Testosterone for Everyday Fitness and Health

Can taking Human Growth Hormone and Testosterone be taken for an average individual who wants to better their quality of life in fitness and health but don’t want to look like a bodybuilder? Dr. Tim explains there are certain limitations and what would be the best route.

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I have different businesses, but I do like to take care of myself. I do like to work out my antenna. A nice physic like I wouldn't I don't I don't want to look like a body brother, but But like modern men's magazine or whatever, How old are you? Thirty five. My question is I've never tried Testosterone never tried h g age, but I just write studies and heard things that each judge can improve your health, etcetera. Distress strong can help with muscle building trust. So I was just wonderin make, um I love doing business or that's my lifestyle. But at the same time, I love the fitness and health side as well, and I want to keep taking care of my body, building more muscle and see how I can push my limits. But still, like standing toe law does. I don't want to take any risk. You know, with my health. It's trance eyes, just like just like a small help. H gh you, Khun, take no problem. That's gonna have no negative effect on what we call that hp t access the hypothalamic pituitary to stick your access. H ch will not have a negative effect on that. If anything, you will have a positive, supportive effect on it. So that's one way to take stress off your system. And you put what would be the dosages for Ah, for just health. Herman. No. Do I have to write a disclaimer here that I'm not telling anybody what to do You know this is not medical, legal or any other type of advices for educational entertainment purposes only. Thank you. That's what I want to say. Normally people will take two to four I use a day always start at the low dose first because most troublesome or the most common problem with growth hormone uses water attention. So you'LL see your fingers getting water retention You'LL get a carpal tunnel like syndrome as this is all water attention, soft tissue inflammation. So the way you know, the half life is so short on growth hormone the way you resolve it, just skip a couple doses. So I tell you, one one I use for a man is kind of nothing does nothing. You gotta take atleast to our use. I would not personally, I would not go before unless again You're have a goal and you know, aesthetic goal in mind. Then of course you upped the dose of it. But normal jones like you and me to do for you is fun. So you would do that a daily basis. So that's one thing. You do another thing you do that I kind of hit on earlier, which I do with every patient. Here is a day of Sally's. So I spoke earlier that day VC Alice increases circulation, which increases profusion to your organs while the main effect of Cialis is in the Euro Chemical truck. So your test easier there. So we have seen upwards of hunt one hundred to two hundred points on testosterone increase with see Alice alone and the distance and super super interesting that sent the testosterone. Estrogen ratio gets in large, which is good. We want that that racial to be high, you know, twenty, twenty five to one. So it's we don't really know how it doesn't really have anti estrogen activity, but somehow it khun balance the metabolism of the estrogen. So you get a nice, uh uh, profile your testosterone here, master down. So, these again, this has no negative effect on your own function. Obviously, it's a positive effect. So these air non testosterone ways that you can increase your own production

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