T4 Facts in Bodybuilding – Effects and Bloodwork

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Tea for iraq's in orla, boxy thyroid it's, a thyroid hormone and i want to know what are the effects in bodybuilding ? And i want to know what coach trevor's, bloodwork refract where flex to prove what he believes the effects are for body dooley cause trouble. You just got your blood work back and you were taking tea for you. And what was the effect on your blood work ? And what is the significance ? So the effect, especially compared to on my previous lie work not taking any type of thyroid medication. My t four values were elevated and just not to be flag and my teeth three value was point one away from being flagged as too high. And so what that means is i'm actually converting that tea for into the t three. Even when you're on growth hormone, things are lowering your values. Which is why i always tell people when i do preps for most clients i used t for and t threes for only certain applications. I would do it in different ways, but the tea for it'll keep your endogenous production at maximum and that's all you want. You just want your dodgers. Pretty production, maximal, ineffective. And so by taking the tea for you don't have the same. Shut down as you do it. T three you don't have the native implication when you come back off, come on it off and your metabolic, you know, doing this. You don't have that affect either. So when you come out, that gradually goes back to what it was produced and normally. And what mine was usually normally was literally half of the number. So to be a the maximum range by taking tea for even when you take things that decrease your thyroid it's very effective and that's. Why i was using my athletes. And now we have an additional blood work to show when people say it's useless here's a good way to explain it relating it to a testosterone brewster versus steroids. So t three is like steroid. You take it, your actual natural production will shut down and you take too much and you get side effects. In the case of t three, you take too much and you lose muscle. Thank you could lose a lot of muscle really fast. So the game that bodybuilders play as they try to take the highest dose of t three they can take to burn the most amount of fat without losing muscle, but it's hard because they can overshoot it and lose a lot of muscle, or they can under shoot it. And then it's not as effective as it could be. So what ? Tea for is it's, almost like like the growth hormone pills the m k six seven sevenths or create a dog or a testosterone booster ? It gets your natural t three levels to the very top of the range, so you're burning as much fat as possible, but not so much. They're going to burn muscle. So is teeth ream or effective at burning fat ? Yeah, but they're also comes with risk of shutting down your natural production, usually just for a very short period of time and also muscle loss. So why coach trevor has his athletes take tea for is because he knows it will help them burn a lot more fat. Keep your metabolism up. Offset the the the drop in thyroid hormones that's caused from things like traning growth hormone without causing them to lose any muscle. Yeah. That's. Exactly what ? You just want your body functioning out, you know, as best as it can in every department while you're taking all these other things, you know, certain hormones drop other hormones, and if you have to take a different hormone just to combat it, and now you're playing with fire, you get results that you necessarily don't want or too much of a result and what happens, like you said with t three, it comes down to a half life in a timing issue, and you're taking actual harm up. So you're going to get these ups and downs you're not able to control that you're going to see your physique doing this up and down with it and the tea floors and keep you at maximum while you're taking all these other things without shutting it off. The only downside the tea for is people that do have the problem converting the tea for through that process into t three. Some people actually have a genetic problem with that or disease that keeps them from doing that. And when that's the case, they actually have to take a t three so that's stolen time, i would say t for is useless. So sorry, mato, this we ran out of time for you, but next time we get you on, be swell in school, my friends of freedom, pioneers of human evolution. Yeah, but some bad section with best approaches in my water, and i'm flexing it for else fragile ration rice. I love i won't. Bot here, fronting with cash, is getting moody over here. When it's on my bed section with him, i watered and complex.

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