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Tony you two enhanced athlete dot com here with a mean Allah ee, the original bodybuilding guru Akash are Desi and our front feet and they cost produces competing the next few days on the national level. Physique I'm completing in classic physique. We're talking and there's pain. Bishop competing in bodybuilding. We're talking with Amina Ali have backed right here the original guru about what type of diet is best for being anabolic and healthy. Building muscle clean, bulking without the blow up without the toxins and without destroying our metabolic system, like most people's diet does when they're booking and crashing. So Akash was asking about what type of carbs you. You said you actually like some of the faster cars like white rice. But you stay away from sugar, right? Right. Exactly. You know, white rice tends to get in and out you pretty quickly. And for that reason, I like to use it. And sparingly, where I have a meal with protein, fiber and white rice, maybe, But then the following meal this higher that I'll have beef, maybe avocado, our whole leg and veggies with mill complex cars. So I find that I can actually time gf one spurts by using white rice, insulin growth or whatever instead of having to rely on all day and holding too much water and making everything so excessive, you can get the most out of a short period of time, and you can repeat that time without inject, uh, congesting them together. So, Akash, you had a question about other types of carbs and what he thought of them. So what type of car did you like? The a couple of questions? One. How do you assess when you should eat simple versus complex carbs? Assuming you want to stay relatively lean? And let's say you've got a show coming up in three months or so, and you're kind of doing like a stable body re composition and trying to do as much minimal Cardio is possible because I'm not big on cardio, right? So with the right man, I'm not. The right guy is not a cardio shredded. So how do you go about figuring out if I should have no card? What's that simple but complex Give you really easy. We'LL live like don't have sugar unless your drain, and you need that to get out of that dream state. Then there's nothing better than sugar, and you have to use a little bit of sugar with some complex carbs. Eighteen or even cereal at that time isn't bad. Seriously, there there's a time and a place for everything. When you're drained, the last thing you want to do is eat some like guacamole, because it is not doing anything for you. Replenishing that blood sugar level, let's drop it and you feel better. But that's it on that keeps your insulin sensitive these low, which means you can use it. Keep your insolence up seventy. Hi, Sorry, Jack High. So you can so you can use it and not have to go deal with all the excessiveness that people do with by adding so much sugar and so much insulin. They have no sure, sure. So that drains. Feeling you're referring to Is that more like brain fog? The Langham, you know, like, what the hell am I doing right now? Is that what you're going to? Exactly? And I think that's usually after the workout, right? Right. And how How many grams of sugar? Usually I know defense first person, But what would you maybe guesstimate. Okay, for someone like you, that's two hundred ten pounds. Ten. So I don't think it has. I don't know. Here's the thing. Sugar itself is a different type of compound. It's so refined that it produces a chemical reaction. Okay, therefore, it's probably the only thing that you can't say. Buy the gram for the body weight because there's a chemical reaction. Also happening, as with calm place cards or fibers carved. That's that's not happening. You know, it's not not to that big burst that maybe greet okay, and you want to keep that within control. So what I say is if it's simple, refined sugars, even at that weigh no more than fifteen grand yet And that's a loss. That's not, You know, that's like, not that much, honey. You know what I mean is like tablespoons high. There. You consider that a tablet his only four grams of sugar, And if you if your blood sugar crashes like as a diabetic, you take one glucose tablets, you feel pretty good pretty fast, because to fisher, your blood, your blood. Even though there's so much volume to your blood, the actual grams of sugar in your bloodstream at any given time is actually very love. So if you take more than that faster than you can assimilate that, then it's just going to go right into fat cause a huge insulin response and then cause a roller coaster effect of your blood sugar crashes again. So I agree with the less amount of sugar way use the thing you also are thinking Well, if there is such a small amount of sugar, my diet, then I'm always gonna be feeling like that, right? You're thinking maybe I'm always gonna I'm so close to the blah, blah, blah, fat buffers, that good that buffers, that it's essential because it also buffer the breakdown protein. It's true. I eat a lot like protein and a lot less complex cars, and ever before, but I didn't get a lot more good fats. You know, I do think that when you do time the carbohydrates, so there's a level of glycogen in your body, then the only time that it did so where you need sugar is after intense training. So then, after intense training, you replenish which which, you know, we've known this for years. I actually talk about talked about this years ago in Flex magazine called The Windows, you created a window of opportunity of about twenty minutes, where everything could be potentially more anabolic. That's where the fast acting proteins do. You get it in their facts that you have some sugar stuff like that at that time. But what people feel they do is they feel the follow up fifteen minutes later with real food on DH. Then they crash. And then it all seemed to go to waste. You eat that stuff, the faster acting stuff, the isolate sugar. I like chicken, apple sauce, but even white rice and isolating applesauce. You eat that right then, and if you train hard and you came in there with an empty stomach, which are from units, relatively, you don't want to train food your stomach. That probably didn't take very long to digest a college fifteen fifteen, twenty minutes max, And that's when you go on eat again. Complex cars, but not as much protein and fiber. His carbs And that's that's your bigger meal, and it would be ideal if you could take a nap about fifteen twenty minutes after you sat up digest that food, right? Right. So work out, then have your simple sugars isolate and maybe some white rice within fifteen twenty minute window. Thirty minutes after that, have a whole food meal. Ideally, take a nap If you can't think that class like some yams and chicken. Yeah, Let me know what you gotta know that a fibers carps into They actually ate in the digestion of the proteins. And when you're off it, you get four idea, though you don't want to just stick to one. You know I have I have a rule. I've seen nine different vegetables every day, but that's not a lot when you think about a garlic, onion, cucumber if you put a little bit of parsley leaves. You know, if using bell peppers, you using broccoli, asparagus and spin it, Yeah, there's nine mixed wedding. They even buy store because maybe you could get that Teo Works called. Keeps a simple works. Good you mentioned. Packed in, which I see has an ingredient in jams jellies, right? It's a type of it comes from fruit. My fruit sugar. How is that different than fruit toast? Not really much, but when they put in jams. They add sucrose and packed it together. The pectin and in those jams is really used more as a pawn to get thicker. That's all. The sweetness really comes from. Sucrose pectin has a different sort of insulin response on the body. Apples, pears. They don't tend to produce as much from the pancreas. Okay, I tend like this more, especially if you're going to get it from exogenous sources. So that's it's better to know what you're controlling your own output before you start assuming that what you put in is going to have a genuine reactions. So putting jam on a rice cake Suppose we're general. Yeah, that's not that tasty. Every twenty grams, Yeah, seriously, You know, in all honesty, seriously, that's not that you can you can you Can you You know, man, everybody gets so mount up on body building because they want to be good and they know that it is. A majority of it is based off repetitive. This it is this based offer penance, But you don't have food for your diet with the repetitive Miss one day, have the rice cake with a jam and then one day have some apple sauce and some rice and then one day, maybe have a different type of orange. Maybe have an orange banana. Yeah, but don't even been an everyday I've been at. It will be good after leg days because it was about twenty five grand, but it's like it's like there's around that happy. It's a good exactly. And the thing is, is, you're also not adding any sucrose, too. It almost everything that we have fruit nowadays has sucrose added to, which told the effects issue national raw fruit itself. It's the way the body was meant to be. It'LL Absorb it right you won't produce too much insulin and you're again. You're eating complex cars with not sugary price. You know, at that it's the biggest thing that everybody doesn't understand is it's about your state of the state of your body at that moment. That's that's what I was telling you in the text. It's at that moment, so it doesn't matter what the state was, you know before that it's It's where you at right now. Sounds like you could do a video on decimating the if it fits your macros diet without her. Later will be better about it is that I haven't seen the video. I will keep it that way because then at least it doesn't look as if I'm saying anything against the video, right? Well, tonight in a specific video, it's a fact, right? It's the fat of everybody saying all you need is this much grams of protein per day, this much grams of carbs per day that so screams of fat doesn't mind, you're when you eat. It doesn't matter what the source is. That's that's, uh, I would say, one hundred percent. Contrary to what I believe, one hundred percent. What's your opinion on those guys that get into really good contest shape with the defensive with If if his Cermak rose, you know, like carbon upon subway sandwiches and Pop Tarts and what not and I'm not gonna lie. They look good in a month. Yeah, in my opinion, I think it just takes them longer, becoming that approach. So let's look at the deeper issue. They say they can do all these things, but and on. And I'm not pointing because we're not seeing any names, right? Yeah, but how many of them were taking side of how many of you are taking clenbuterol? How many of the same people that say they have These wonderfully gifted metabolisms are also doing quite a bit of fasted cardio. If I did any faster cardio, I would eat anything. I actually can't eat anything because I have It doesn't die just well with me. So I'm actually forced to eat this this food. So I make it taste good because it actually is the more healthier thing for me. But, you know, cheese and moderation and certain things in moderation are OK, but the overall amount of food that gets digested has to be relatively clean. Well, one of one of the athletes that I think you're specifically talking about wood carb up on like twelve hundred grams of carbs in one day five. What he doesn't say is how much in something growth hormone he takes that day. And not everybody who's listening that doesn't understand that completely missing element. If they go take twelve hundred grams card, they're gonna get fat fast. They're taking the MP. I mean, you never know way. Never know really what they're They're just saying that they look. There are a lot of really again I could eat Pop Tarts. You know, I'm still going to be ripped. There really isn't much I can do to not be ripped. It just doesn't happen, because when I start getting when I start getting fat, my appetite changes. And it's just really weird, you know? But there are a lot of guys out there. They're going to be about what I mean. Some calories are no calories, and they're putting on muscle. So overall they're putting on muscle. They're going to be getting weaker. But what applies for Jack doesn't apply for a chimp. You know, No, what's your opinion on some of my coffee in the morning? But always too splendid and some sugar free? Uh, Creamer. Now, assuming you're not like two weeks out from the show, it's fine. You know, zero calorie mobsters, Coke zeros. I personally, I first, they think a small amount of sugar is better than artificial sweeteners. I think they do the same thing to your brain. I think they're poisoned. I think your brain recognizes them. I think we've been brainwashed into believing it's OK because the marketing and advertising, but the truth is you can tell when you stop taking. I haven't taken a long time, and it's very I was even even if I go by almond milk from the store, I make my own. But if I bought it from the store. The length of time that it takes a digest on the fact that I can still burp it and taste it. And where is with mine is probably six, seven times more fat. I mean, it separates the oil on pulp separate and it just goes right through Me. Is perfect. Doesn't have any gas, no bloating up. So I think artificial sweeteners. If it's with black coffee, it's only thing you're doing. Then that's fine. I know some people that do that personally. Alla grappa. Just use real sugar for a fake. Sure, he knows quite a bit about this fake sugar, your body response with real because it triggers any sense that says Sweet on your insolence being so whether it's zero calories or know your body's responded according to that. As a matter of fact, if you're doing anything with high officials here, your body has no idea what to do with. As a matter of fact, I saw study in University, California, and they said that your body basically doesn't recognize hi fruit so it stores and it tries to go adjusted again, and so it ends up storing it so so hyper throw sell syrup. Uh, you're buying. Process it three times. So? So car resort three grand, three times his own weight. So it's one car, three wars. So imagine high fructose. Just like for that one. You're getting nine. So that's just like absolute garbage. Just you don't want anything with artificial sweetener for your body. Doesn't know what to do with it. Well, over process that you actually probably end up looking more for order that you you want. We'Ll definitely people. He could throw that out for sure that your system period. Why you like him or sugar? That's the wire. Because I'm just like, if I have a coke, it's like forty grand, forty five rounds of cars, you know? You know? What do you want to conquer decency? Well, I read that book for salt sugar fat, and it goes back to him. You know why? As human beings, we're way clean to those types of Godzilla scars, resource back in the day salt, sugar, fat. So, you know, we're kind of programme to crave it. So when you're eating a meal, I'm not gonna lie. I could just have water. You know what I mean, But I just it releases. Don't mean have a little coat live there, you know? So you should go with your right. I had a really hard time with this. I did. I used I used to. I used to drink way sugar I used. I used to have our time that it takes time. It just I mean, when I say this, I don't want you to take it wrong because absolutely leave me. Sugar is a drug on the way they find solvents drugging you. If you think they got they did they got you thinking Halloween Every you know, charisma. It's always about giving birthday cake candy. It's always about sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar. Now, if you could just focus on what's good for you and you know these things, then you know that it's not good for you. Then you know, eventually you're going to rationalize the fact that you don't need it when you stop having it for a while, you make the just from sucrose to fruit, okay? And then you get your disorders altogether because they're not going to forget about it. It was just just It's just all that. You know what I mean, And then and then you will lower the sugar gradually, gradually, gradually until where I am. Where I don't even eat more than eight grams when I have, like a rice, that's that's the most way. No, the body is like learning machines that can be taught to do anything. So, yeah, like I told you, I'm not saying it is mentally difficult. Don't you keep it up for like, two months before the bodies? I guess how many wanted already did. It takes time. It takes time. But that's why I'm saying you go first. You go from artificial fingers to sugar in small doses. Instead of drinking a big coke, you would you would drink like, half of what? You don't want it. It'Ll be too sweet cause you're coming out for the fifth that'LL be like, which is good. Just force yourself not to do the chemical. Then you go the sugar, which is still chemical because they refined so much. But you're here to go in there. It's a fruit running from France driving you such a through the fruit complex cars. You always have to stay like a level of black pigeon. If you're never needing it. There's never any crash you don't crave. Sure, so it's It's like the car has become like the known for our Howard attic, where you know you don't you don't need the sugar anywhere because you have your glycogen. It's the same. It's the same thing. Totally way close this out. So let's call this episode Episode one of the bodybuilding gurus diet advice because we covered a lot of topics. So this is all gonna be one video, and the conversation's going to be ongoing. We've got to go to twenty four hour fitness and pound out our last workout right now, but in this video we covered a lot of things. We covered artificial sweeteners. We covered post workout meals. We covered sugar vs artificial sweeteners, way covered carbohydrate sources and general diet approach of expert who combines bodybuilding with health. That's the that's the niche right there because in his approach, in order to be a great bodybuilder, you also have to be very healthy. You have to be healthy in order to get all of that water off and get that conditioning that gets you a perfect body on stage, which is what we're going to try to bring to the stage in a couple days. So stay tuned for more episodes of the bodybuilding original gurus, diet advice and question and answer with the rest of our athletes. Be swelling, swallowed by Friends of Freedom, pioneers of human evolution.

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