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how important testosterone is to the steroid cycle. Test his best testosterone centric steroid cycles. I'm Dr Tony huge. This's Aaron Reed, and there's a big debate on whether the best steroid cycle is one that has very low testosterone and then running higher anabolic CE, or whether it's better just to take more testosterone. Now you have someone like Dave Columbo, who's a big advocate of high testosterone. You have coach Trevor, who's, uh, advocate of a lower testosterone and running higher anabolic. Then you have everywhere in between. And of course, it varies from person to person. But I wanted to get Aaron reads impression from him being in the industry and experience on whether he thinks that a higher or lower testosterone or how important testosterone is to the steroid cycle. Well, I want to start off by saying, uh, test his best. Yeah, uh, it's a bio identical hormones. So it's not foreign to the body. It's not the mail, but everything else is added or taking out change a little bit. But your tests can always needs to be, I would say, like the bulk of your cycle. Um, you know, I don't know how they say They say that, like, a one equation is a two to one. So it could be a testosterone, you know, two thirds of the cycle, and then one third other things or testosterone. One third of the cycle and two thirds other things. So you're saying if we were going to use that equation, are the numbers roughly equating to two thirds of the amount of stuff being taken? His test offering? One thing. One third. Okay, well, things change. You know, for ah, competition cycle. You know, things are one way to look a certain way and, B, you know, look a certain way. But all right, most the time. Knocking rate for competition. Test only test only you don't need. If you don't respond for four five milligrams a test, you're not gonna respond from, like, five thousand milligrams test. You train hard enough, you eat, right? So just just picking out a sport, you know, But, uh, most of time, it's just test so that only that's the worst for me. I'm gonna make them gain, son.

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