Tamoxifen Long Term for Bodybuilding (Nolvadex Serm Estrogen Blocker)

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Dr Tony Huge. Here, enhanced athlete dot com. This video is about tamoxifin and running it in the long term because I've set on a few of my previous videos that I'm running a low dose of tamoxifen ten milligrams per day over a long period of time. And I got a lot of feedback from people on that namely liver toxicity issues with it we are in, or mock city civically the village of Alba era in the Philippines. Last night we stayed up till three. Thirty four a. M. Parting with locals because it was the crowning of the princess. Dave was the videographer for the town, and I competed in the dance competition last night. Tamoxifen isn't perfect. I'm gonna give you my conclusion on it first. And then we're gonna go into all the reasoning. Will I run it? Yes, I will still run it. Well, I run it all year around. Probably not. I do like the ten milligram dosage. I also like the idea of taking breaks. I'm thinking maybe one month on one month off and in the month off I might take XMS stain. For example, after mess stain is in a row. Mattei's inhibitor, Tamoxifin, is a cirm, which is a selective estrogen receptor modulator. They both, uh, come at the problem of estrogen in two different ways. What issue with no the decks are serves in general is that the dozing is much easier than with dozing on a I A. I is extremely powerful. For example, letters old comes in a two point five milligram tablets, sometimes trying to split. That ten ways is nearly impossible with terms. It's a lot easier to control your dose. And if you take too much of an aroma taste inhibitor, you could drop your estrogen level's too low versus taking too much of a sermon. It doesn't matter what you take too much or too little, except for maybe the other side effects of it. But as far as the impacting the benefits of estrogen, it's not going through The reason why I switched Tamoxifin for a sermon General over and Aroma taste inhibitor is that aroma taste inhibitors Khun negatively impact your cholesterol profile and my cholesterol profiles out of balance. And yet I still wanted to reduce my estrogen for the benefits of burning more fat and keeping water retention down and also to block the fattening effects of taking insulin. So I chose tamoxifen, and I chose tamoxifen over other sermons. Because Tamoxifin is one of the oldest Sur mes around, it has the most medical studies about it. There are huge amounts of medical studies done on its safety. Problem is, a lot of them contradict each other. And when you look up liver toxicity and tamoxifen, you'LL find studies on both sides. Let's talk about the dosages of tamoxifen. Use a ten milligrams low dosage every day, But the standard dosage done by the medical studies and what's usually prescribed for breast cancer patients or people at risk of breast cancer is twenty milligrams per day. Body builders will use between twenty and forty milligrams per day while on a steroid cycle to prevent gynecomastia, which is the development of female breast tissue, and the male body, usually on the twenty milligrams side and then usually post cycle therapy called PCT when they're done with their steroid cycle and they need to suppress the effects of estrogen and stimulate the production of testosterone. Naturally, they'LL usually take about forty milligrams for P C T u Run it for a short period of time. You only run it for maybe a month or so, so that's a big difference from someone who's using it for anti cancer was going to run it for years in a row. Some of the pros of tamoxifen is that it prevents gynecomastia. It increases muscle definition by shedding the water under the skin because estrogen holds water, and when people use steroids, oftentimes it causes water. Retention like testosterone, for example, causes a lot of water retention. And tamoxifen helps keep the water retention down, which improves the appearance of the muscles and also helps the blood pressure issue. Because as the water retention goes up, so does the blood pressure, which it's really hard on the cardiovascular system. So we can have a lot of health benefits to people that are on steroids. It's also super cheap. On enhanced athlete dot com, Tamoxifin is only ten dollars per month. You run ten milligrams per day, which is what I run cons of tamoxifen acts like estrogen and muscle cells, which prevents the breakdown of muscle during exercise so you'd actually have to work out harder to get the same amount of muscle damage to stimulate the same amount of muscle growth in any side. Effects of tamoxifen or anything else can be offset by another compound, but it just makes it more complicated. Like Nance, athlete cells are back a tonic acid, which increases inflammation and damage in the muscle cell. So one could potentially take your act on a gas and to offset the side effect of tamoxifin, decreasing muscle damage and for any side effect I ever mention, I'm not going to go into the cure for every side effect. But there's usually a cure for every side effect that exists forever box but also makes the liver less sensitive to growth hormone, which means less gf production. The reason why growth hormone has so many benefits for body filled builders is that when GH gets growth hormone gets into the liver. It stimulates the production of insulin like growth factor, which stimulates muscle growth. So by reducing the receptivity in the liver of growth hormone, then also gf production goes down. Another example of how to offset that side effect is to take more growth hormone or to take aural growth hormone. From enhanced athlete dot com m k six seven seven, which is what I take and the major con that's been addressed to me by my audience is the liver toxicity. Now this is a huge debate over the liver toxicity of tamoxifen. Let me give you an example of why the studies on liver toxicity are conflicting. There's a study done with thirteen thousand people. There was no reported incidences of liver toxicity, but by no reported incidences, they're saying that no one came forward and said, I have John Destro. I have liver disease. But they may have had some stage of liver disease, just not enough to notice the symptoms to report it. But that was a five year study of twenty milligrams per day. You would think that if it was liver toxic, it would have signaled someone. Teo reports that air done on liver toxicity. They're all acute instances where some one individual had liver toxicity and then reported those type of studies lost credibility with me because I've seen a lot of those studies where I absolutely know that data is incorrect because it's reported by one specific person and there's no way to check the facts. And they didn't check their blood levels of what they were taking, and we don't know what else they were taking. What other supplements or what are the things that they could have been taking them could be harmful deliver. But most of all, that everybody does react differently. So even if tamoxifen was a little bit talk liver toxic to some people, it could have no harm. They could go five years with no toxicity, and to other people, it could be very highly toxic after just a few months. And that's why I think we see the acute reports of liver toxicity. Another issue with acute liver toxicity is people have pre existing conditions for existing disease. So well, a mild dose of know that extra tamoxifen might be fairly innocuous for the average person. Somebody who's already borderline fatty liver disease, a small dose of knowledge to be enough to tip them into a serious condition. Right? So a lot of these variables air never accounted for in the acute toxicity reports two marksman is relatively mild on the liver. Even if it does have or facilitate some impairment on liver function, it's worth taking support. Anse hilarious, right? So milk thistle lived fifty two lots of water. These things should be very effective in offsetting the damage caused by tomorrow, right? Because there's so many things that are toxic to the liver. Bodybuilders will take a liver. Toxic steroids. They'LL take it for six weeks and then we'LL take a break and there will be no long term damage whatsoever. People who drink alcohol will drink it on the weekends There. Look, there will be no liver damage unless they're susceptible. I mean, the same thing goes with smoking. Some people can smoke every day their whole life and not get lung cancer. Other people Khun smoke for six months and get lung cancer were all different. And how susceptible or organs are Certain toxins? Well, let's distinguish it from the kidneys because the liver heals itself. As long as you give yourself breaks from something that's toxic, your a body can heal, but the kidneys cannot. If the kidneys become damaged, they can't repair themselves. And in bodybuilding, kidney damage is the number one type of organ failure. Reason why is because you are taking in so much protein you are taking in so many compounds that need to get filtered out and passed through the kidneys and you're not drinking enough water and especially you go into a bodybuilding competition and you take a diary attic and you're on all these steroids, then you could kill your kidneys in a matter of a day. You're the key to keeping the kidneys safe is to stay hydrated and keep from flushed out there a filter, and you've got to keep that water flowing through and flushed down. I personally start freaking out if I get dehydrated because I don't want to damage my kidneys. And yet I'm not worried about my liver because I've had I've punished my liver plenty with us. All the supplements I've taken and I've had ultrasounds, blood work, done everything working my liver. Although the enzymes are always elevated, they've always have in the whole life ultrasounds. All the detailed tests show my liver's totally fine, despite Tamoxifin, despite having taken oral steroids because it heals itself having yourself tested a blood test. A lot of people assume okay if I take liver protection, take kidney protection. If I do these things right, then I am completely safe. I don't have to get tested, I think, as bodybuilders manipulating our endocrine system to such an extent that testing is not just wise, it's pretty much required of all the medical studies that I've gone through. It looks like the average amount of time for these acute cases of liver damage of being on tamoxifen before any symptoms of liver damage is around for months that these short cycles of bodybuilders air, usually using are probably on the safer side because they're doing them for four to six weeks. And what if someone were to do three weeks on one week off? The same principle is drinking on the weekends and not drinking alcohol during the week, giving your liver a chance toe heel itself. That's all that nearly needs is a little break to be able to repair. Before you hit it again with something, talk to another main reason I was taking tamoxifen is to burn the stubborn body fat and stay really lean all year round. While in preparation for this video, I went back and read the original medical studies that I was basing that opinion on, and I changed my opinion a little bit. One of the studies that I was relying on before was done on mice, which, oftentimes the studies that we used to see how things would react in humans are from mice because they test them on mice before they just among humans. But when I went back to look at the dosages that the mice were taking, they were taking ten times the dosage that that I'm taking right now. And that's just not feasible to take that much of Tamoxifin because that would certainly be liver toxic. So then what? I went back to look at the studies done on humans. There was a study done where it reduced the visceral fat fat inside the abdomen, but it increased the fast storage subcutaneous below the skin again. These studies were all done on females because there's no reason to do it. Tamoxifen study on males because it's a basically a drug for female breast cancer is what it's it's prescribed for. So we really don't know for sure how it's gonna affect losing stubborn fat or burning fat. I can say that I'm pretty shredded right now, and I've been on ten milligrams of tamoxifen, so it's certainly not blocking my ability to lose fat isn't helping my ability to lose fat. I don't know for sure. Would xms sting help my body to lose that? Absolutely. Xms cutting down yesterday period would most certainly be effective That losing body Tamoxifin is a little bit more of a gray area. But again, the reason why I don't take XMS stain all year round is because ex investing cuts the estrogen levels down. So far, it messes with the cholesterol lipid profile. Now my lipid profile needs work. I'm going to keep reporting to you guys how I'm fixing my cholesterol profile. I did fix it temporarily with card Arena increased, my HDL, but my LDL is still high.

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