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Hey, guys, could trevor here with another video. So one of the big things is you guys. Noah's anthony's thing is pioneering human evolution. Let's. Just talk about what that means and the concept behind it. One of the things that i've been bringing up a lot, his genetics and stem cells in this kind of thing and what we've been doing this for a supplementation and even the drug aspect and say, bodybuilding been essentially the same for the last thirty years, you know, thing might pop up on the underground here and there that we could take advantage of to do this one of the guys doesn't mean just putting on muscle, it can also mean longevity being healthy things that you could use in everyday life just improve your wellbeing, and in his case, he likes to travel he can't always work out so things that you could do or take your research to maintain or still grow, even on a busy schedule, which some people say it's being lazy or cheating, but some people just you can't do that, you know, you don't have the time for these things. So when you talk about pioneering human evolution, not just genetics, but just improving, you know the well being of your life and things like this and the future what's going on and partly why i haven't been doing a lot of videos. Is because there's a whole product right coming out that we have that i've been working on and during this there's a lot of research and what i've been trying to do and, you know, speak out about is changing genetics that's my biggest thing and how to or at least attempting to and getting them to alter, you know, even if it's just my newly could make a vast difference so what's going on is instead of coming out with the same same products and things that everyone else has done, which lot of people ask us for way do give that out because people like him, people do need people still take him and even some of them that i don't agree with, people still ask for him. So which is why we have them up there, but in terms of the future were trying to come out with things that altar this and things that haven't been done, and we have some products i've been working on that are coming out and they we'll be doing things like this and used and help to do that research what we're doing with this video siri's is we're gonna be meeting up with doctors and researchers kind around the world, and we're going to show you not just from us talking about it, and you're just taking our word, you're going to see the research that's ongoing that has been done and how to go about these things and how to alter it with what we have in our hands and our disposal right now. So, that's, what i've been doing behind the scenes is getting some type of product lines that are for research purposes, not like some protein powder you're goingto take to do this. You guys can also learn why we have done this and how you can utilize to basically try the alternate change genetics, like i always talk about and then at the same time learn other ways of going about it that maybe we can't offer just like, you know, that's what the future of is, we have a lot of big things come in, and we're just trying to go outside the box, which is the big reason we have so many, so many followers and at the same time, so many people that hate us because we don't stay inside this. Box that the rest of the world wrest of these companies or people are subjected to your time school that this was the right way. If you think outside the box you really killed about it. But what happens when you know any great invention or any successful invention has always been somebody that gets rid of killed and they go outside the thinking box they have to in order to come out with certain things. That's, basically, how technology has expanded. But now we have, you know, more of a bigger box, and so what we're trying to do is go outside that again and bring it to the forefront, be the first ones, so pioneering human evolution. We'll see you guys in some of the upcoming videos and let us know your thoughts, questions, and don't forget to subscribe to the siri's. If you're not already subscribed and you don't want to miss out cutting edge content on the daily, get this subscribe. No.

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