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What is the best age to start weight lifting or training? This is a great question that everyone wants to know especially when they love working out and that have kids they want to start working out also. So you’ll hear mine and aaron’s opinion on what age we think is optimal to start working out. Keep in mind both aaron and I started at a young age around 12-15 years old.

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doctor any huge with Aaron Reed. What is the best age to start weightlifting? Your opinion? I'm going. Okay, It's a great question. Little people ask me that because I started so young. I started twelve years old and I'm gonna be perfectly honest with you. I wish I would have started sooner, because something I've realized that it's just, like grow on a tree. You know, I think it's those little bonsai trees. They take the tree when it's really young. He bend it around like this, they find it up. They let it grow this way that eventually they pull away the stick and whatnot. Stays that way. Right eye blink. Your body's the same way. So if you started to push ups and sit ups and squats and things like that, you're gonna have this base off muscle. It's such a young age that when you grow older, it's just gonna be there. I think what the most important thing to do is to stay away from any type of supplement that would increase testosterone at a young age because that would round off the growth plates, and that would be the only problem that you'd actually have was starting training too young. That's my now you started age twelve. For the people who argue that weightlifting is going to stunt your growth, I guess they would assume you would have been seven feet. Yeah, three hundred eighty pounds, because they clearly didn't. I started weightlifting, I think, around yeah, somewhere around that some thirteen fourteen like like serious. I was seriously weight lifting heavy at age fourteen on maybe started lifting weights around twelve. And it certainly hasn't stunted my growth I'm behind. I should be, according to my genetics. My parents and I believe that also like Aaron said, by getting an early start on weight training, it made me sort of superhuman my physical abilities. Now, if I think I started later after puberty, think that's the key. Whether you're starting before puberty after that's interesting, you start before puberty. While you're still not done growing, you have the opportunity to mold your body. You permanently, and we also see this in athletes like swimmers, gymnasts, pretty much anybody who's gets very highly specialized in a sport that changes their body. It changes the structure of the body and makes him a better athlete for life. And for that reason, I agree. And if I could go back and start way listening again, I would probably start weight lifting at the same age. I did wait lift. I would just do it a little bit differently. Based on what I've learned since then. National Go back. Know what we know now? That way, I think the only difference is maybe I would have started doing more push ups and more sit ups. Just more like body weight stuff at age, like seven. Yeah, not bodyweight stuff. She and would have been even, like Mohr early. Start with things that are safe that don't risk injury. On what? A start of weightlifting, seriously and heavy at the same age. I wouldn't at fourteen, I would be. Looks like I did, pushing my body the limit, trying to get my max bench, press things like that. I never had any problem with that. Well, when I was like fourteen, I was going to growth spurts. That was all train. So I was good before my Grossberg. And then it was like a year or two after I finally got that thing so that my strength way way down after I grew What's weird way? I was twelve years old. Bench. One hundred fifteen pounds, you know, was very proud of that. And I was like four teen struggling like one thirty five. So two years later grew so much, you know, Lost the strength. You know, my little muscles get stressed. Show his love.

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