The Superfood Stronger Than Kale (not What You Think)

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how do you carry nozzle er health and longevity researcher for enhanced athlete today we're going to be talking about this rather innocuous looking green vegetable nothing of particular visual beauty but it turns out this could be one of the healthiest plants on the planet it's called watercress back in the sixth century hippocrates who was considered the father of modern western medicine proclaimed water crest to be the cure of cures and in fact when he opened his first healing clinic he made sure it was near a stream because that's where watercress grows and throughout the centuries its reputation has only been enhanced by all different uses for watercress and today there's actually new scientific research which shows that a lot of that faith in the healing power of watercress could have been well deserved researchers that william paterson university in new jersey they analyzed forty seven types of produce for seventeen vital nutrients potassium fiber protein calcium iron thiamin riboflavin niacin full eight zinc and vitamins a b six b twelve c d e and k and then they ranked them they ranked him on something called the nutrition density score while the entire list is interesting what surprised you was how the various leafy green scores compared at the top of the list terms of nutrient density was water crest so they gave you one hundred underneath that thing's that you're familiar with perhaps chinese cabbage charred beat green spinach leaf lettuce romaine collards turned up mustard and i've kale down the list that's our so called super foods but nonetheless the watercress really outdid it dandelion arugula and then last place iceberg lettuce which is not that surprising since all the good parts of iceberg lettuce or fed to animals that's the dark green outer leaves they strip those so you have the pale green washed out part of the plant so to speak so the question might be though you look and you say well wait a minute now romain is better than kale watercress is better than kale i thought it was supposed to be one of the better foods well here's where the list gets a little interesting because it was calculated on nutrients per calorie so a nutrient density score forty nine means you get forty nine percent of your daily value for those seventeen nutrients in one hundred calories worth of food since some vegetables are lower in calories like water crest they khun look better than a food like kale which has more calories kale has thirty three calories in a cup watercress only four so you'd have to you a lot more water crust to get the same amount of calories and therefore the same amount of nutrients as in a smaller serving of kale regardless kale's great watercress is great and the take home message here is that variety is the key let's say you're eating of broccoli broccoli's a great food right but if you just eat broccoli all year long you're missing out on not only nutrients and other foods but the fact that at various times of the year broccoli is not going to be grown in your area so it's going to be picked and shipped and once it's picked then you lose vital nutrients so eating things close to home and a variety of things close to home is really the way to go just for point of reference if you've got a cup of chopped watercress you've got fiber you've got forty one milligrams of calcium there's more calcium and watercress than there is in milk you have fiber you have potassium you have full eight more full eight and what you find in bananas more vitamin c than what you'd find in oranges so watercress is truly a great food this a couple of areas where they're doing a lot of research breast cancer it's effective in reducing the risk of breast cancer and depression reducing risk of cataracts helps protect against cognitive decline and stroke improves bone health reduces risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer and even thyroid imbalance so again if you want me to find if you don't you can still get lots of goodies from incorporating mohr plant foods in your diet that's the real key plant foods i'm not a vegetarian but the more plant foods you eat the lower your risk of all the major disease problems that we suffer today that's arthritis that's diabetes heart disease and cancer one last thing since it grows in water it's a very good idea when you bring it home to wash it again to rinse it and if it's not organic and you don't really know what was in the water where it was grown adding a cupful one or two couples of hydrogen peroxide to a court of water and then just let it sit for a couple of minutes that gets rid of a lot of things that you'd rather not have i'm carrie nagy health and longevity researcher for enhanced athletes yes some abad section with this approach is in my wallet and i'm flexing it for else fragile ration rice i love i g o t here fronting with cash is getting moody over here hon it's on my bed section with opposes him i watered and reflection

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