might so slow down. Or if I'm dieting hard for competition. Extreme calorie restriction than t three. Absolutely, um, with DNP, the extreme fat burner. Ah, like I said in another video, even if it doesn't actually lower teeth three for sure cycles. I think that the body has some mechanisms in place that slow the metabolism down that can be semi compensated for by taking t three. Also, trend alone decreases. T three eighty three increases the rate of protein turnover now for extreme weight loss, someone might take one hundred fifty micrograms per day. That's extreme weight loss for just kind of bumping up protein synthesis and protein turnover, I should say, in maximizing use of anabolic CE, someone might want to consider five five five zero, fifty micrograms of T three per day. So my chose choice for dosage this week is going to be one hundred micrograms split fifty micrograms the morning fifty micrograms at night. And I'm going to do that because the bodybuilding show is six days from now. So I'm gonna be doing that, uh, up until two days before the show, and I'm gonna drop it down to twenty five mikes programs. Which brings you down to natural levels for the day before the show and the day of the show. Because when you're on t three, your muscles do flatten out a little bit. Ah, your metabolism so fast. If if any of you were like me and remember back to win your metabolism was so fast, you could never fill up. And never you. No matter how much you ate, you couldn't put on weight. Well, that can happen with t three, because your metabolism speeds up so much. So, um, Dr Tony huge here be swelling swole, my friends of freedom, my pioneers of human evolution

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