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different esters of sterile and their effect on water, attention or side effects. Start John Huge of Can staff dot com Coach Trevor and you mentioned all the time the difference between short Esther's Long Masters, which are fast acting oil based, their wits and more water based steroids and slow acting. And you always say that if you're using the long acting steroid, there could be more water attention, more side effects, and you're often times it seems like you're recommending shorter. Esther's especially close to a bodybuilding show that we had a great question from one of the audience members saying, Foreign isn't testosterone. Testosterone isn't transparent. Why does the Esther matter? So all the instruments is its. It tells your body. How long to clean this off to release someone? So you see having Esther That's attempt by to the hormone. Yeah, so it's funny that it's connected to. It has to break through the Esther, and it takes your body X amount of time for Esther to clean this off and release a hormone into your blood. So, given example of short, appropriate, appropriate Esther Cleaves off about how long after it's detective, they can go up till five completely on your sister, okay? And house slippers. Fastest way about. So it cleaves off between three side. Yeah, And how about a longer restaurant like city in eight or anything? So those of you who may be different but given taking or around depending on the person tend forty days. It varies a lot more of this to you. So you have a ten to fourteen day period, which is for Monica's getting broken down and release in your body. And the only way to judge this is if you go look it charged on, plus five values of hormones. After that's been ejected for muscle group, you will see these peaks. So you have to slow on seven anything. And then all of a sudden, day five, seven what's this? And that comes right back now. And so when you talk about water attention due to the Esther, nothing's cause again. The only thing causing it is the length of time that these peaks are happening. And when that happened, so somebody subjecting twice, we could get this to Pete and then come back down. And if you look at anything and hormones when you have one up. What's your body? And you defied it would have went down in value. You fight that. So any time you have Pete doing this in your body, your body is doing the exact same thing to try and fix it. And what is that? It's gonna be estrogen, other pathways that it's going to make a lot of water. Is it true, then, that when the testosterone spikes the mohr that testosterone ends up over the median level? Mohr of it's going to get converted. Estrogen. Yeah, pretty much that's one in the Astrodome is what carries the water. Yeah, anytime the successful just look at that whole process to sass from tied with propriety defined it into social drops for feeding us, you're gonna have that same effect, said. It's just like the old You have equal upset reaction equal positive name that will never be your body's fight. Coach Trevor is a huge fan of keeping testosterone values as level as possible, keeping him if you could keep him at the same mammograms for vessel leader every single day would do that. But he doesn't necessarily do that with all steroids, and I've got a lot of questions more back about fast and short Esther's. But first I want to know what is it about testosterone, that you're trying to keep a level stable? And yet we're willing to do things like men twice a week for trend every other day, even though it's an acid tate for women work, we're allowing trend spike up them this testosterone you looking to sauce around? Just a general spectrum of testosterone, everything that it touches in your body. It's not even estrogen. Your S h B Ginny goes through everything that's like that is your clock. That's your man hormone right there. So many times this is up your S spg. It's finding the place you wanted to buy into his cosy triggers. Over here is going to another officer reaction here and this one of those hormones I'd tell people, Why would you take grandma to stops around just to get all those side effects and only this much muscle building effect we need to take anabolic give you this much more muscle game or anabolic and this much less side effects? And that's what that's big cases. So starving prostate. There's so many negative factors It's a dirty drug. Just so many things that were wrong. You don't even your body just want functioning. Watch this. Testosterone is extremely unsolicited. He calls it dirty because it does so many different things in the body besides build muscle that we don't necessarily want high doses of it to do carries the more side effects than most of the other hormones. Hey, watch this testosterone eyes not very selective at all. Then we get into steroids like Prima Bowl and Amar. Things like this that are much more selective. They're refined there. Maybe they're not naturally occurring in the body. They're made by humans to be better than testosterone, more selective. And then we have the future of steroids so active intercept, homogeneous. So you're finding it like that, like testosterone being the most dirty sorrow as being the most clean and the other steroids being. And that's what surprised me because what's arms came out really interest citizens five, four, five, four years or so. And I was really interested in Sartre. But at the same time, I'm looking at him like these will never, ever replace terribly. They could never replace, you know, And it just like till I threw him off. And now it's six arms. Not perfectly happy. I'm sorry about, you know, the left side of faces. Better successful idea was going to. These ones are more effective in the cells and create less, you know, less side effects. That's the problem with body. But I call it dirty because we abuse drugs and body building. So welcoming views with the less side effects. Yeah. Over. Athletes were taking its arms plus growth hormone instead of steroids for better results instead. Can't you just take city near her and Esther and just ejected more often? So you don't have to big spikes for you can. You could take any faster you want if you do the same those thing every single day. You told me. Now if you were to do suspensions, you might have to go culture twice a day. But this lie it was you do every single day, the same amount that you would do that equals out to the same milligram of the end of the week. It is gonna be the same water. So would it be better to inject something like testosterone every day? No matter what, after it was your levels stable if you could, but it's a headache for people and a lot of people nowadays. They started doing all this crazy cycle, so they might as well already doing it already. Doing one hundred hundred fifty makes a Test two hundred fifty system on a day, so they're already getting a state level. She's that ten thousand. Whatever you do, you know what? I haven't done very much, but seems very calm amongst our athletes. They like mixing protein, ate with them. They like using both. A lot of people do that. It makes absolutely no sense. And I think the one thing they do it for What if you missed approach shot they want the normal knowledge isn't a big deal if it's out of our lower for day time, tell you, and that is so meticulous with this. But all this stupid love. St Paul, I think from what I've been doing, a lot of our making the mistake thinking city in eight appropriated to different drugs that are going to different benefits. Just take more testosterone needing more side that put for example, system right, you obsess knowledge. I think I believe it was appropriate, mate. You know, open a. But he had cooperated with those things in the colony. And the theory was when they made this, which is true, it's going to be a blood for a month. It could be up to a month in your system. And then you look at the actual baseline of your hormones that your body testosterone. What happened was by the tenth day it was at a science that Sunday. By the end of the thirty, there was almost no two stops, but a few milligrams sound from your system still shuts up. So in theory it's in your body for money and you get a little tingle kitchen the beginning so you know it's working, and now you have less this awesome when you started with. That's the problem with a lot of these, you know, to Sasha replacement therapy places. So put people on twice a month a shot, and they take their blood values that a week after the first shots look normal range. By the time the last two weeks of there were, shots are less, so there's more side of thanks, but because the textbook says go outside. How often would you inject appropriately? Optimally? Let that's case scenario, and then what can you kind of get away with? That's okay. Everyday, everyday would be optimal best if you're doing it this way for one of your computer. But get away with every other day would be best if you start going every third day expecting ups and all right, B J. How often do is exiting? And again, if it was for that every day, all will be every day. That's including what's okay, I would say three times three times we've seen most people only do once or twice, but you get the worst side effects that something different appropriate. And he said appropriately every other day. And here you said, you three days a week, sickening or anything that's almost sink free protectors. It takes good some days, and if you have the straight keep, you're only going to get maybe they have two days of doing this. What would keep your blood levels more stable, less side effects and less bloody probie innate every other day? Or Sydney really let me be, the bigger the other ones that they're going to be about the same schedule like there. Why do Why do you athletes switched, appropriating close to your body than competition? Well, there's two reasons. One, because they get off closer to the day, not have it in their system. So when they're trying to lower it, you try and lower. And if they last two, report Shelly pentru because it's still gonna be in there because you can't stop it because you want no testosterone. Very low testosterone. They have the show because testosterone can cause you water. Then you gotta cut the date. Second date two weeks out. Which means your wells keep dropping as you get closer. So he's saying people run program A so they just cut it out a few days before the show, and they keep their levels high right up until the show, then drop down from a dance show. Lose rest of war. Usually that felt, send these out. Yeah, and a topic for another videos whether you could lose water by just dropping estrogen. But then does that make you lose pump that does that mess up your mineral balance? All that stuff. That's why people live. Bring I was stressed. Equilibrium because there's a fine balance. We want just enough of everything. Everyone goes to a stranger whether they take this much of a countering side effects. With this much, you're gonna get it streaming results. I have assisted our injection for I mean, would you basis It's got appropriate. And then that mean greets, which just seems appropriate, Nancy, And that's that. That's the hard thing was sussed. They give us precise milligram already in the world. So now you're dealing with thirty milligrams appropriate eight to fifteen to thirty fifty was making it, and you don't up to two hundred million to coordinate the palace's wrath. So you have to get to figure you're gonna get thirty milligrams of cocaine ate over the next three days and two hundred million rounds to sass from. That's like to be in your system for a few weeks, and then by the time that starts the teeth, it just goes higher and higher. So if you start doing those things frequently at lower Dulcie that Nico needs to pick up and bite you in the *** later and you're still not being buried now if I just inject three ccs of sustenance on my shoulder. There is not a love of oil in my shoulder three weeks later, and yet the testosterone is still in my body. Where did the testosterone? Where did the oil The oil dissipates, your body breaks. So what now happens is what's in awhile. They called it deeper because one of us stay there for a few days to a week or so, depending toiletries in. That creates a slower time. Elise, right? It has to go through this oil oil out as it's great. It's assassin now that's also find out if you make it and that it's that hormone is still just sitting there through your blood and broken down to move around with Possessed. So there's going to be there. Once the oil is gone, that little spot is still there. It's still giving me the advised breaking that down. It starts breaking out that well, actually, people twenty. But when people made it in the other interesting questions you could think of fans would have about the different. Esther's, especially is really testosterone. The difference between a fast, swell faster, really. You have to really picking shoes. There's a reason to stop us from you want to? Sasha always had a concept of protein. You want that as a constant and steady in your body all the time. There's certain hormones. You compete for certain things, which you would want to do it maybe a higher dose, or have this up and down like effect. So you have to pick and choose which hormone that is. But when it comes down to it, just remember the Aesir is only a time like this would be in your body. Now the side effects between one or two of the same drug just get there faster. It's only because of this great when considering the dose hitch, and he asked her to go remember that different Esther's carry different concentrations of the drug appropriating has more testosterone milligram per milligram. Then on any data recipient. Now that will take longer to explain. We're doing leather video, actually give you the hard numbers as to the concentration for Esther. Until then, we're going to go out and enjoy shame by trying to make our way. Tio Jim, down here, find some hottie alerts, do some conference, followed with some of our suppliers that we met up with to continue pioneering research chemicals and strategies for becoming superhuman. Join us on our journey and be swelling swole by Friends of Freedom, pioneers of human evolution. I explained to my own a T shirt. It's like forty degrees out here. Oh, because Amon di n p d n peacekeeping be nice and warm and shredded me down. Let me eat all this crappy Chinese food chain with the worst. Authentic Chinese food is the worst food, and we're stuck leading it six meals a day, seven thousand calories a day. I have to wash it down with McDonald's flurries or I'LL kill myself. I have a big back to last night. Just this is my savior.

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