The Truth About Eating Fast (Dont Do It)

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Howdy carry nozzle here, health and longevity researcher for in hand staff Leets. And today we're going to talk about some of your eating habits and whether or not that's having an effect on your body composition. So going to ask you to consider a few things here Are you a fast eater, A slow eater or what? You might consider just the right speed type of eater. Well, on the way you figure this out, I've been to dinner with folks and, you know, they bring the meal and you start to eat and you look up and your buddies already finished eating well, obviously that person, pretty quick eater. And when that happens and you are a fast eater, you What you may observed is that if you are the first to finish your meal, chances are you might not be as lean as you want to be and maybe even have trouble putting on muscle. You may even find that you don't feel as well as you would like to. Now I realize there are exceptions to every rule, and you're probably saying, Hey, I really fast, I have no problems. I'm very lean. Good. Let's just explore this issue and see why that strategy might not be what you want in the long term. An epidemiological study. This is one where they observed people's habits, whether it's eating, sleeping or whatever it happens to be. This was done by researchers who observed that fast eaters were twice as likely to have Type two diabetes, which is kind of interesting. Based on this observation and what we know about insulin will. Eating speed clearly has a lot to do with how insulin does its job. And you know how important insulin is in every aspect of your life Is working out gaining muscle and losing fat all depends on your ability to maintain what they call insulin sensitivity on. Well, kind of go into that as we go along as well. But if this insulin secretion is happened is when you eat fast, several things can happen. Nutrients. Goto don't get transported to your muscles as efficiently as they do to fat. It also means that you probably don't absorb nutrients that well. And based on this observation and what we know about insulin, eating speed has a lot to do with how well it does his job and again back to this whole issue of how things are absorbed. The whole process of digestion is gradually breaking down the food in the mouth and having it acted on as it moves through the digestive process. But if it's too big a anyone point and it attracts too much of the so called bad bacteria and you could have other kinds of gastro intestinal repercussions, we're not like, you know, a tiger that can take a big hunk of meat and just swallow it and then lie down and rest for five hours. We are body isn't like that, so the mechanical process of digestion will determine how much of the nutrients in the food that you absorb eat it too fast, don't you it properly you're missing out on the very things that you're trying to get out of the food that you eat. Researchers submitted questions they looked at seven hundred, and some people a couple of hundred of them had been diagnosed with Type two diabetes. It turned out that fast eaters were more than twice is likely to have Type two diabetes as slow eaters. And again, this is just one study and nothing is going to prove or disprove the idea and again, based on your own experience. Maybe that just doesn't seem to be relevant into your life. But again, eating quickly. Insulin is not going to get it's job done correctly. The whole mechanism, my digestion, is disturbed. As we mentioned, nutrients will not get fully absorbed. Macronutrients Ken I end up getting stored as fat rather than being used to build muscle. So why waste all the time and effort that you're putting in to eat right and exercise right if you're not going to you till I get the benefit of all the things that happened as a result of that, other studies have shown that if you eat slowly, you end up eating less on DH. That ultimately means less body fat as well. Then reason you eat less is because again, but he has a signal when it gets. If it's logically filling up, then it sends a signal back to the brain that you've had enough, or if you've been getting the nutrients that you need, the body says okay, we don't need to eat anymore. So again, so down, get more out of what you eat, you slow down the the different techniques. Some people like Tio put the spoon or fork down in between bites now and then I don't care whatever you do. One thing that I would caution. However, besides eating slow, do not drink a lot of liquids with your meals. You do that, you dilute the stomach acids the body just can't. I just it no matter how slowly you're eating, I'm Carrie nozzle er health and longevity researcher for in hand staff Li Yeah, some abad section with this approach is in my wallet and I'm flexing and for else, fragile ration rice I love by Yukio here fronting with cash is getting moody over here, hon. It's on my bed section with opposes him. I watered and inflection.

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