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successful leaders take responsibility for everything. And a good example of this was when I have my law firm and twenty two employees working under neath me have one of the largest bankruptcy law firms in Northern California. And I learned that as the head attorney is the owner of the law firm, I was responsible for everything that every single employee did not just from a success perspective but also from illegal licensing perspective. But once I learned I had to take responsibility for everything, it propelled my success forward because then I wouldn't blame someone else like, Oh, they're not answering the phone calls. They're the problem. The problem is that I hired them. The problem is that I didn't train them well enough. The problem is that I didn't build the metrics to be able to track their performance and that I didn't coach them into being a better employee or set better standards. Everything was my fault. I take responsibility for everything and one should do that. Then you can improve it because then once you take responsibility, you will be the one to find the solution. Most people go through their lives blaming people for their problems, blaming people for their lack of success. Heck, I was just talking with one of my chi friends, and he was saying how his girlfriend is blaming all of her problems on the fact that she's with him. He's not doing anything to prevent her from making progress in her life. And if it wasn't him that she was blaming for her lack of success, it would be something else because people that find excuses to not be successful we'LL always find another excuse alway Teo end. That pattern of terrible negative thinking is to start taking responsibility for everything. Another example. If you're late to an appointment because there was traffic, is it traffics fall that you relate or is your fault for not leaving earlier and they were going to take that in consideration. So next time you go through your day tomorrow, everything that goes wrong take responsibility for it. Know that you could have done something different if you would've planned harder if you would have been Maurine the moment analyzed the situation better. If you had been a better decision, then you could have changed the outcome. I don't blame anybody else. Take responsibility for everything and find yourself on a day to day basis, becoming more more successful. Hey. Oh, hey, hey.

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