The Truth About Grass Fed Whey Protein

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Grass fed WeII protein. Is this the most bad, most amazing protein that's ever made? I mean, sure is popular when I go to a bodybuilding expose and when you see it on the shelf, grasp it. Protein regular protein. Well, I must get the grass fed approach anything if it costs a little bit more. So we've got a bunch of experts around here, including a coach driver here and from New World Nutritionals we've got and you actually have, ah, businesses. So powder, you know the price is a little raw ingredients you could sell grass, that protein powder you also into bodybuilding, weightlifting and health yourself. Extremely knowledgeable. Follow all the science behind it. So I want to know what you think about grass fed approaching pattern before I give my opinion. Well, I don't think that in the final analysis, whether the way protein comes from grass fed cows or cows that were fed and mixed diet is when the matter, because proteins, protein. If you have twenty six grams of protein in the serving or whatever, the product has its twenty six rounds of protein. If it's twenty six friends of any protein, it's also no different in twenty six rounds of way, although the amino acid breakdown egg proteins going a different way from, but it's still twenty six grams of protein. So what the animals fed doesn't really matter now. It sometimes does matter if you actually have a steak or a hamburger that comes from grass fed versus corn fed beef because it's in the fat of the meat that it matters. It's not in the milk that comes from the cow that's that's processed to the point where it's gotten rid of all of the fat and all of the other nutrients in it and all you're left with, like on a weight protein. Isolate all you're left with is basically protein, so it's really not going to make a difference. What the fat content of the food or the nutritional content of the food that the cow ate, and Trevor T. Of opinion for approaching powder, Exactly what you said. When it comes to that and you're extracting something into just a powder form, you're just extracting mainly depending on how you're doing it, a protein itself. So when it comes, the powders protein is protein. When it comes to the whole natural food could be a little different, but the protein itself will be the same. The different vitamin mineral, and that that would be different. But this one is approaching power plays too distracted to somebody. Now, I did this video not actually too, because I care so much about grasping protein protein. This is to educate you and illustrate appoint a law of physics in the fitness industry away that many people get scammed because we know that grasp it is better than regular beef. And so what they're doing is they're using that manipulation to make you think that the protein patterns are gonna be different, which is the same way that ninety percent of the manipulation that's done in the fitness industry with supplements has done. They'LL take a medical study that applies to one set of facts, and they'LL take out a couple of the fact that they want and apply it to a supplement. That's total crap that does absolutely nothing for you in the dosage that it's used for because it in the study it worked for someone who had a specific disease, and then they're using that study for to try and infer that it's going to work with people that don't have that. It was just one minute of many common examples of how we get scammed straight. And you just have to assume that if a supplement company's main goal is to make a profit, which ninety nine percent is that, is there the passion behind it is the passion to make money. Then they will find ways to make money off of our gullibility. So be smart. Consumers do your research. Please don't fall for supplement industry scams. On the other hand, if you have the money and it makes no difference to you, you know it gives you some actually use some placebo effect and there's some mental benefit to it. Then I guess there maybe some benefit. You trick yourself into thinking that it makes any difference. I feel good about it a little bit extra for that. Be swollen, swollen. My friend's freedom. Yeah, some bad checks in with this approach is in my wallet, and I'm flexing it for else. Fragile ration rice I love by Yukio here, fronting with cash, scared and moody over here, hon. It's on my bed section with roses in my water.

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