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I'm sitting here with slam pios. I know. That's like I like chicken, fried fried chicken and french fries here. Whole example ofthe season has started from me, As you can see. Looks like diet starting today for Dr Tony Hughes. I am not him. He wants to stay lead. I'm trying to get biggest as you guys have been leaving, leaving out their comments and stuff. Gotta gain some weight. Best get put on some size off season. But I'm taking your advice and I'm eating whatever I want. You gotta tell me. Let's just start with your I was literally living through you through the YouTube. What were you What were you watching exactly? Know what I think? You stop what you're doing with Instagram. Just checking your Twitter account like your Facebook do dio snap. We're watching everything. You know, I try to snapchat so tryto snapshot somethings and you probably got one arm by me. That was me. I mean, you had a blast out there. So tell me your experiences in Thailand because I know you kind of women to death about, like, living situations and how it's, like, free over there. Give us a little bit more inside like Wasn't Thailand? Well, Justin's Josh was there to get Justin there. He's big and you probably paid double screen. Yeah, Thailand is a super positive energy. Three place. You just feel a lot of freedom like you. Never. You never hardly even see police officers. And when you do, it's It's normally like directing traffic or something or helping people a big difference in the United States. You've got so many laws, so much enforcement, so much control over the people control with the media and trying to direct them to, I think, a certain way or by a certain thing or vote a certain way. Uh, we're just control because there's so many laws in so many ways to trip up in America. So it was nice to experience what I feel like the most free country I've ever been to have been to. Lots of countries in South America also feel very free. But I have to say Thailand of all feels like the most free country. So you have the most happy people on, Uh, of course, steroids air over the counter. Not technically legal, but not really enforced either. Because not problem. And then you have the red light district with girls bang for services are totally legal or actually again, not totally legal, but not enforced because it doesn't present a problem is actually very good for the economy. Probably very good for citizen morale and tourism. Tony's morale is really good, for my morale is really beautiful there. I mean, of course, Highland is not as clean as America was organized, But you don't need all that. Don't you know that frilly, thrifty stuff? It doesn't really make you happy that you're happy is being a beautiful, healthy location that lets you compete, get to know very positive other people connect with them. And then, uh, when you're free like that, you really get to open it and find out who you are. There's no judgment over there, too. Like here. You're always being judged. And over there if you want to bang a ladyboy, you know, good for you, whatever makes you happy. And you were telling me actually about, like, how bodybuilders are looked at because of their being en expert at bodybuilding. A professional, you're saying, like respect is over there, just generally across the board how respect is over there. Well, did you go in a little bit more depth? I got one funny tip about it. When you walk down the street, you eagle just grows and grows that Hey, big black tio. Thank you, Big Mother. Yeah, they absolutely love the muscles. I mean, that's just people of the muscle. In America, at anywhere you go, muscles are very, pretty positive thing, but especially in Thailand or other Southeast Asia countries or Mexico. Oh, my God, that people just love it. It's like instant celebrity status and so much positive energy. Just be prepared to take a lot of pictures with a lot of people. It was like a celebrity, but it goes beyond the respect that you get and also give. When you're in the country like that, it's like this. In other countries, there's a hierarchy right there's like a high class. There's like the low class and the low class or cool being low class, and the high class is cool being high class, and they have a certain respect for each other. But they understand that they're in it like a hierarchy as faras like money. Okay, then you take like physique. There's like a hierarchy for that. So if someone's got more muscle than someone else, it's instant respect. Yes, it's you with your be there too far and you and I'm very respectful, too. So if I'm taking a scuba diving class from that instructor, but he has my instant respect, and I don't have a fully defined respect. But I'll just say that there's not a lot of it in the United States. In the United States, it's more competitive. People are trying to put other people down to make themselves look better. That's like the instant knee jerk reactions someone's driving a Ferrari they probably inherited. Well, what did they have to do for some girl's driving? The pharaoh who she's banging that Ferrari? It's It's instantly like negative. Let's How do we take this person down? So make ourselves feel better? That is the American culture, and it's like that in some other countries, too, I'LL tell you. In Thailand, it's the exact opposite in Mexico to other countries. It's that if you see someone on fire you but wow, that's a beautiful car. They must have worked very hard to get that car. I would like to meet them and learn more about this person that got that beautiful car on who they are, and that was that. That's how they would approach. So imagine waking up in the morning, and every encounter you have with every single person all day long is a very positive and respectful encounter. How good do you feel the end of every day at that time? So fresh? Dude, I don't think stress levels would be down. You wouldn't even need hypertension pills or anything. Yeah, different type of poacher. I don't think they really they don't really understand. Like, what is a mood disorder? What's an emotional disorder? What is stress? They don't They don't have that. But I'LL say they do work a lot more girls that I was dating down their actual like girls that work normal jobs. They work twelve hours a day, so it's kind of hard. Tio Teo set aside time to date. That's why you end up dating hookers, usually because they're the ones who are of a like I'm available all day. Who am I gonna go to lunch with? Wei will lunch with a because you know I'm not working. I know you can't disclose all supplements or even information, but can you give us a little bit? You know, just spread a little bit excitement around here, a little company on the direction that we're going to go in a thousand eighteen. Yeah, I with Trevor, especially on board as a chemist and all of the new research chemicals that are available, I want to get more into the injectables like single ingredient injectables for bodybuilding, for burning fat, building muscle, even new tropics, and then uh, also into some or the more heart for research chemicals, things that you know, whether research chemical sites on they have, like only the most popular things. I'm not trying to come out with the most popular things. I'm going to come out of the best things. So you'll notice that when I come out with a product, I may be the first person in our something people may not have even heard about it. And then I'll educate them about it on When I go over to China, I realized there are so many drugs, herbs and compounds that they're already discovered. But nobody knows how to use them. What use them for? So part of what I do is experiment on myself so that we find out what some of these things do. Because if you understand the biology and the chemistry of how the body works and you work with the experts that I've worked with waken hypothesize like waken see ingredient, you'd be like Okay, this ingredient acts on this receptor in the body and has this mechanism. What does you combine it with? This other ingredients? Then what? Then what is this? How does it actually affect the body On paper they look really good, but until we actually experiment on ourselves way don't know what it does. So so the next phase is going to be decided. Which chemicals and what's the risk tolerance of what we want to come out with? And then after we do then we'LL get samples of all these things that we're thinking about moving forward. We'LL start experimenting on ourselves which puts us a couple months out from actual retail product production. Just one thing on the experiments I just wantto small disclaimer. No lady boys were hard on that cross this alright, No lady boys were harmed in the process of the experiment. Although some of the lady boys actually do want they do use hormones, they do want us to experiment on that. So when we go back, since we wait now network to the ladyboy community on Thailand, we're going to go back with experimental compounds for them to use after testing them on herself. That's actually that leads me upto next because I've been approached by certain girls professional competitors in the MPC and I'll be on. They want to know exactly what we're doing to reach that fifty percent of competitors of women. But then four star supplement like Are we going to take any change to that? Because right now, way got your him bind that they normally use Oscar muscle Expel of code red code peek booth Injectable carnitine Free way Haven't in house manufactured enough for us to start experimenting with. Now it's Coach Trevor himself. Actually, manufacturing it is a one person job. It's very time consuming, so we have to train other staff. Yeah, we're building another lab to make more of the injectables. Better quality. So why say we're about a month away from that? Because I've been personally experiment to get on my own body. Problem was trying to get the concentration higher. So two hundred milligrams per mil leader so easy. And that's why everybody comes out with a hundred million fur militar trying to get up like five hundred milligrams fur militar. So I only have to inject three species instead of ten. I'm subjecting ten ccs of two hundred milligrams. Do my experiment. I don't wanna put ten ten species is like two five cc syringes is such literally and even when it feels in and feel hurt that, you know it's really tight and then just kind of it's hard to discomfort. You wantto pick a site to inject it in that has good blood flow. So dissipates quickly, always a lump up. And once it lumped up, dissipates very slowly, like I did a subcutaneous in my stomach fat. It's just fate. Slowly, this giant lump of water of ten species of water haves and so painful stretching the skin stretching up fast, Not good. So the point is, Teo, try and make a very powerful product. It takes time now pardons and something we started developing for with China. So in China we discovered other things. But they're so early on the phase, like I could list off one hundred things for everybody. But we're only actually gonna come out with because we're going to test it, you know, it won't work and which would make sense, but they only come out with a couple of them. There was a lot of things to like capital technology of the enteric coated so that certain things that would have been broken down by stomach acid passes stomach gases empty out the intestines. They have all this. They have all this scam coding certain nutrients and sugar lips profiles, usually a scam because usually a lot of things that they'll just find any way. But that's like the new popular thing that the Chinese were doing because Americans want these fancy things that usually don't matter. So you also have to be careful and not just jump on the trend of some of this scam proprietary patented stuff that a lot of the company like you go to an American supplement shop and most of products are all scam. So you got to be careful not to fall into the scam. So that's one of things that were in research right now is all that we learned from the seminar. Now I'm gonna go back and actually sees which things actually work in which things are actually scams. Not that Chinese air trying to scam us is just that Americans are so gullible and buying crap supplements from local supplement stars that it's working like the scam. Cellphones are working, and so the demand is there. And so China's producing because China produces most of supplements sold US China's producing the scam supplements, and then they're trapped. Then they think that someone like me is interested in it. But they don't realize I'm more knowledgeable, right? Actually, I was given a off season, you know, protocol that I'm going to do that. I will disclose a little bit later, guys. And I'll have that stack available for you guys at the Mr Olympia as you'Ll be able to meet myself. Tony, Dr Tony Hughes, Wells Coast, Trevor as well as the family will be there. Guys, So be out there looking for us, man again. We're gonna have our supplements out. They're gonna have free gifts. Have Dr Tony used Ferrari Corvette and I've got two chicks. What need I say? More. So get excited, guys coming to see us and always remember, think outside the box.

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