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Dr Tony Huge here and we're talking about tens units. That's right. The units you connect to yourself that you electrocute yourself with build muscle and recover from injury. I'm gonna tell you everything I know about it and how I think it can be applied toe body building, not just injury recovery. Could you Could you could you do? Most bodybuilders and people in sports are familiar with tens units. They're familiar with him because they're used for injury repair, especially in sports like football. But when I told them that I thought that it could be used to build muscle, they thought I was crazy. But what really opened up my eyes when I when I did a video in China a few weeks ago where they hooked up my whole body to one of these, a very powerful one, and then made me work out at the same time? And she told me that twenty minutes of doing a workout with this on and keep in mind it was on the full body, not just a few pads and a few different areas. Twenty minutes of working out with it was like four hours of working out without it, and I thought she was crazy. I thought B s, I was more sore. My entire body was Mohr sore from that workout, then working out If I would have worked out for four hours, I wanted to try and apply that same system without all the equipment and expense to may be doing at home and, more importantly, to target certain areas because I could go to the gym and I can work out my large muscle groups like my chest. But there's certain muscles that, like the outside between my bicep and my tricep and my outer side that I would really like to focus on, is the question is, can I use this to build those lagging body parts? And I think the answer is yes. So I couldn't read the instruction. So I had to use this thing by trial and error and zap myself in every possible way till I figured it out. And now I know how to use it, even though it's in Chinese. One of the limitations of the tens unit is that these pads are stick to you with sticky stuff and they kind of wear out. So I put this medical tape on him to hold him tighter to the skin and made a little bit of a difference. But not too much, really. Just replacing the pads often is the best way, and they're shaving your legs before using it. Of course, I also tried wrapping it with the medical rap like this to hold it really tight to the leg. And again, it's better just to replace the Pats more often than it is to try and strap the pads on. I was trying to imitate when I went to China, and they were kind of strapped on tighter around your body. But those pads were much stronger, jumping ahead to my conclusion as to whether this is worth doing. It's the same opinion that I have of the hair laser or fat, capitation or mess a therapy that capitation being where you take the wand and use radio frequencies to permanently destroyed the fat cells. Messa therapy Being localized injections is a story of fat cells. I believe all these things work. The problem is, how much time do you have in the day tow? Hook this up to every single muscle in the body to work it out. I don't think it's efficient, just like with capitation. You know how much time you have to hold this wand on your body for hours to break up the fat cells? I mean, they're going to spend three hours a day capitated you're fat or one hour a day injecting yourself with miso therapy to break up with fast cells. It's just not efficient. You'd be better off spending time in the gym. For the most part, the difference is if you wantto affect a very specific area. So if I wanted to use this device in order to develop the outer bicep right there, a very specific muscle, then it's worth spending. The time I first started using one of these units when I was fourteen years old, I used my allowance to buy one, and I would zap me and all my friends, and at the time it was a fun toy. But I knew at the time it wasn't really building muscle and even though it contracted the muscle really hard and almost taught you how to Fletcher on muscle like touch, you have activated all the fibers because you could feel the more contract at the same time. But just contracting all your muscles as hard as you can contract him isn't enough to build muscle. You've gotto break the muscle down. So what I learned in Shanghai, China, when I got hooked up to the device that shocked every muscle in my body at the same time and she had me work out is I was doing rap. So doing push ups and, like sit sit ups and other types of excercises squats while connected to the device. And what I felt was when the muscle was fully flexed, using the electronic stimulation. So the muscle, the electric electricity goes through it, the muscle tightens up, and then you do a rap. You get that negative portion of the rap while the muscle is flexed and you get the same effect of doing a negative like a heavy weight bench press only. It's only your body weight or not very much weight at all. But when the muscles fully tense, like imagine, your chest is just contracted as hard as possible, and then you just stretch it while it's contracted, that starts tearing muscle down. Even if there's no wait. So I actually feel this working when I'm on the incline treadmill and every step I take, especially on inclined. I don't think it would work on a flat because there's no basically like negative. But I am getting a negative and positive rep. Every step I take and the negative is not even wait loaded. It's just me lifting my leg up and straightening it out and setting it down again. But it's that it's that act of elongating the muscle while it's maximally flexed due to the electronic stimulation that I believe is what broke down my muscles so much in Shanghai. That made me sore for four days afterwards, and and when I did it on the treadmill here my outer sai muscle, that one little band of muscle, that one muscle I focused on, the one that pops out when you do a bodybuilding competition was so sore. I've never felt it activated like that before, so I absolutely know that it worked. It broke down the muscle can't hook these things up to every muscle in the body, so it really might. This technique I'm using of using it to maximally contract the muscle and then elongating the muscle. It's only gonna work on one specific muscle that you connect this device too. My daughter decided she'd rather not be electrocuted for your personal amusement. So what I'll do is I'LL hook it up to myself, and I'll show you some of the different settings in fast forward mode. So here you can see it's flexing the muscle. I'm not flexing its flexing the muscle for me. And there's about eight different settings on this thing. So see, this is a fast twitch setting. There's a slow to sweating the These are the extra pads that I bought for it. But if you look the buns there, they ended up being a different size. So they too bad that they were on eBay. They're really cheap, But see, they didn't fit. So you've got to make sure you get the right size pads that goes with your device, because I'm gonna have to get replacement path. So I went to the store, looked at the other options for these machines to buy. There's actually a lot of this was just it right Ada at the local pharmacy store, tons of them ranging from twenty five dollars up to one hundred twenty dollars and, ah, a lot of those little ones right there. We just stick on one area and it's got a pad built him in the machine. I wouldn't go for those ones that go for the separate units that have the pads connected to the cable connected the device. But it's surprising how powerful these little units are for running on like three double A batteries. They had actually work. They work just fine over the counter. Well is my friends I've gotten past become superhuman. Welcome to the future of health.

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