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TB five hundred for blood flow to muscles we have here Coach Trevor Plato from New World Nutritionals and TJ and Plato. You you read some research that led you to believe that TV five hundred may be beneficial to increasing circulation to growing muscles, because that is one of limiting factors. Two. Muscle growth. It's one of the things that catches up slower in the whole holistic muscle growth and muscle hyperplasia theory. You you heard some research from What's his name? Well, the lake pull Borison was one of the pioneering original thinkers of the British bodybuilding scene when it came to drug use. Had suggested that one of the things that prevents people from being able to hold on to a lot of their gains is the fact that their circulatory system isn't growing at the same rate as the muscles because if it did, the body would be able to feed the nutrients and the body will be able to hold onto the gains better. So his solution at the time given there was no such thing as TV five hundred use was that he suggested, every few cycles one should do a cycle of anedge wall for the purpose of enhancing circulatory system. Now, how affected this wass? No one really knows for sure. So with TV five hundred, one of the things that was a big interest to me when I heard you and Coach Trevor talk about it was the fact that TV five hundred is recorded as being able to cause a proliferation of what cells and the blood vessels, right blood vessels and cause the circulatory system to grow, they said, Well, wouldn't that be better solution? Teo, solve the problem that poeple Orson was trying to tackle instead of using an angel just used to be five hundred all the time. And hopefully the body should be able to allow the circulatory system to catch up with mustard belt. That's something that's been on my mind. Okay, so we're gonna get Coach Trevor's opinion on this use for TV five hundred. But first, some background on Plato. What explains the reason he runs the experiments that he does? How he arrived? TV five hundred is He's trying to build a solid foundation of new muscle cells of new must. It'LL solve growth s O that he's not high maintenance, having Teo constantly keep his muscles full all the time. Instead, we're trying to build new muscle cells like coach tremors done. So the coach coach Trevor can travel the world. We can eat whatever we want. We could work out when we want and still look freaky. Awesome. So that's the same experiment that I do. And I'm hearing Plato's reason behind what he's doing, what he's doing. It's a lot of it's the same reason for my experiments as well, and we come to a lot of the same conclusions. So it's fun to hear that. Sure. What do you think about? Well, let's talk about what you think about the need for bringing up the vascular system in the first place to keep up with muscle growth. And then do you think that TB five hundred is the solution? Well, uh, blood flow and muscle game. They go hand in hand, but it's thesiger Alors Tu Sigler's that turn on protein synthesis and delivery systems and Teo get protein there. How would blood flow, I guess, stimulate protein synthesis. Wade also talk about like using Viagra pre working to get usually increase your mother because the more blood flow, we can get to the muscle, the more nutrients with steroids and with growth factors to increase the demand for approaching synthesis and speed that way. So the blood flow is not going to matter as much if we're not. But they don't have the i g f. And we don't have the anabolic sand mixed. To get into that, we need to get the muscle. Another growth factors. Yeah, yeah, but they still go hand in hand. It's like an anabolic matrix thing on DH, then because it does, Consul, our blood vessel proliferation in The other thing, I would say, is when you gain an excessive amount of muscle, body has to adapt and increase blood nutrient delivery and increase blood vessels. So TP five hundred would speed this up. And that's why you see a lot of guys like Columbo or myself. We still have his enormous veins, even though we shrunk down in size alive and he could be shrink down from two hundred seventy pounds, two hundred fifty pounds. But they still have these these enormous blood vessels and and bangs because they never go away after that side. And so that's a big thing to keep in mind with as well. So how do we know that TV five hundred, what science is thereby TV be five hundred in causing the cardiovascular system to be able to expand the kids at the rate of muscle growth. It's in the medical community. Actually, when I was in the ambulance, that was one thing that was supposed to be put into the ambulance. Is that here or the next year? Because after am I or infarction heart of time, I have a feeling for a heart attack. What that is is, you know, do the plaque buildup work, Whatever it may be, it's causing a restriction to blood the blood flow to the heart. And when that happens, you have a heart attack. And with the TV, five hundred causes blood toe, a blood vessel proliferation. So you're not getting the blood to the heart, and the body is forced to start creating blood vessels to bring new blood into the heart. That's why there's a ninety plus percentage of regrown tissue and from damage of the heart attack. So I was supposed to be in all the ambulances. I haven't spoke with any of my friends that still worked there, so I don't know if it's still in there. But that's where the studies came. Brown was to be implemented there. So if I go on my next meant cycle and I'm going to get a ton of muscle you haven't using TV five hundred would were back in California to get my tendon strong. So they have any injuries in my chest. And because they're weak or bicep, terrorism and touch injury prevention, would you also suggest it to me for this purpose of increased? Yeah, because when you when you mix these things with steroids or growth factors, all these in start creating more and they increase oxygen content like this. So the more you start taking together when TV five hundred does is your The whole line about matrix is the same thing with proliferation. We don't have a column on the anabolic matrix for anything with blood flow. That is a pretty important part of this. So I think we should add things like Viagra, Levitra and see Alice and now TV five hundred Khun B. In that call him, I mean your friend Brad Holiday. He did have one video where he was using TV five hundred and injecting it into the fat fold above his pubic mom. And he was like stretching his Wisam like penis enlargement thing. And he claims that his penis grew like half an inch in two weeks. I don't know this too or not, but it is. I think that's evidence that TV five hundred is causing blood cell proliferation because your is mostly that's what sells it wouldn't make sense because in very what happens is the elasticity of muscle tenants of Lehman's better so it's easier to stress. And so, I think, while stretching and taking this in a louse flint happen. If you look at what your take is our penises, what is it? So I'm just gonna muscle now, but it causes last issue of it so you can have stranded later way trouble. We could throw away gone, Brad. You could check to see if he has made problems. They want way be swollen. So all my friends, created by news of human evolution, house hunting, some a bad infection with this approach is in my wallet, and I'm flexing it for else. Fragile ration rice I love I won't. Bot here fronting with cash is getting moody over here, hon. It's on my bed section with him. I watered and I'm flexing.

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