The Truth About Casein Protein

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This is the truth about casing protein. Oh, I'm gonna go through the quick pros and cons of the Casey in protein that our researcher came up with. First, it's a steady supply of amino acids. True second, the most ideal protein before bed because it's digestion rate. Yes, compared to faster than just of proteins but casing Still there, Justin slower than meat, so meet would actually be the most ideal can cause ri mineralization of your teeth. That's because it has calcium in it, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on how much other calcium you have in your diet. How much vitamin D you have in your body? Anti Cata bolic properties. True. Perfect for someone who can't get to a meal in six to eight hours. True, perfect for somebody who doesn't want to go cattle bolic during very long endurance based workouts. Absolutely true. One of the ways I used casing protein intra workout mineral content mayor may not be a good thing, Actually. One of the reasons I avoid too much casing protein is because they don't want to get too much calcium because of its glue to mean content Yeah, but also, way protein also has a really good glutamine content. So, yeah, that would mean that casings superior to some other proteins, but not necessarily superior to away concentrate or away isolate cons too long to digest. Tohave it around workout time unless used with a post workout in combination with a faster protein like way. Isolator way hydraulic stayed true. Used before bed, it blunts natural growth hormone release? Well, true, but so does anything you eat before bed that's gonna spike insulin. So it only blunts natural Roman release insofar as it spikes insulin. And whether you actually want insulin spike or not is a question of what your goals are. Hydrophobic properties means it's not going to mix very well with water. That's true. It's difficult to mix. It gets very thick. It's not fun to drink, not good at increasing protein synthesis as muchas isolate. Well, true, but only because it digest slower because what stimulates protein synthesis is insulin or losing, which is a branch chain amino acid. And what happens with the casing protein is because it's digested so much slower. You get a trickle of that branch chain and you know ask to your body so you get very slight stimulation of protein synthesis. But if you were to take a whole bunch more casing so that the branch chain amino acids per hour hit at the same rate, then it would be the same as WeII. Hydraulics, a doorway. Isolate. Here's the summary of uses that our researcher came up with. Post workout when used in combination with a quicker protein source. That's true that way. The quicker protein source can hit right away right after the workout, and then the slower protein source can keep your amino acid level in your blood stream. Sustained after that, until your next meal becomes digested, it can be used before bed for a steady supply. Amino acids True ideal for building muscle and staying anabolic for longer period of time. True, not ideal at all for fat burning purposes, so not to use in a contest. Prep them. I have to disagree on this a little bit because it does have anti Cata Bolic properties, and it doesn't spike insulin very much, so. It's a way to prevent muscle breakdown without spiking insulin. One of the tricks that I used to do when I used to do an hour of very intense cardio. Pre contest is take just ten to fifteen grams of casing because studies show that's not enough to stimulate insulin and stimulate protein synthesis. But it is enough prevent muscle breakdown abuses. Use of Mohr of this product does not mean you get more protein. Your body only absorbs a specific amount per hour, regardless on how much you consume. The rest is converted into what your body needs will be sword or excreted through the urine. So your best bet is one scoop in milk, twenty five grams or two scoops and water fifty to sixty grams. Okay, kind of truth. You can take more casing at once than you could away hydraulic state or away. Isolate because the way Hyde Rossiter way isolate is all gonna be absorbed within that one hour period of time or converted over to carbs or fat, probably usually fat, whereas the casing gives your body more time to break it down and more timeto actually assimilated into the muscle for protein synthesis. So you can actually take Maura at once, just like you could only take maybe fifteen, twenty grams of away. Hydraulic stayed at one time. That's just very quickly, but you could eat a meal of eighty grams of meat and your body can use all eighty grand because you're giving your body six to eight hours to digest that me well, same thing with Casey and you're giving your body more time today. Just break it down. In my opinion, the best source of protein at all. Besides meat and things from our normal diet is a blend of different proteins. So away isolate and a casing and any number of other different proteins mixed together. That way we get the instant release of amino acids, a little bit of an insolence by for protein synthesis. But we also have sustained release of amino acids because protein, unlike carbs, is better to be sustained. Released in our bloodstream, our body could only use so much per hour. We build only so much muscle per hour. So we wanna have me no acids present in the bloodstream at all times. And casing is an awesome, helpful tool. Be swell in school. My friends of freedom, Pioneers of human evolution

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