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This is Thai baht. This is the money they use here in Thailand. And this is probably all the money that, uh, this guy Cory has left right here because he quit his hundred thousand dollars a year job. Is a car salesman to be kind of an entrepreneur. Ended up having a rough start and getting an interim job and saying, You know, what? If he doesn't get out of the country and out of the box that was holding him into his old traditional beliefs and preventing him to grow, then he was never going to grow to the extent that he wanted to, because he had his eyes on a much bigger vision. He didn't want to just climbed the stairs of success in the rat race, won step at a time. He wanted to catapult himself forward, and he had a changes in environment to do that. So I want to hear more about the story. First of all, what does it feel like to be practically almost broke Now, on the verge of coming on to some big things that you're working on. But what is that feeling? To go from the comfort and the United States of having so much money, a nice house, motorcycle car, toys and you know, plenty of money to spend. I mean, how does someone who was already established in the young age then just decide to leave it all, sacrifice everything and move to another country? See, there's one thing I want to pick up on. That he said was They said, How has that always had it all? I thought that was all I spent my whole life thinking that this is so my whole life thinking that if I get that perfect girl, the house like the car, the money coming in, the thing that was going to be else finally going to be happy No. When I when I got to that point, when I had the car had the Blake the house so that the perfect I found the perfect girl for me. It was the perfect girl for me is everything I wanted Asian girl into. And it was so perfect. But so I right the moment I had that, I just stood there. It didn't feel good, wasn't what I wanted because I had to go to work the next morning. No, I don't want You don't want to be retired, though. I mean, you know, you wanna be You wanna be laying on a beach somewhere? I mean, goingto work. Working is good. What's the problem with work? What I'm doing right now, that's really good. I love every minute. I love every second of this. I don't want to work for somebody else. I don't want to be somebody else's puppet in it. Just Yeah, I need to be doing something that I believe that I truly inside of my heart feel good about doing feel good about representing. Can put my name to that for some of you inside the book inside the box. Thinkers, you can still have that kind of passion within your job. Sometimes you could find a job. What's an employer that shares the same vision of you but has some of the capabilities and resource is that you don't have so you to get that. Get that to follow your vision and your goal in your dream doesn't always necessarily mean you have to do it alone. But what's your happiness like now have you're broke. You've got to be, You know, you gotta conserve money. But things are really cheap in Thailand. You can survive on very little. I mean, what is the cost of surviving Thailand for you? So actually, Thailand isn't as cheap as you think I looked. I looked back into this when I was eighteen years old. Always knew about the arbitrage opportunity between the U. S. Dollar and Taibei was something else. Heavily interestings. I have a huge interest in Asia and obviously and advance. I've always in training into the top level of the best. There's never any into meters alway has to be something else sews I accomplish it or something. Holmes like so you know, I got over here and I figured out that Okay, not everything is actually a cheap way. We go that we go to the store seven eleven and for thirty cents, you get a hard boiled egg, which is good or less so. I get three of those three hard boiled eggs for a dollar. That's pretty cheap. I could buy a whole meal for one dollar on the street with his chicken, rice and vegetables. So that's really achieve. This hotel's in in poo cat, only seventeen dollars a night not far from the beach, so housing must be cheap. The SIM card is faster than the United States and, like a third the price of the United States. So what? What's expensive to me? Everything seems like less than a third of the price. That's that's what I thought the initial first week or two to that I was here, too. But when you actually live here, then you come to find Lee. OK, things like toilet paper's forks, spoons. This that normal, normal things that you need cost more. Anything that has to be imported here, that is not time need cost more than it does in the United States that you get less of it and there's less options of it. But if you're smart like me, you just don't need much of anything. I have one fork and my calendar. So type people the type people they're using, mostly local resource is, and they're living really cheap. They're living with their families together. They can afford to make What's the wage here for your girlfriend? One of your girlfriends. Wages here is twenty dollars a day, twenty full day, and that's a high. That's a very high paying job. So it's like do dollars an hour is what they make, so obviously they have to be able to survive off of two dollars an hour. But you know, you hear two dollars an hour and the rest of world thinks, Oh my God, that's slavery. But you don't understand. And these people that are making two dollars an hour have a higher quality of life than most Americans. Yes, so it's all relative, Really. I would choose the average type person's life in Thailand over the average Americans person's life in America today, any day there's there's such happy people. Would you have saved up more money and come with more money, you think? Or is it for you? Did you just need to break the bond? If I could go back, if I could go back to when I was eighteen? I only out of thousand dollars when I came here just like that, that's what I should have done. You don't recommend that everybody moved to Thailand, right? This is the first specific type of person personality, right? Absolutely. I mind my person, the only person I've met in the entire world and in my whole life. That's anything like me is sitting right beside it. Okay, So, your friends, you wouldn't call your friends up and say You got a move here you will. You'll love it because they don't necessarily have the same values and interests that you have. I've tried, but I've given them the fair warning and even the ones who are the most entrepreneurial of the people that I've met and have been partners and all that are still finding it hard to actually pull the trigger and take action. You can see you can research all day long and get motivated. Read the self help books and all that. That's where it starts. That's that's good. That's where it starts. But taking action is something entirely different. What was the triggering of then what? Actually, you must have been thinking about it for a while, but what made you snap and just say that's done? No turning back. I'm doing it. The fact that I was in my third long term relationship and I had committed so much into trying to find my partner in a girl and convert them into my the way that I always said. I was like, We're one. I was like, the two of us are one way, have the same goal way had to get there and everything and I just tried it. It was always doesn't matter who. There's always just trying to mold this perfect saying exit, it doesn't well, what's the girl situation here that I mean, I viewed differently. No. Now the thing about living here is I can act. You can be a true man, what they're supposed to be, and a girl can actually be What a girl is supposed to be over here, which is really great. Whereas in America the girl you both have to work, you have to do things. Was causes a lot of stress a a lot in the two and then also want. This's my own men think in America. I noticed the women, I believe, are more like men, whereas over here a man can actually be a man and woman can can play that that role this goes into confidence for success and not having to walk on eggshells, which is another video that I did, is that when you're in a relationship or in a society that doesn't let you be a man doesn't let you be bold doesn't let you be courageous or to take risks or follow your own heart like America kind of restricts that. I mean, other countries due to the Asian cultures can be very conservative cultures. They can restrict that as well. But it's very common in America. Obviously, it's it's a limiting factor in people's success. And I see it all the time when I have ah, male friends and who has a girlfriend who's kind of wearing the pants and he becomes whipped. He doesn't just become whipped. In that relationship, he becomes whipped in every decision of his life. It it will ruin his ability to be a successful entrepreneur by having a woman that suppresses his male characteristics of pioneering, providing and being courageous and bold in business. All right, be swell on swole my friends of freedom pioneers, human evolution

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