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Four weeks out from the tahoe show bodybuilding competition still no steroids training's been off point, though di it's been off point, though every day i say the diet starts tomorrow and it never starts tomorrow, so i still have yet to start actually dieting. I'm really relying on justice arms i'm increasing. The dosage is its arms. I'm honestly being a terrible example for you guys because really, nutrition comes first, training comes first, supplements are secondary and here i am relying on you on supplements to prepare for a bodybuilding competition. Nervous there's only four weeks left and near the last week before the body of the competition. You can't really make much progress because you gotta deplete and then carb load the day of the contest and you gotta let yourself rest. You can't work out really hard, so i really only have three weeks to catch up on on burning these about five pounds let's say, six pounds of fat dnp i'm taking two hundred milligrams a day, but it's rough because i'm here in las vegas. It's really hot and it's hard to stay hydrated enough also, my sleep has been off i've solely sleeping. About five hours a night, so i'm surprisingly my muscles are able to recover, but the problem is when you don't sleep enough for some reason, the metabolism slows down and it becomes harder to burn fat and you don't build much muscle sleep is an extremely important factor and it's one that i'm definitely lacking. I'm very inspired by being around all these other bodybuilders for the bodybuilding competition this week, so i want it, i want it bad. I want to get in that condition, be able to hang with these guys. All right ? Here's, the supplements i'm taking the two hundred milligrams of g mp for day twenty five michael programs of t three in the morning twenty five micrograms of t three at night i'm taking tests alone rat one forty, thirty milligrams per day which is ten milligrams. Morning ten afternoon and ten at night i'm taking y k eleven five milligrams one in the morning, one in the afternoon, one at night that's fifteen milligrams per day. I'm taking l g d league and draw it's always different but usually it's like five milligrams the morning five in the afternoon, five at night it's kind of overkill to take it three times a day i could take all these things twice a day makes me nervous, though is that my testosterone levels are still low. It was thirty two a couple weeks ago and then i got my blood tested again after i ran a pct from enhanced athlete using hcg, the clubman of the xms stain and the blue ox and i got enough tow it was like two hundred forty or something so huge increase in my testosterone but it's still low, so my fear is if i don't takes arms for a day or even half a day that my levels of anabolic ce in my blood i'll drop so love that i'll lose muscle. I'm about two hundred four pounds right now, that's auntie m p so i am a little bit depleted if i came off the dnp, i would rebound and for a little bit more way i've got to decide whether i'm gonna cut down to one hundred ninety two and be able to qualify for competing in classic physique because that's the weight limit or whether i'm going to stay at one ninety eight and computers. A light heavyweight in bodybuilding opposing is also different in classic physique. I would have to practice posing a lot more because they do judge on posing and in bodybuilding, i'm already familiar with the bodybuilding posters. I just need a tweet from a little bit so i wouldn't have to practise as much thomas years telling me i need to up the t three dosage if i want to get shredded in time. So you've taken up one hundred fifty micrograms ? Yes, yeah, and you didn't lose muscle. Okay, so it's a little different cause i'm only on ce arms right now, so i don't know if it's ifs arms are strong enough to prevent me losing muscle on a high dosage of t three. But if i'm going to do classic, i can actually afford to lose some muscle. So if i'm gonna do classical, probably up the dosage, probably a hundred fifty micrograms and go ahead and just ultra shred and lose a little bit of muscle and just have to be okay with that. Realize that most bodybuilders start dieting three months out i have not actually started dieting for this bodybuilding competition that's one month from now and i'm just using sw arms, but what happens is like last night, i hate this huge meal. We are after the competition and the athletes have just finished. Now they can eat a normal meal, and i think it would be rude of me, tio diet fruit in front of them. I think i need what they're eating this morning. I'm not doing very much cardio, but when i do, i take one dnp, two hundred milligrams. I take my t three, i'm in fifty micrograms per day, increase it, and then i take code red fabric, and then i take the fat burning cream and rub it on me and the amount of fat that i could burn in one hour of cardio is unbelievable. I mean, i could just shave off on entire layer of fat on my body in one hour with that combination of of supplements and doing it faster, getting become superhuman. Welcome to the future of health.

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